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Pope Benedict XVI has declared the year that began June 19, 2009, as a Year for Priests. The faithful are asked to pray for vocations and for the spiritual renewal of priests. We asked several of our Marian seminarians what the priesthood means to them. The following is the response from Br. Angelo Casimiro, MIC:

As I have continued to progress in my seminary studies in preparation for the priesthood, I see more and more what an awesome responsibility it is to be a priest and help bring souls to Jesus Christ. I have learned that the priesthood is the cross itself. A priest sacrifices his own life for the lives of others.

Since my reversion in 2000, I have met many holy and humble priests, both diocesan and religious. I consider a few of them to be my spiritual fathers as they helped me to fall in love with the priesthood. I plan to model my priesthood after their examples. These past few years, God has been revealing to me gifts I thought I never had. He has begun showing me what my priesthood will be like.

God willing, I hope to live out my priesthood under the maternal care of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of All Priests, without whose help I wouldn't be where I am at this moment.

To make a gift to help the Marian seminarians, visit, or call 1-800-671-2020.

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Jeannie - Jan 6, 2010

Brother Angelo,
Blessings to you as your prepare to serve Jesus as HIS holy priest! Be assured of my prayers for you and your community ! May OUR LADY guide you and
fill you with HIS joy and peace ! God Bless!

Angelo - Jan 6, 2010

Some years back, many people consider it awkward or maybe they are somehow uncomforable to the idea that priests need prayers. If there is one good thing the priest scandals produced, maybe it is the realization (although maybe not for many) that it is also the reponsibility of the people of God to intercede for their priests through their prayers and sacrifices. Priests are but human, they may have been given a higher faculty, still they have their own wounds and weaknesses.
Our Lady in her earthly visit in the 16th century did say:
"The Sacred Sacrament of Holy Orders will be ridiculed, oppressed and despised. ...The demon will try to persecute the Ministers of the Lord in every possible way and he will labor with cruel and subtle astuteness to deviate them from the spirit of their vocation, corrupting many of them."

Lets pray for our priests, especially the Marian Fathers, and may the Lord of the harvest continue to send laborers for the wheat needing to be harvested is really vast.

rachel - Jan 5, 2010

Brother Angelo, so true, everything you've said. God is Blessing us with you becoming a Priest in His Divine Mercy. May God in His 100 fold gifts.... Mark C.4 v.20, be what God bears in you, in His Most Precious Blood, through the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mother Mary's intercession....Bless your humble priesthood. So very grateful for you becoming a Priest for us who too are in need so deeply of Gods Mercy which you are going to be giving us through The Sacraments. "Thank you so much and Love, in The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary", rachel

Roger Montecalvo - Dec 20, 2009

I met Br.Angelo here at the Phillippine Merchant Marine School in Las PiƱas City. Thank you for bringing Christ Jesus to our Marine students.

Honestly, some of my students are considering for priesthood. I hope in the future we could arrange for a formal chaplaincy here in our school.

In Christ Jesus,


sylvia trangia - Dec 20, 2009

dear bro.angelo, when i read thr messages of holy love given to maureen in ohio about the priests, i started praying for priests and religious. i joined a group praying for priests every monday, praying the four mysteries of the rosary front of the Blessed Sacrament. bro. angelo i will always pray for all priests especially marian because i believed Mary loved Her Priests' sons. thanks God bless us all. sylvia

simon of cyrene - Dec 14, 2009

perhaps we can join you on the cross (like Francis w/ Jesus)... as i was discerning, we were asked to let our hearts be the altar where we are united w/ the sacrifice that Jesus makes (yah... heavy)...
but it seems that Mother Teresa of Calcutta really embraced her priesthood, and she seems to have found this location. So much sorrow and suffering in the world and in each person... so much beauty too. maybe we can all become little Therese - little flowers who adopt a priest brother to help... I can't say difficulties will be overcome easily, Mary couldn't shield her son from suffering, and i know too many priests who struggle and suffer (maybe because i've been praying they become saints!) so far, it's the wounded priests who, for me; have the fragrance of Jesus.
prayers and blessings, thank you for saying yes.

deb slavin pawtucket rhode island - Dec 14, 2009

Dear Brother Angelo,
Thank you for your vocation, many including myself remember you in prayer, and at my Parish, St. Maria Goretti, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, we remembered your mother, may she be resting in the arms of the merciful Lord.
May the Mantle of Our Lady protect and console you, on your journey.
in Mary Immaculate,

lily - Dec 13, 2009

brother angelo,
I pray that you and all priests in this world will be forever loyal to jesus and his mother and keep the priestly vows forever.
a priest life can be sometimes very lonesome but if you cling onto Mary, you will overcome the difficulties and obstacles very easily.
you will be a good model priest brother angelo. keep you in my every day prayer. God bless you and all priest in your congregation.