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A Miraculous Recovery?

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By Marc Massery (Nov 20, 2018)
During one of the most tragic periods of her life, Milwaukeean Diane Behne believes she became the intercessor for a Divine Mercy miracle.

About four years ago, Diane was visiting her husband, Angast, in a nursing home where he was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. She visited him every day.

Angast's roommate, Stanley, also suffered from Alzheimer's and wouldn't speak at all.

"But other than that, he seemed OK," Diane said.

Angast had been there for about six months when one day, she noticed that Stanley hadn't seemed to have moved at all for the past couple days.

So, Diane asked Stanley's aide, "Is he ok?"

The aide told Diane, "Well they're expecting him to die this evening."

Diane felt sorry for Stanley because he never seemed to have many visitors. The few who did visit usually stayed only briefly.

She said, "So I went home for supper, and then I came back afterwards, and I would stay with my husband until he went to sleep. And so, I was getting close to leaving again ... [but] there was no priest that came. Nothing."

She assumed Stanley must be Catholic because he had a Rosary hanging nearby.

"I was just learning about [the Chaplet] and so I thought, 'Well, you know, I think I'll say the Divine Mercy [Chaplet] for him before I leave.'"

The room was very small with a simple divider separating Angast's bed from Stanley's.

"I don't think I even said it quite correctly," she said, since she had only just learned about the Chaplet.

"I just started with 'Eternal Father, I offer you ...' and I had my Rosary with me. I said his name, and he was just like a sheet, real white, just lying there, and I just said, 'For the sake of His sorrowful Passion have mercy on Stanley and on the whole world."

At the end of her prayer, she noticed a change in Stanley. "Toward the end of the Chaplet, he started to get some color in his face, and I thought, 'Oh well that's good,'" she said. "He wasn't moving at all, nothing. And so, I finished the Chaplet, and I left."

Then the next day, when she came to see her husband, she saw Stanley in the community room, sitting up in his wheelchair. She watched, amazed, as he ate breakfast.

"I think it was miraculous," she said, "It certainly wasn't anything in me, because I don't even know if I said it correctly, but I found that in my own experience that if I'm just learning a devotion or something, the Lord is real forgiving."

She said that now, she prays the Chaplet every day. "I always go back to that experience and it seemed like the Lord gave me that experience to know that that's what happens when you pray. I just said one Chaplet, that's all. Still, I tell everybody who might be interested. Not everybody is. But I tell everybody that it's really powerful."

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David - Nov 30, 2018

2 yrs ago my Mom was near death in the hospital. 82 dementia and pneumonia that wasn't responding to treatment. We made her funeral arrangements. I said the Chaplet at her bedside and hung a green scapular on her bed. She's home now and the scapular still hangs on her bed!!!

Gladys Clausing - Nov 29, 2018

Praise be the Lord our God. My spiritual director always advices thatI offer the Chaplet, especially for my family. He always says it's a very powerful prayer.

Mary - Nov 28, 2018

Super! Jesus is awesome!

Estelle - Nov 11, 2018

The awesome Mercy of God!