33 Days to Morning Glory

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A New Day Dawns for Marian Consecration

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A divine exclamation point to a passionate plea came in the form of an image of the Blessed Mother crashing to the floor. Last June, in a talk to Marian novices, Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, confessed that his devotion to Mary Immaculate had gotten "dry" and needed a "jumpstart."

"The prayers of novices are powerful, so please pray for me," he requested. It had been a long day. He sensed that some of the novices were getting fidgety.

"Guys," he said, "this is serious." At that moment, an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that had hung for years on a wall of the retreat house on Eden Hill where they were meeting, fell with a crash and broke. The novices gasped.

Point taken.

They must have dedicated many prayers for Fr. Michael's intentions because a month later, while attempting to take some much-needed days off, he woke up with a fully formed idea of how to inspire (as well as jumpstart) Marian devotion to a degree he had never imagined. He spent that entire day writing, the evening reading and researching, and slept very little. He spent the following nine days on an identical schedule.

The result is the new book by Marian Press titled 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Marian Consecration.

Though he jokes that the prayers of the Marian novices "ruined" his vacation, Fr. Michael says writing the book has already resulted in many graces, including reviving his own Marian zeal and firing up "other tepid souls to a greater love for Mary."

In the simplest of terms, by means of Marian consecration, we give ourselves to Mary to be formed into the image of her Son, Jesus.

"This is why we're encouraging so many of our Marian Helpers to consecrate themselves to Mary, because she brings us most intimately into that encounter with Jesus," says Fr. Michael, the director of the Association of Marian Helpers and author of the critically acclaimed book Consoling the Heart of Jesus (Marian Press). "The Association of Marian Helpers is dedicated to knowing and proclaiming the mercy of God, and the key ally, the key person to help us, is Mary Immaculate."

Saint Louis de Montfort (1673-1716), author of the seminal book on Marian consecration, True Devotion to Mary, described total consecration to Jesus through Mary as "the surest, easiest, and most perfect means" to becoming a saint. Long an enthusiastic promoter for Marian consecration, Fr. Michael says his book updates and modifies the 33-day regimen typically followed to prepare for such a blessing — the de Montfort Fathers' esteemed Preparation for Total Consecration.

"Updated, because since St. Louis de Montfort's death there have been even more insights into Marian consecration by great contemporary saints of Marian consecration, namely St. Maximilian Kolbe, Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Blessed John Paul II," says Fr. Michael. "So it's an updated version of the consecration preparation, because it includes these other three Marian giants who have most dramatically added to the beauty and richness of consecration spirituality."

Also, instead of what can seem like a "33-day marathon" of litanies and prayer, Fr. Michael's book prescribes 33 days of "spiritual reading and prayerful pondering." The book is broken down so that readers spend seven days each on the Marian consecration teachings of St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Blessed Mother Teresa, and Blessed John Paul II. Then the final five days are for review before reciting the Prayer of Consecration (preferably after receiving Holy Communion).

Why the phrase "morning glory" in the title?

"Because the act of consecrating oneself to Jesus through Mary marks the beginning of a gloriously new day," says Fr. Michael, "a new dawn, a brand new morning in one's spiritual journey. It's a fresh start, and it changes everything."

In writing the book, Fr. Michael says he grew in his appreciation for the special calling given by God to the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception, who have been entrusted to spread devotion to Mary Immaculate and the message of The Divine Mercy. As the Marians' efforts to spread Divine Mercy continue to reach millions around the world, Fr. Michael says his new book marks an "opening volley" in the Association of Marian Helpers' efforts to re-emphasize the spirituality of Mary Immaculate and her powerful role in salvation history.

The book will also play a major role in an exciting new Association initiative to create small group, parish-based, faith renewal programs. The so-called Hearts Afire Parish-based Programs for the New Evangelization is designed "to set hearts on fire with love of God and neighbor and to inspire works of mercy in our families, parishes, and communities."

Using 33 Days to Morning Glory, Hearts Afire is being tested in pilot programs around the country. Hearts Afire will officially be introduced on the live broadcast on EWTN of the Divine Mercy Sunday celebration on Eden Hill on April 15.

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Consecration of Russia - Sep 12, 2018

I'm confused, is Our Lady satisfied with JP-II's consecration of Russia. The reason for my confusion is Fatima.org. (Canada) keeps saying that our Lady's request at Fatima has not been satisfied. Has Sr. Lucia confirmed that Our Lady is satisfied with Pope JPII? HTH (confused lay person) Thanks

Nelson L. - Feb 22, 2018

In this book, Mary leads us to the Fountain of Life, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the sequel, 33 Days Offering to the Merciful Love, we are taught how to "DRINK" from this Fountain! The first blessing I noticed in my own life was the quality of my prayers. The words and concepts I was using in prayer was quite astonishing! If anybody in this forum wants to know how to avoid Purgatory altogether, please read Fr. Gaitley's sequel to Morning Glory. You will definitely have a deeper relationship with Jesus, The Divine Mercy Himself.

