33 Days to Morning Glory

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'33 Days' to Artisan Jewelery

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By Terry Peloquin (Oct 18, 2018)
Jesse Ross of Fern Park, Florida, expected that making a retreat with his wife would build his marriage. He didn't expect that it would change his livelihood.

Jesse's wife, Angie, suggested they try the do-it-yourself retreat 33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, which culminates in Marian consecration.

"The book worked well," Jesse said. "It was accessible, and it was something that we could read together at night and talk about."

The book suggests choosing a specific date to consecrate to Mary. Jesse and Angie selected Feb. 11, 2017, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. "We have four children, and we decided to take a retreat night away in Daytona Beach — to celebrate our consecration to Mary and make it a special event."

The marriage building project seemed a success. But there was more. Upon completing their consecration, Angie said to Jesse, "You know, we should make jewelry for Mary."

Although Jesse came from a line of three generations of jewelers, he had a master's degree in poetry and had worked in education. So, his reply to Angie was very direct: "That's a horrible idea!"

Surprisingly, they continued on this topic. "We started making sketches and talking about the different things that we could do to make beautiful jewelry to honor our Blessed Mother."

This progression proved surprising for another reason.

"The visual arts was not anything that I was ever engaged in. But all of a sudden, I have the ability to sketch! The ability to draw! Which was very cool," he laughed, "because I had these ideas that I was trying to get out of my head."

Within a couple months, Jesse was using 3D modeling software. "When we got these models, I was able to set stones — which is not an easy process. I did not go to school for these goldsmithing skills. It's something that I didn't have before and then all of a sudden I did."

Jesse says he was amazed at the opportunities that God put in front of them. An entire factory, for instance.

"This factory was closed out and being offered at a ridiculously low price. It had equipment to make rubber molds, equipment to inject the molds, equipment to burn out all the waxes, equipment to make casts in metal."

This and other opportunities allowed them to open 31Four Artisan Jewelry. The name refers to Exodus 31:4, which describes how the Ark of the Covenant was designed in gold, silver, and bronze.

The retreat 33 Days to Morning Glory also recommends wearing some sort of a consecration reminder. "We wanted to create a meaningful reminder for people to renew their consecration daily and also be able to share their faith with the world."

A woman in Orlando found 31Four online, and she commissioned them to make an anniversary piece for her Marian consecration. The resulting sterling silver medal, called "The Immaculate Heart of Mary," is now featured in their Totus Tuus (Totally Yours) line of Marian designs.

"Those things should be respected, and those things should be beautiful," he said. "That's what I have been given the honor of creating!"

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