Blessed Stanislaus and Me

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Over the years, many Marian Helpers have sent us acknowledgements of graces received through the intercession of Blessed Stanislaus Papczynski (1631-1701), the Founder of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception whose feast day we celebrate May 18.

The following is one such acknowledgement. It is from Susan Bender, a homemaker, who lives with her husband and two sons — including Michael — in Ojai, California:

It was March 18, 2002. I was in my 20th week of pregnancy with my son Michael when a specialist told me, following an ultrasound, that my baby would not survive. He would most likely die in utero. A Doppler flow study showed gaps in the blood flow through the umbilical cord, and the doctor said that the condition was "non-reversible."

I was devastated. Along with seeking a second medical opinion, I called my mother in Baltimore, Md. She faxed my husband and me a prayer to Fr. Stanislaus Papczynski. My mother told me, "I'm going to start to say this prayer for the baby. I'll pray that there will be no gaps in the blood flow."

Well, on a visit to the second specialist, we learned there were no gaps in the blood flow! The night before that visit, as I looked toward the bedroom door, I saw a slender man in a white robe with one hand held up. The figure moved toward the door and vanished. Nothing like this had ever happened to me. I know it wasn't a dream. Father Stanislaus seemed to be reassuring me, "Everything is going to be fine."

And it was and is fine. Michael was born on June 17, 2002, at 32 weeks. He is now a perfectly normal little boy who has just started kindergarten.

This is why I am so happy to hear of the beatification of Blessed Stanislaus.

The following is the Prayer through the Intercession of Bl. Stanislaus Papczynski:

Our Lord and God, in consideration of Your Servant, Blessed Stanislaus, who, in spite of many obstacles, trusting in the help of Your Providence, faithfully followed in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, and of His Mother Mary, Conceived Immaculate, grant us this grace that we may be marked by an unwavering trust in Your omnipotence, goodness, and faithfulness, especially when You lead us upon a thorny road towards the glorious promises of Your love. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please send news about any graces received through the intercession of Bl. Stanislaus Papczynski to:

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Olivier - Aug 5, 2019

Pray for Darasa project, inspired by Don Bosco , we need to give more attention to students. Pray for the relationship with my woman and our daily need. Pray for better choir in our church and touch more people.

Daniel - Jan 29, 2019

Please pray for my oldest son, Daniel, that he will turn his life around, come back to the Church, God and my family. Pray that he will know that he is loved and wanted by his family.

Andy - Aug 10, 2018

Prayers for end of chronic pain

Amanda Marie Dennis - Jan 31, 2018

Prayer request for AManda Marie Dennis 28 Yrs Old And My 8 yr old son JAdon Michael Kalp We Both Have A rare gain of function stat one gene mutation and my caregiver is Denise lynn Mastro my health is not good worse than my sons and we live in Pennsylvania usa and Denise has a Daughter Tara who lives in California usa and shes a genesist that could give JAdon geno therapy but its alot of money will you please pray for a miracle Amen Jesus Christ is lord and savior

Nessie - Jun 26, 2017

Thank you st.Stanislaus for your intersession fr us to the Immaculate conception fr the lost child of 5 yrs who was found safe in the forest after two days.....thanks fr my dotta through your intercession she wl be going back to school.. . thanks for everything you are a powerful saint...turn to St.Stanislaus for any help....b blessed.

Cnl - Aug 25, 2016

Please pray for the healing of my son Pierre of rectal cancer and for my youngest son of mitral valve prolapse so will not have open heart operation..Thank you very much.

Klp - Aug 11, 2016

St Stanislaus Papczynski,
Please pray for my broken family, broken mainly because of the father's illness. Please pray for good mental and physical health for my children, my daughter's partner Alex. I have panic attacks because life has been hard for me to support the family financially and morally alone! Please implore the Lord Jesus to bless my family!

Goretti Klp - Aug 10, 2016

St Stanislaus Papczynski,
Thank you for your intercession. Alex's back operation is a success. He and my daughter's financial situation is getting stable. My son François has found a good internship but lately he complained of headache and fatigue. Please pray that his blood test reveals nothing serious and that all he needs is rest and a pair of glasses. Thank you and Amen, Great Saint!

Goretti Klp - Jun 11, 2016

St Stanislaus Papczynski,
Please pray for the Healing of Alex C's back pain and his problem with overspending. Thank you!

Goretti Klp - Jun 6, 2016

St Stanislaus Papczynski,
Please pray for the Healing of Alex C's back pain. Please Watch over my children whose own father is too sick to take care of them.

