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Blessings, Br. Chris!

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Maybe you've met Br. Chris Alar, MIC, who has been barnstorming the country for the past couple years speaking to parishes and youth groups as part of the Marians' Parish Mission Team.

The Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception are pleased to announce that Br. Chris will profess his perpetual vows on Friday, Aug. 16, at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Mass. God willing, Br. Chris will then be ordained to the diaconate, possibly this fall, the final step on the way to his priestly ordination.

Have you got a message to send Br. Chris? Congrats? Prayers? We invite you to do so down below.

Also, if you would like to make a donation to the Marians' seminarian fund in Br. Chris' honor, please visit

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Cecelia - Aug 14, 2013

Br. Chris: God blessed us with the gift of you. I am very excited to see you take your Final Vows. May God and Mary always watch over you with love an prayers.

Brother Chris - Aug 12, 2013

I am grateful to you for dedicating your life, and all your efforts to Jesus and Our Blessed Mother. We need you so much, and our truly grateful for you.Perhaps I'll meet you someday.

Tom and Susan, Midland, TX - Aug 11, 2013

We've been praying for you since the Pilgrimage in 2012 and will continue, especially on the 16th. We are blessed to have you as a voice of Truth. Thank you and may God continue to bless you!

Brandon - Aug 9, 2013

May The Lord bless you always Br.Chris! I'll pray for you so that you'll remain Faithful to the Mission Christ has given you! Amen.

Theresa O. - Aug 8, 2013

It was a TRUE pleasure meeting you a few months ago Br. Chris! Your enthusiasm and conviction are contagious.
I hope we get to meet again - perhaps at the Charlotte Eucharistic Congress.

Thank you for saying 'Yes' to your calling - and may Peace and Joy abound in endless quantities in your life of service to Him and his Church.

Abundant Blessings!

Peter - Aug 7, 2013

May your joy be abundant, Brother Chris, and may Jesus, Mary, and Saint Joseph ever draw you and those whom you
shall shepherd closer to Their Holy Hearts.

Lois Ann Lachtara - Aug 7, 2013

Dear Br. Chris, I am delighted to have this opportunity to wish the best of Gods graces and blessings upon you. You have already enriched my spiritual life just in the few years I have known you. Perhaps you don't see or even understand just how anointed you are in your ministry among us! You have been called....a very special gift, not given to all. However, I see it and know that you have been called and gifted with all you need to be an awesome priest! Know that you are always in my prayers. Your yes to Jesus came at a heavy price. I know that we cannot out give Our Lord! You stand with the precious few who have been given special gifts. You will be an excellent priest among the excellent. God bless you, Br. Chris. See you soon!

PETER - Aug 6, 2013


Michelle - Aug 6, 2013

May God bless you Brother Chris and may our Lady be ever at your side in all you do. May Jesus our Light be always in front of you.

Ron - Aug 6, 2013

Dear Brother Chris, May your God-devoted journey be a blessed and faithful one.

Julie Musselman - Aug 6, 2013

I so enjoyed meeting you in April and will never forget the tour you gave us of the shrine, All prayers and congratulations to you as you profess!

Anny 06-08-2013 kigali - Aug 6, 2013

Br.i will be a pilgrimage to KIBEHO on the ASSUMPTION DAY,i will pray for you that the Blessed Virgin Mary to protect and guide. you have chosen well God bless you.

Darlene - Aug 6, 2013

You are truly an instrument of His Mercy and His Voice in a world gone mad! I pray for you to have the Virtue of Courage and Perseverence in the face of all obstacles. May God continue to bless you as you make your vows to follow Him as a shepard and servant of His flock. I extend to you the Complete Blessings of the United Hearts.

Bernie - Aug 6, 2013

My prayers are with you on your journey toward ordination and particularly on August 16.

