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Assumption of Our Blessed Mother

What Are We Destined to Be?

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By Fr. Joseph, MIC (Aug 14, 2011)
Come, let us, with one mind and heart, praise the Lord on this solemn Feast of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother. Mary was "assumed" by God into the heavenly kingdom of Christ in the fullness of her spiritual and bodily existence.

As the Catechism of the Catholic Church puts it:

The Most Blessed Virgin Mary, when the course of her earthly life was completed, was taken up body and soul into the glory of heaven, where she already shares in the glory of her Son's Resurrection, anticipating the resurrection of all members of His Body (974).

This precious feast calls us to reflect on the Original Fall of our first parents who were tempted to know as God knows. They told the evil one, who asked about the tree of knowledge, that they were not to eat of its fruit. The Original Justice enjoyed by them was the full sum of what God willed for us as He created human beings in His image and likeness giving to Adam and Eve the very same prerogatives as are now had by the angels — both the fallen and holy.

This primitive state before the Fall included the gift of sanctifying grace and the lesser preternatural gifts of immortality — that is freedom from death, or from the capacity to decay and disintegrate. God alone is absolutely immortal. His spirit is eternal by its very nature. He always has existed and always will exist. He cannot not exist. Natural immortality belongs to all spiritual persons, angels and human souls. Their immortality is not absolute because God could cause them to cease. Freely given immortality is a special grace, given by God to our first parents Adam and Eve, freedom from bodily death, and from separation of soul from body.

This extraordinary gift of immortality is one that Mary Immaculate received from God because of her being prepared to be the mother of Jesus Christ. Thus, we can see that the interrelationship of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption is fundamental, and the logical consequence of sinlessness is the freely given gift of God to Adam and Eve and the new Eve, Mary. Attentive to her prerogative as the mother of the promised Messiah, we cannot help but see that she was given a glorified body at the time of her death. The glorified body is completely free from every kind of physical depravity, such as sorrow, sickness, injury, or death, so that it cannot suffer or die. This gift of impassibility is the result of a perfect agreement of the body and emotions to the soul.

"He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away" (Rev 21:4). Mary's pure soul was always "proclaiming the greatness of the Lord" because her will was at one with God in its very self.

Another preternatural gift is freedom from concupiscence. Strictly speaking, concupiscence is the impulsive movement of our sensual appetites toward what we imagine as pleasant and away from what we imagine as painful. The concupiscence of the eyes is an inordinate desire to see, hear, and know what is harmful to a virtuous life. It is inconsistent with a holy state in life, or detrimental to higher duties. An example would be the desire to work only for material possessions no matter the means employed, gratify our ambitions even to the destruction of ourselves or others, or nurturing our pride so as to become blind to our limits and actual needs. Concupiscence of the flesh is inordinate when sensual pleasure is desired as an end in itself separated from its divinely intended purpose: for our bodies are to facilitate our practice of virtue and satisfy our legitimate desires.

Because Mary was free from all sin, she remained filled with a knowledge of God — all that is good and constantly lived with a well-informed mind and will. The very encouragement of Mary to the servants at Cana in Galilee — "do whatever He tells you" (Jn 2:5) — is the essence of her attitude to life and the God of all life, all coming from the deep union of her soul with God.

Mary's bodily Assumption into heaven is the fulfillment of God's promise to recover all gifts to mankind. The Immaculate one lived and lives as all human beings were destined to live. Because of mother and Son, we may live this union now as we await the coming of the Lord in Glory. She, the glory of Jerusalem, is our hope of glory.

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Camilla - Aug 15, 2011

Dear Father Joseph, we have had a beautiful statue of The Virgin Mary in my back yard for a few years now, surrounded by flowers and planning to go to Church tonight at 6:00, i am praying she will intercede for respect in our marriage and from our daughters.please also pray for the same,Amen God Bless you. Camilla

S.Paul - Aug 14, 2011

Dear Father,
I have indebted to Mother Mary for all my life. She was holding my hand when I was in despair or trouble. Mother Mary kept me away from all troubles. I started believing in St.Mary from my childhood.

Rosary is biggest weapon.You can not go wrong with it. I advise my brothers and sisters, pray Rosary and believe in God, you will reach your destination.