Irene - Jun 5, 2016

I am asking St Stanislauson on his canonization to intersede in my financial distress. Please ask God to deliver me from this mountain of debt.

Goretti Klp - May 1, 2016

Blessed Stanislaus,
Please pray that my son François's infection by the warts heal completely and that he will find a good internship and complete it in the best of conditions. Thank You!

Goretti Klp - Apr 25, 2016

Blessed Stanislaus,
Please pray for a complete healing of my son François's wart infection, Alex's backache and my depression. Please pray that my daughter continue to live happily without antidepressants ad that the father of my children find mental and physical peace.

Debbie - Apr 3, 2016

For my husband, BILL, who has leukemia

B - Jan 22, 2016

Thank you blessed Stanislaus for answered prayers! Please pray with trust and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and ask Blessed Stanislaus for kind intercessions. I prayed his novena prayers at one go since I didn't have time. I discovered him from a Facebook post, he must seen my suffering. Thank you so much, praise to Jesus and Mary! Jesus I trust in You! Amen!

B - Jan 22, 2016

I thank The Lord for His kindness and mercy for allowing us such a saint as Blessed Stanislow I pray though his intercession with thanksgiving that almighty God blesses me with the finances needed to complete school and graduate in May according to His Holy Will, in Jesus Mighty name with thanksgiving, Amen!

Maria - Nov 28, 2015

Father Stanislaus please pray for my husband Luciano he fell and hurt his neck while working. Please pray for his healing.Please pray for our son Danny that his heart will be strong after surgery jesus i trust in you. Thank you.

Mary - Oct 13, 2015

Pray for my 87 year old Mom, who fell and was taken by ambulance last night to the hospital...It is either a broken hip or leg on left side. Please pray for her healing.

Judy sept 18 2015 - Sep 18, 2015

Dear St Stanislaus
Like St Theresa my mom introduced me to you. Please keep my mom and dad healthy and alive for many more years. Help my dad maintain his daily activities and help mom get hru her pain. Help Gab stay healthy, me too and for my financial issues help me

Patty - May 19, 2015

Blessed Stanislaus, would you please pray for a healing for my husband, Jim. He suffers terribly from chronic pain and has other health issues that are very scary.
Thank you

Pat-May 19. 2015 - May 19, 2015

I pray to Blessed Stanislaus that my grandson Thomas Gray will be born healthy and strong and thrive in his life.

ELM - May 19, 2015

Please pray for my health. I am on oxygen 24/7 and have other health issues too numerous to mention.

Thank you.

Anne - Apr 24, 2015

Please Prayer for my Brothers Brian And Martin And Nephew Michaelgerard all 3of them or up in Count on 27 April ..For Drunken Arguments with their Cousins
All alive and well ...Please Prayer that none of them will Go to Prison... Please prayer yo bring Peace between the Four Families that not getting along with each other That They will get Gods Peace In their Hearts Mongans and OReillys Families and all Families

Tommy's Family - Oct 13, 2014

Blessed Stanislaus, my nephew has an inoperable brain tumor. His only hope for recovery is a miracle. The tumor needs to miraculously be removed from his head. He has a wife, two small children, his parents, a sister and brothers. Tommy has suffered for over seven years with seizures. Dear Blessed Stanislaus please intercede for this wonderful young man with our Dear Lord to remove this tumor from his brain. I pray daily for this intercession and for your speedy beatification. I pray this in our Lord Jesus' name.

elizabeth - May 17, 2014

please ,please help me,st. stanislaus,i need a financial miracle,i am in such debt,i can not pay my bills on time,please help me,i lost my job of 30 yrs and by the time i found a new job,i was so in debt,we are lucky to have our home.please give me a financial windfall so i may get ahead on my bills,please.thank you.

kevin - Jul 22, 2013

Please pray for my conversion .

julia - Jun 7, 2013

please let me know where I can purchase the prayer cards,through the intercession of Bl.Stanislaus Papczynski,hoping to hear from you very soon. Thank You and God Bless

debra - Mar 27, 2013

thank you Blessed Stanislaus for interceding for my son. he will be able to write the exams which were denied to him.

Yasmin Anne Tolentino-Semilla - Dec 17, 2012

please pray that Bl. Stanislaus will interceed for us that the bleeding I'm expeiencing today 5 days post IUI will stop and that this will result to a healthy normal pregnancy and baby. thank you Lord.

dominga - Nov 17, 2012

Pray to blessed Stanislaus
for healing,have a rash on body that doesn't go away

Terri E.B. - Oct 22, 2012

I just read about the story of Blessed Stanislaus and it was on time, since I am inspired to pray for and ask prayers to the Poor souls in Purgatory. Through the intercession of Blessed Stanislaus, I pray for the conversion of my children who are all fallen away Catholics.