M.I.C - Aug 5, 2013

Hi Br. Chris,

During your vows, I pray the Holy Spirit pours down on you and that from that point now until the end of your days, your heart be one with Marys. You are a blessing in the midst of millions, you were hand picked to be wed to the church. Congratulations! May God continue to bless you and when the dryness of your soul in tough times may question your vocation, find your long lost love at the foot of the cross.

M.I.C - Aug 5, 2013

Hi Br. Chris,

During your vows, I pray the Holy Spirit pours down on you and that from that point now until the end of your days, your heart be one with Marys. You are a blessing in the midst of millions, you were hand picked to be wed to the church. Congratulations! May God continue to bless you and when the dryness of your soul in tough times may question your vocation, find your long lost love at the foot of the cross.

Julie Hoffman - Aug 5, 2013

Brother Chris! So happy to hear the good news of your upcoming wedding day. A few summers ago, you gave me and my family an impromptu tour of the Shrine. Since then my husband's had an amazing conversion to the Catholic Faith, Praise be Divine Mercy! You were so kind and welcoming and a special part of our pilgrimage in Stockbridge. I'm so grateful for you and your work. Love and prayers..The Hoffman Family in NC

Megan - Aug 5, 2013

Congrats! So proud and inspired by your unceasing dedication! May God continue to bless you, the Marians and the Associations of Marian Helpers!

Margaret - Aug 5, 2013

Be assured of my prayers for you!

Sally from Maine - Aug 5, 2013

Br. Chris, Twice a group of us have left Augusta, ME at 4:30AM to travel to The Shrine to hear you speak. We would make that pilgrimage again and again to be re-energized by your words of wisdom. You are truly a gifted man of God. You are in our prayers.

Storti Family - Aug 4, 2013

Praying for you at this special time and asking God to protect, strengthen, and guide you in your vocation to serve Him. Wishing you peace and joy! God bless!

Marie - Aug 4, 2013

Thank you Br. Chris for saying "yes" to God. That's so wonderful that you'll profess your perpetual vows right after the Assumption! The Blessed Mother loves you so much!!! May God bless you more and more!

Harold Dean Bates Jr. - Aug 4, 2013

May the Holy Ghost Bless you.
May Opus Dei smile upon your days and your life.
I made my own vows of chastity myself with a white orchid.
May God smile upon us.

Deirdre - Aug 4, 2013

Congratulations Bro. Chris! My family and I met you this past summer when we came to visit the shrine with my brother-in-law and his family. (You gave us a ride back to the parking lot from the church... there were 9 kids between us from 13 years down to infant!) You spoke with a joy that only comes from Jesus. May the Lord continue to guide you on your path to holiness. God bless and congratulations!

Eileen - Aug 4, 2013

Br. Chris,
I met you when you came to St.Lawerence Ch. Rochester NY. My father had just died and you guys where here for Easter. Ever since than I have been praying the chaplet every day. You will never know how much you did for me back than. I have been waiting for this day. Back than you said it would be about 3/4 yrs. before you are ordained. You will make a great priest and do many good things!!!
God Bless
Eileen M Jones

Estelle - Aug 3, 2013

God bless you. Thank you for answering His call

Servant Leader-Louise-Lighthouse Catholic Media - Aug 3, 2013

Br Chris:
Since we met in April, I have continued to keep my eyes fixed on Christ letting the Holy Spirit lead me on this Hearts AFire mission so i can give a portion of the revenue earned towards the education of the seminarians. With our Blessed Mothers help I have 25 parishes set-up and I continue to stay steadfast so that we have future priests. Count on my continued prayers!

Julia In Jacksonville - Aug 3, 2013

Brother Chris, I am so happy for you! Congratulations on your road to your priesthood (especially in the Marians of the Immaculate Conception)! You are truly blessed that you will be able to be Our Lord's representative. If we did not have priests on earth, we would not have Jesus on earth (in the flesh)! You will, in the future, have the power of transubstantiation! How awesome is that! God bless you on your road! May Our Lord grant us more priests and religious and I heard that there is only one priest for every 20,000 Catholics. God please bless us with more and more priests like Brother Alar!
May God grants us all Peace.