Joyce - Oct 19, 2017

I am just starting the Mother Theresa chapter of this wonderful book. Ive read the first two segments in the church, which we have 24 hour Mon. thru Fri. adoration. I am mesmerized as l read this. I tried reading it at home but way to many distractions. I just head to the church, pray the rosary and start reading. As l look up at the Host, tears fill my eyes and l cant read for a few minutes. I feel the Holy Spirit in me and l could sit there all day. I do have a question: When l am thru with the book, can l do the consecration on my own or does it have to be a group or performed by a priest? Thank you...

Michael Eltham - Aug 14, 2017

Blessed by the book. 33 days is needed as we are human and would forget a 1 day consecration . Takes just 10 mins a day and touches you in an a way un-imaginable. By totally consecrating oneself to Mary - we give ourselves to her and she gives herself to us. Making her our mother -unconditionally, giving her a change to mold us into another Christ. And that's all that matters.

Michael - May 15, 2016

It would be helpful to warn those who are starting this that there will be temptations and lies presented to you. Stay strong. A friend and I both got derailed the first couple of times. The evil one hates that you are doing this!

Kristopher Mathis - Feb 22, 2016

I am a Protestant convert to Catholicism and despite many years, including more than three discerning a calling with a Religious Order with a Marian devotion, I had always been somehow uneasy with her. I had nothing but respect for her, but the heavy terminology used in her devotions always set me on edge. I have just begun the 33 days (at the suggestion of a friend) and I barely finished the introduction when somehow it all made more sense to me.

Betty - Oct 30, 2015

Thank you Fr. for this book/retreat! Our parish priest asked my prayer group to do this retreat, we did & made our consecration 10/13/13. I returned to my old parish & a lady here came back from Medugorje, her heart set on fire. I gave her this book & she is going to lead this retreat for the parish starting next week! I've been praying for the parish for 25 years; now this retreat looks like an opening for hearts to be transformed. Hallelujah!

dave - Apr 3, 2015

Our parish was watching the videos Father Mike had to lecture on the weeks readings (De Montfort, Kolbe...) I was unable to attend due to work, one of the members said check you tube and they were there this week. I watched the first two, the others which were there are no longer available. Can you please put them back on you tube for us to finish watching. His 30 minute "lecture" to summarize tied a lot of loose ends. As mentioned the first two chapters were up and I saw the last two up as well and said will get to those as week goes and two days later they were pulled. The videos really helped me tie this all together

Martha - Jan 13, 2015

At first when u started reading the book it was very confusing to me. I was getting frustrated . I then stopped and prayed to the Holy Spirit to open my mind and help me to understand everything you are trying to tell me. Once we got together with our group and discussed it, I got it.i will also be teaching this class. "I love it".

Trinidad - Nov 26, 2014

To Mary from 10-25-14,
Don't be concerned. Leave it to Mary to "apply" your prayers. She will give back to us so much more than we give to her.
Just keep praying.

Joey - Nov 5, 2014

I am on day 2 and I am praying that my whole family will be with me at the end on end of this retreat on day 33.

Mary - Oct 25, 2014

I am on day 7 and a little confused about turning over the "merits" of my prayers. Does this mean grace I get for praying? Or the disposition, i.e. Answer to my prayers themselves?

Fr. Michael states early in the book that we should not give up praying for family, friends and personal needs. I had dedicated decades of my rosaries to specific intentions and now feel at a loss on how to proceed. I do feel blessings daily, and for that I am grateful. I understand the part about turning over merits of any good deeds. Thank you in advance.

JE - Jan 18, 2014

I did this consecration twice in 2013. You find new things each time. The gifts and graces come surely afterward. My life circumstances have changed significantly for the better, and I am a better person, too.

Ann-Marie - Jan 9, 2014

I read the book after hearing about it from a friend and I loved it then gave it to my 2 college age daughters and my husband and one of my daughters read it and loved it. Then I led a group in our parish and had about 60 people signed up and we did it. Then I gave it to my 7th grade daughter's teacher and asked him to lead it with his class and the 7th and 8th graders did it and watched the DVD's each week as well and they loved it. So I would highly recommend it to middle school age students. It is so powerful but so easy to do. It is a great book to give to people and an easy way to get more people Consecrated to Jesus through Mary. God bless you, Fr. Micheal!!! Mary, continue to use us as your fit instruments! A great evangelization tool! I will be starting the "Consoling the Heart of Jesus" as Lenten Retreat soon. So please pray for our parish. God bless you, Fr. Michael!

LoveGodAndAsHeLoved - Nov 1, 2013

Magnificent talk by Fr. Michael Gaitley tonight in Madison, WI. Pray for Fr. Gaitley-he said the Marians are under attack. We consecrated in a (parish) pilot program this summer, and take the class again through a parishwide program coming up next week. We have been ontologically changed! Everyone take this class! Please!

Erin - Oct 5, 2013

I didn't realize any changes had taken place until a few weeks after I had finished "33 Days". I have struggled with obesity for all of my adult life, and I suddenly had the desire, the will, and the grace to begin a healthy & successful (30 pounds in 2.5 months!) weight loss plan.