Father, please pray for me.




JohnB - Aug 14, 2011

Mama Mary, Pray for us at this time of economic and social difficulty. Please help us keep our resolve to be in His graces and not stray to the temptations of the times, of worldly pleasures.

Anthony - Aug 14, 2011

lets all make it a point to pray to our lady daily and asked to to help us carry our cross and be able to support our homes and family. May she make us all humble and strengthen our faiths

Rich - Aug 13, 2011

Jesus, I Trust in You. Blessed Virgin Mary, please pray for us.

Friend of Jesus - Aug 13, 2011

Ever since I attended my Catholic High School and was taught the special prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I have NEVER been refused a response from her Sacred Heart. Every day in class we woud pray, "Remember oh most gracious Virgin Mary, NEVER WAS IT KNOWN, anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thay help, or sought thy intercession, was left unaided..." I use this prayer very frequently and responses are with me. My beloved son, David, also loves Blessed Mother. He has a beautiful statue of her in his yard, which he connects with every day, winter or summer. One winter, when there was a lot of snow, he took a jacket and went out and covered her to inform her of his love for her. When he was four years old, he awoke one night and then came running into our bedroom and informed us that "I just saw our Blessed Mother, Mom and Dad. She put her hand out and I grabbed it and held her hand." Also, when their new baby was born early and had to be hospitalized for a year, on his way to work my son would stop at the local church and run up to her statue, lay on the ground, and pray to her for this baby. A MIRACLE has resulted! Thank you, Dear Lord, for confirming this with our minds and hearts. AMEN xoxoxo

JOE - Aug 13, 2011

Dear Father Joseph
Please keep me and my family in prayer for i am unemployed and things are very bad. Jesus show me the way i Trust in your mercy amen

Monique - Aug 12, 2011

hmmm...I would like to read more on concupiscence... thought I understood the term but now I think perhaps I don't....actually most of the people I know from church are not familiar with the term....

Immaculada, Sweet Mother of Divine Mercy, intercede for us that those on the brink of hell may instead make it to Purgatory and those needing Purgatory may be immersed in Divine Mercy and get to Heaven quickly. Amen

Anthony - Aug 12, 2011

I pray to our Blessed Mother all the time. I asker to whisper into the ear of her son and ask him to assist me. Life has been so difficult lately. No job, bills, teenage sons, elderly mother, etc... I honestly feel that i am nearing the nd of my rope. However, although things don't seem to be improving, I still feel the comfort of knowing that i can always turn to her and to her son. Never did I ever think that my life would end up the way it has. Please pray for me and ask our Holy Queen to have mercy on me and help me see my way clear of all these obstacles I am now facing. All I want is to provide for my family and that she keep them safe and close to her Immaculate Heart. I also just want to say how I love going to your shrine. It gives me hope and peace. May God and our Lady bless all in need of help

Paul - Aug 12, 2011

Dear Father I love the Blessed Mother. I say the three Hail Mary's: asking her to talk to the Father for me and help me a pure Man of Mind and heart. Two to her Son Our Lord Jesus Christ, asking Him to help me to be a more humble man. The Holy Spirit asking her to intercede for me at the moment of my death. Get me into Purgatory. +

Monica Azzopardi - Aug 12, 2011

Dear Father Joseph
Thank you for your E-Mail,today I feel so sad been crying for my deseased hi hand Charles ,although he's been gone for 14 years I still cannot go over it. My husband loved the Virgin Mary, he always carried her on him and so for the Rosary. He is buried in the Mussileum at the Assumption Cemetery, being in the Royal Navy he loved ships and planes, so I decided to buy him the Crypt by the window for all the planes thatched by pass from above him. On buying the Crypt I was told that by him a vase of flowers as decoration is going to be placed, that didn't bother me, but after a month visiting my husband one day to my surprise I found a big statue of Mary, oh! How much I cried with joy that day, and I told my husband " She knows of how much you love her and She wants to stand by you and your family to comfort them each time they visit you.
The E-Mail comforted me, on reading it and after three Hail Mary's I feel my spirits coming back, I also called the office so that he will be remembered in Masses and prayers on those three days.
Thank you for your E-Mails.
In Jesus Mary and Joseph.
Monica Azzopardi