Sister Mary - Aug 3, 2013

I haven't met you but I certainly will pray for you as you prepare for the beautiful ministry you will be doing! God and Mary have great plans for you!

Aleisha - Aug 3, 2013

Br. Chris, Thank you for your service to the Lord in these turbulent times. I pray that He will give you strength and lend His wisdom that you may help build His kingdom. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Brother John - Aug 2, 2013

Hi Brother Chris! I am Brother John and took my Temporary Vows this past April at age 74 - At age 77 plan to be Permanently Professed. God has helped me in my journey to the 7-Story Mountain as has St. Francis. Peace and Good. Faith.Hope. :ove. Light.Joy! BroJo.

David - Aug 2, 2013

Brother Chris,
You are such an inspiration. Your love of the Lord shines forth in your presentations. May God bless you always. Congratulations on your entry into the priesthood.

Anne Elizabeth Cox - Aug 2, 2013

We all appreciate your great generosity, and pray that you will find in your vocation all the joy Christ dreams for your future. Thank you. I will be praying for you!

LCWEEDEN - Aug 2, 2013

Hi Bro Chris, Kudos to your great effort in your missionary work. As Pope Francis was inspiring Priests, Seminarians, Deacons, and Lay people to reach out to God's people in every corner of the community talking about the Gospel of Christ, especially to young folds. Keep up the good deeds and God will do the rest in you. May God bless you richly with His loving care. Love and prayer, LCWeeden

carol - Aug 2, 2013

Dear Br. Chris, What joy you are storing up for Heaven! Through joy and sorrow on earth, always remember the goal...and that you have prayers from us along the Way.

carol - Aug 2, 2013

Dear Br. Chris, What joy you are storing up for Heaven! Through joy and sorrow on earth, always remember the goal...and that you have prayers from us along the Way.

patricia - Aug 2, 2013

god bless you Brother Chris on your journey

Tamara - Aug 2, 2013

May God bless you & keep you in His safe and loving care!!! May Mary, our mother, always protect you! We'll all pray for you! Congratulations!

Dick and Vivian - Greenville NH - Aug 2, 2013

So happy to have had the opportunity to see you this week while visiting the Shrine. You started us on this journey a couple of years ago and thanks to you, we have continued the journey with Fr. Mike who just blew us away!!!! God bless you and may the loving arms of Mary, His mother, keep you close always.

Patricia - Aug 2, 2013

Bro.Chris: May the Holy Angels surround you on Friday August 16, 2013; the Holy Spirit be with you to give you His Holy gifts in abundances.

Suzanne - Aug 2, 2013

We love you Br. Chris! The world is a better place with you in it. Thank God for sending you to us. You will make a wonderful priest. Please know you are in my prayers.

Eduardo - Aug 2, 2013

Br. Chris, may God bless you and your ministry. We will pray for you. Thank you for giving your life to the Church.

Rose - Aug 2, 2013

God bless you and keep you in His care always. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that I get to hear you preach someday.

Jean - Aug 2, 2013

Blessings to you, Br. Chris! Thank you for your "yes" to Our Lord. I'll certainly be lifting you up in prayer.

Paulette - Aug 2, 2013

Brother Chris, I pray for you and your vocation always....I praise and thank God for the gift of priesthood and ask that he bless you and keep you pure all the days of your life. Thank you for resonding to the call of the priesthood and may God bless you in every moment as you care for his flock. Best of luck always!

NH - Aug 2, 2013

Brother Chris, I pray that God will lead you where he needs you, that you will be pleasing to Him, and that He shows you His love like He never has before. We need more like you! Good luck and God be with you always!

frank - Aug 2, 2013

Dear Brother

Thank you for having the courage to follow through on your vocation, may God continue to give you the gifts necessary for a successful priesthood.

