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The following letter comes from a reader of our website:


I'm not Catholic, although I have in the past served as an organist in Catholic parishes near my home.

I just wanted to send a testimony your way. This past week I was working out at my local gym. We have small TVs on each machine. It was near 2 p.m. Central Time. I don't usually tune in to EWTN, but there was nothing else on that interested me while I was working out.

I tuned in just in time to see the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, with the members of the Flynn family leading. I felt the Lord prompting me to pray along silently as the prayers went on, so I did. The next day I was working out again at the same time and tuned in again and prayed along.

I've been dealing with some personal issues, some sins that keep blocking my walk with God. After the second day of watching the chaplet, I now have a freedom in Christ that I haven't known before. Thank you being obedient to God and making the chaplet available through modern media.

I'm a Spirit-filled member of a Lutheran church that isn't always welcoming to spiritual experiences. That's why I will sometimes tune in to EWTN to see the histories of some of the saints and see how the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not only active in the Word and Sacraments, but in the lives of individual believers since Pentecost.

I was given a rosary during my years as a Catholic organist, and I still have it. I intend on including the Divine Mercy Chaplet in my personal prayer life.

Thanks again, and God bless you all.

In Christ,


Learn about the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the promises Jesus makes to those who pray it. And view instructions on how to pray the chaplet.

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Bridget Lourdes - Jan 14, 2015

Dear David, it is really wonderful to read your testimony. You are a very special person to Our Dear Lord and that is why you had been specially blessed with this miracle. Thank you so much for sharing this message with us. Our Lord is a LIVING GOD. He sees,hears,feels and knows what we are doing or going thru each and every moment of our lives. He is a wonderful God but in the form of God so that we can always speak to Him like we speak to our friends and loved ones. Dear David, i just don't know how to say prayers but i can always sing a song for you sending it Our Lord. Please do keep my son emmanuel in your prayers.Thank you Dear David and God bless you always.

Obinna - Jan 14, 2015

There is power in praying d Divine mercy. I was healed of bedwetting and @ an Adult age through saying the prayers. Not only that, I was addicted to masturbation bt after novena prayers with Divine mercy, rosary and stations of d I cross. I was delivered and healed. Thank God for me brethren

rey celis - Jan 13, 2015

Ever since when I become a member of the Apostolate of Divine Mercy here in Bacolod City,Negros Occ.,Philippines, I never stop praying the chaplet of Divine Mercy,along with my rosary daily.Even when I am riding on any vehicle,I usually pray the chaplet.I have receive so many blessings,good health,peace,protection & guidance as well.I also pray the chaplet before the Blessed Sacrament.I used to hear mass daily.

Jude - Jan 13, 2015

Bro david thank God 4 ur life. I encourage u to be steady fast in ur prayers. Especially the prayer at the great hour of mercy. Jesus, i trust in You.

JAS - Jan 13, 2015

Thanks for sharing an awesome Testimony David!!!! Have you ever considered conversion to the Carholic Faith? My mother was raised Lutheran. Her father was a Bishop of a synod. She told me she converted because the Holy Spirit led her to believe that Catholicism was the fulllness of Truth, and the only religion that went all the way back to Christ as the founder!!! You are a Spirit Filled person,and you would enjoy being a Charismatic Carhoilc :) Blessings to you and yours!!!

Terry - Jan 12, 2015

In 2001 December 22 my mum was dying and she asked my 2 sister's who were with her to pray the chaplet with her. She died peacefully to the sounds of the chaplet. Now in our family it is said when ever we are going through any difficulty. Thanks for the chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Rita - Jan 12, 2015

how fortunate for you David that you heard Gods word. May he continue blessing you.

Dia - Jan 12, 2015

what a beautiful story. I believe strongly in this prayer

mary - Jan 12, 2015

I would love to send you a handmade rosary... I am an amateur rosary maker and I believe you are being called to something awesome, I would love to make a personal rosary for you...I don't know how to get your info but I'm sure we can figure something out if you are interested David...JESUS I TRUST IN YOU... Mary

believer - Jan 12, 2015

this is a wonderful testimony David and you have been blessed in a special way thank you for sharing this with us