The ONLY variable in my life between trying & failing over and over and what's happening now is Marian Consecration. When I run (I run now!), I pray, "Stella Maris...be the wind in my sails!" Small miracles are happening every day but with big results.

Donna - Sep 27, 2013

I did the St. Louis de Montfort consecration to Mary back in the early 1970s while our family were missionaries in Canada. I'm not proud of the next part because we later divorced. I am remarried and have the Internal Forum and we live as brother and sister for many years.
Would it be wrong for me to take the consecration again?

MARIA LUZ - Aug 9, 2013


Mark - Jun 17, 2013

I made the 33 day consecration and on the advise from Fr. Michael's book ended it on May 12, the feast day of fatima. I have to admit it was easier than I expected. The book is simple to understand yet very deep and profound in getting to what Consecration to Jesus through Mary really means. It's a new way of life. Although it's only been 5 weeks I can honestly say I know and feel Mary interceding for me and my family as I offer any merits I may earn up for her to distrubute as she sees fit. This worried me at first. In fact I started and stopped the book once. I have always prayed so specifically for others and situations obviously putting family and friends first. I pray the rosary as often as possible and mostly while driving. I feared surrendering and trusting. At this point I can only say it is beyond anything I expected. She is with me and I'm with her. It's impossible to convey fully. Lastly, I asked her on the last day to give me a sign my concecration was adequate. (not demanding only asking so I could grow my confidence in her). I forgot asking and went to drive to get dinner from work and the moment I opened the door the strongest smell of flowers came from inside. My whole trip it was there and I check the car for the source but there wasn't one and it was only from inside. I know this was my sign the moment the scent hit me. Mary told me we are united in a special way. Now I offer my merits to her but only remind Mary that she know what's in my heart. Things are happening in a surprising way now thanks to Mary.

Brian - May 31, 2013

I made my Consecration today!

jessy thomas - May 23, 2013

why it is 33 days.

Janet - Feb 3, 2013

I heard Fr Gaitley on a Lighthouse catholic media tape, I asked my husband for 33 days for Christmas. I did the 33 days and made my consecration yesterday after the 8am mass (feast of the presentation/purification). I have just started daily meditation and this retreat was a perfect way to begin. I start a 10 week course on the Ignation exercises on the 6th of Feb letting Mary into my heart is a great grace. Thank you/God bless

Paul Cranley - Jan 2, 2013

I did my first 33 Day Consecration to Mary in 1994 and have repeated it yearly every year. After a few years the meanings of the words were jumping off the page and into my heart. Fr. Michael's book is an outstanding way to bring the incredible graces of Consecration to this generation.
My Daughter, while in college said after her first Consecration, "This is a great way to jump-start your prayer life". I agree fully. Thank you Fr. Michael & Mother Mary!

Sarah - Nov 13, 2012

Great question, Marty. I think "33 Days to Morning Glory" is suitable for that age group. In fact, we've heard of children even younger than that who have understood and profited from the book. The main reason why may be Fr. Gaitley's way of explaining profound points in an understandable way and keeping them concrete. Hope this helps!

Marty - Nov 9, 2012

Do you think your book 33 Days would be suitable for middle-school age children? If not, do you suggest another resource?

Anne_Elizabeth - Aug 26, 2012

I made my consecration today.

Donna - Aug 13, 2012

My Prayer Group made our Consecration
on June 29. It was an awesome 6 weeks
spiritual journey!! I highly recommend
this retreat for everyone!! We can not
wait for the Consoling Your Heart to Jesus retreat for Oct 1!! It will change
your life!!

Rob - Jul 24, 2012

Fred, a full month is appropriate because we need, as adults, to be renewed in mind, heart and soul. Children generally have a lot less bagage to get rid off. A month for adults should help us to become disposed to give ourselves totally to Jesus through Mary and then live out that consecration on a daily basis. Not easy to do but the Holy Spirit will help us accomplish that as He did with Mary our Mother.

Fred D. - Apr 25, 2012

It seems that 33 days for Marian preparation is a bit long, especially in the times we live in? At the Foot of the Cross was it that hard for the disciple to be able to make the choice to take Mary into his home/heart? Marian consecration is meant for a child and has always seemed more simpler than the thought of older adults feeling as though the needed to prepare for a whole month in order to give themselves as a gift.

Jennay - Jan 19, 2012

This book seems like a miracle! I have very high regards for Fr. Michael Gaitley. God must be using him to bring many to Mary and through Her, to Jesus. Let us rejoice!

Jeanne Fjelstad - Jan 7, 2012


Deb - Jan 5, 2012

I bought this book and started the consecration on December 31st. I have done the St. Louis consecration twice and never really understood what I was doing. So far with this book, my eyes are being opened to the most amazing things regarding a relationship with Mary and I am thinking of each days reading and making myself NOT read ahead. This is opening my eyes and my heart to Mary.