Terri E.B. - Oct 22, 2012

I just read about the story of Blessed Stanislaus and it was on time, since I am inspired to pray for and ask prayers of the Poor souls in Purgatory. Through the intercession of Blessed Stanislaus, I pray for the conversion of my children who are all fallen away Catholics.

Eileen - Sep 2, 2012

please pray for my whole family . MY HUSBAND WHO HAS NOT GOT FULL CONTROL OFF HIS BRAIN . my daughter who just over year ago tryed to take her own life her husband to be converted .MY SON WHO HAS REALY BAD FAMILY ISSUSE AND HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN AND ALL 5 off my grand children also myself to fight off the evilone in all this as my life has been like this for over 20 years . JESUS I TRUST IN YOU ST STANISLAUS INTERSEAD TODAY FOR US ALL . praise be jesus and mary . THANK YOU .

Maria - Aug 22, 2012

I pray that through the intercession of blessed father Stanislau my son Danny will find a place to rent because he just lost his condominiun through forcloser and has to move out soon Please blessed Stanislau pray for him Blessed be God for ever Amen

Katie - Jul 18, 2012

Please pray for my husband who has been out of work since March. He had a job interview this week that seems promising. Pray through the intercession of Blessed Stanislaus if it is God's will, that he gets this job.

Donna - Jun 19, 2012

Please pray for my sisters health and that she doesn't have cancer. Please heal her neck and body. Please make her strong and whole. I need her here on earth. Please I beg you God to heal her. Please pray for her Stanislaus Papczynski. Please make her healthy. Amen

Joanne - Nov 29, 2011

I pray to Bl Stanislaus to intercede with Our Lord for restoration of my 12 yr relationship w/ my boyfriend, T. I pray for a Christmas miracle that our love/relationship/future together be restored and lead to marriage one day, as we both wanted. Thank you Bl Staninlaus and Jesus. I will post a wonderful testimony one day!

CU - Sep 7, 2011

i pray that through the intercession of Blessed Stanislau i will be healed of this highblood pressure,that i and my sister will recieve God's gift agin of pregnacy and a healthy baby. i also pray for peace in my marriage. Blessed Stanislaus pray for me.

Patti - Jan 28, 2011

I am a widow with a very small income. I pray that I can pay my bills and support myself so that I can survive on my own. I am age 59, so it is very hard to find a job now. I pray that new financial opportunities will come to me.

L.B.December 6,2010 - Dec 7, 2010

I pray for Myself to have a better Self Acceptance of myself and other certain people I seem to acceuse my husband of.
I get it all wrong and I need to comprehend that I can't read my husband's mind about what he is thinking when we see other pretty women.
I would like to have a better connecting marriage with my husband and treat him better than I have and visa versa with my husband to me for Many happy and Healthy Years.And for a Happy Family Life with our Children too.
Thank-You Lord Jesus Blessed Virgin Mary and St.
Stanislaus Papczynski

Mizzie 14 September 2010 - Sep 13, 2010

Request intercessions for the return to the Catholic faith for my three children, and for their father too, my ex-husband. Thank you.

Amy Canada July 11, 2010 - Jul 11, 2010

Pray that my mother will learn to accept, at her age of 96, that the arthritic pain is present in her body.
Pray also that Blessed Stanislaus will grant me plenty of patience, love and understanding in taking care of her.

Barbara - May 25, 2010

Through the intercession of Bl Stanislaus, my son's stolen car was found and returned within a week.This would have been a huge financial burden for us if the vehicle was not found.

vi - May 23, 2010

I do not know much about St. Stanislaus. Can you tell me a bit about him?

Eleanor - May 19, 2010

Pray that we may have peace in our family. Pray that God will grant us serenity and calm, humility and cooperation.

EB - May 19, 2010

Please pray for my daughter, that she will meet a loving faithful man to marry and have a family life.
Four years ago her husband left her and her newborn. Divorce is a terible epidemic.
Please pray so she and Michael will have a family life that she always wanted. Simple things in life are the most important.

Paul - Mar 14, 2010 - Mar 14, 2010

I prayed to Blessed Stanislaus to intercede with Our Lord to restore my partial hearing loss and within a week it is almost completely restored!

Thank you, Dear Lord

Debra - Nov 10, 2009

having terrible financial trouble. have no idea how to pay all bills and creditors are starting to call. please pray for me that my family will get through this rough time.