Holly Duffy - Aug 2, 2013

Wishing you the very best as you start your journey. God bless.
The duffys

Judy - Aug 1, 2013

Dear Bro. Chris,
Wishing you deep joy as you profess perpetual vows as a Marian. It is a milestone on your journey to the priesthood and a very important one. For professing the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience makes of you an imitator of Jesus. All people can follow Jesus, but only those who give themselves to Him in the vowed life are truly imitating Him. And then, when you are ordained, you will go one step further--you will become an "alter Christus." Your vows prepare you for this step for you are already giving yourself unreservedly to the Lord. May you be blessed in your vocation and granted great peace. May you begin to lead many souls to know and love the Lord.

Karen - Aug 1, 2013

Br. Chris, you are a blessing to the Marians, Marian Helpers, and all of us who work on Eden Hill. May the Lord continue to guide and watch over you as you continue on your journey. Know our prayers are with you.

Elizabeth Carter - Aug 1, 2013

Br Chris, I am so grateful to God for bringing you into my life. I so appreciate your faithfulness and dedication. May God richly Bless you as you go down your final path to being ordained. Thank you again for being a part of my life. I will pray for you.

Mitchell - Aug 1, 2013

Br. Chris, I am so blessed to have heard your talks and to have worked with you! You have an amazing gift of teaching the Divine Mercy message and devotion ( my son and I learned son much about our faith!). We will keep you in our prayers. God Bless!

Catherine ~ Queen of All Saints Parish - Aug 1, 2013

Brother Chris ~ Although we've never met, you and your Marian Minutes have accompanied 56 of us as we prepare to consecrate ourselves to Mary on our parish's feast day, August 22nd. Please know of our prayer FOR YOU on August 16th, as you enter the diaconate, and throughout your priestly journey. Peace, prayers, and every blessing!

poster girl - Aug 1, 2013

Good Luck to you. Keep up your enthusiasm for God's work and the Marians. We will miss you here at the Marian Helper Center until your return. God Bless you and keep you strong for the journey ahead.

Mary Nowe - Aug 1, 2013

God's abundant graces are filling you to over flowing and outpouring onto us through your work for Our Lord. Thank you. Praise God! More graces coming on Aug. 16. Keeping you in prayer for your powerful upcoming year.

Martin - Jul 31, 2013

You are a tremendous speaker - please keep up the good work!

Deacon Bob - Jul 31, 2013

Bro. Chris! We are looking forward to sharing your wonderful day with you as you deeped your love for God and His love for you.

Bethany - Jul 31, 2013

Brother Chris! Many many congrats on your upcoming vows - we are all so proud of you! You mean so much to us here and we are proud to be place you call "home!"

Michele - Jul 31, 2013

Brother Chris; you belong to a great group of religious! I have obtained great comfort from the Marians, via your website, articles, books, and most definitely the Divine Mercy images of our Lord and Savior Jesus, and His blessed mother, Mary. May God always bless you!

Yvonne - Jul 31, 2013

Bro. Chris,
May Jesus bless your good work abundantly and may Mamma Mary always intercede!
All the best :)

Robin - Jul 30, 2013

Br. Chris, you are a "one in a million." Thanks for all you do at the Marian Helper Center and on the Hill. You will be an awesome Marian Priest. Blessings now and always!

Sarah - Jul 26, 2013

Br. Chris, it's been said that you are the Energizer Bunny of the Marians. Well, whoever said that sure wasn't kidding! You're a dynamo with a heart on fire for Christ and his Church. God bless you abundantly.

John - Jul 26, 2013

Br. Chris, we are all blessed to have you amoung us... may God continue to bless you as you continue to fulfill God's will.

Gail - Jul 26, 2013

Can't wait! By the way nice picture coming from the Gift Shop.

Peter James - Jul 26, 2013


Erin - Jul 26, 2013

Br Chris you are truly a man of God. We all love you!!

Felix - Jul 26, 2013

Brother Chris, thanks for all you do to make the Marians, Marian Helpers, and Marian staff all feel like one big family.