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By Ellen Miller

Do you remember how you heard about Divine Mercy? I want to share with you Kay's story, which is both a testimony to faith and an expression of gratitude.

Kay is the eighth of 11 children. She remembers how her mother, Eva, showed her children how to live a life pleasing to God by following the teachings of the Catholic Church.

For example, Kay says, "Mom would always tell us who was sick. I knew that she did this so we could put them in our daily prayers. "

Years later, Eva gave each of her children an image of The Divine Mercy and pamphlets on The Divine Mercy Chaplet and St. Faustina. Kay put hers in a drawer for safe keeping.

It wasn't until Kay's niece and nephew were in a terrible car accident that she began praying the chaplet. She explains, "We gathered at the hospital, and Mom led us in praying the chaplet. Initially, we thought my niece was dead, but we prayed for God's will. They both pulled through, and I know that Mom thought it was a miracle."

Four years later, Kay learned about the Marian Fathers in Stockbridge, Mass., and their role in spreading the message of Divine Mercy. She marvels, "The first issue of Marian Helper magazine I ever saw had St. Faustina's picture on the cover. She had just been canonized. As I read about her, I was amazed at how Jesus worked through her.

"Soon after, I received a windfall, and I decided that I wanted to make a gift to the Marian Fathers," she says. "The Marians said their greatest need was a new printing press. You can't imagine how amazed I was. I had had a dream about St. Faustina in a print shop. I knew that this was an answer to my prayer. I wanted to help the Marians print materials, so they could reach more people.

"When my sister and I visited the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy on Divine Mercy Sunday in 2001, we got to see the printing press, and they were printing images of The Divine Mercy! It was an awesome experience."

Kay adds, "I wanted my children and grandchildren remembered in the Masses and prayers offered at the Shine, so we sent their names to be included on the brass mural of The Divine Mercy in Memorial Hall at the National Shrine. We also created memorials for my dad and my sister.

"When my mother passed away in September, my brother suggested that we create a memorial for her, too," she says. Kay knew that this would be a wonderful way to honor her mother's love of Divine Mercy and also be sure that prayers are said for her.

"During her final days," Kay says, "when my sisters and I visited my mother, we prayed the chaplet. Even though she could not speak, she looked at us and smiled. She knew that she was going home to Jesus."

If, like Kay, you would like to make a special gift to the Marians or create a memorial or tribute for a loved one, please contact me.

Ellen Miller is Fr. Joseph's director of Special Gifts. You may write to her at or call her toll free at 800-671-2020.

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paula calabrese - Oct 5, 2009

my brother was sick on june 4, 2007 i came across ewtn and dvine mercy in song was on at 3.00 that afternoon i have been praying the chpalet ever since my brother died that same evening from a masive heart attack at home.

A dream of St Faustina inspires a gift - Feb 28, 2009

Her story reminded me of my 7 year old daughter and my mother inlaw.Me and my wife Cathy have been in the Devine Mercy since May 1994 in Port Moresby,Papua New Guinea.Since then we are the pillars of the devotion in our home Rabaul where we continued to grow the faith amongst old and young.At our church we have many young children and youth and adults who joined in numbers each sunday because the Devine Merch is like an under current solving their problems of needs and everthing.
My daughter died a week after Pope John Paul 2 a week after devine mercy sunday.Her brother who was 11 and had a constant contact with Jesus told us he saw Jesus by Joanna's dying bed.I turned and ask my son Antoni to ask his friend to cure Joanna of her heart problem but Antoni replied and pointing to Jesus near bedside that "Its up to him".In the next breath Joanna died at the Catholic run St Marys Hospital Vunapope.Joanna was always following her mother doing devine mercy work day and night.She was a prayerfull girl and she would spoil our nite crying if she is not given a decade to pray.My mother in law Cath's mum is a very strong member.She was 84 when she died in 2007.Before she died her tongue came out again just to complete the chaplet and sang a hymn with her children.Then she lunged for the image of the devine mercy,kissed it and passed away.She died in October 17,2 weeks after St Faustina feastday.
Three days before my daughter Joanna died a member saw in her vision that she saw Pope John Paul holding my daughter's hand and togethr they climbed a golden stairs to heven.

Ginny - Feb 25, 2009

My husband and I first heard about Divine Mercy the day before Pope John Paul II died. We were in Key West FL praying at the Lourdes grotto when next door in the gardens of the Church we heard them praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. We didn't know or had not heard of those prayers at that time.

The very next day the Pope died and there was talk that he died on the evening before Divine Mercy Sunday. One priest commented that this was no coincidence that he died at this time. After all they said that he was the Mercy Pope and who had really brought Divine Mercy to all of us to know.

God took Pope John Paul II on this day before Divine Mercy Sunday to show the world how important the significance of the Chaplet so that all might learn about St. Faustina and pray the Chaplet daily if possible.

Audrey Reale - Feb 18, 2009

My mother died in June 2007 at the age of 86. At her death, she was surrounded by her four children who had often squabbled through the years with alot of bad feelings and hardships for my Mother.

At her bedside, we prayed the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, sung hymns, rested our heads on Mom's chest and stomach, and consoled each other without the acrimony we had felt in the past.

We felt truly blessed as a family to be together at this time and knew that Our Lord was with us and we were at peace.

As I flew home after Mom's burial, I envisioned my Mother dressed in a white gown in the heavens, radiant and smiling. I knew she was in heaven.

A week later, I envisioned my father, also dressed in white garb, walking in heaven with his hand outstretched. He said to me, "I know you're surprised but you'll understand when you get here". You see, my father and I had a falling out years ago and I often wondered if he was in Heaven. He continued walking and saw that he was reaching out and walking towards my Mother. They both looked happy.

Through these events, I knew first hand the power of God's mercy and forgiveness. Their saintly lives were proof of God's enduring love through the generations of our family.

I, too, want to be the example to my children and grandchildren that my parents were to me and my siblings.

God be praised!