Conversations with Mom: My Son, the Father

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In this, the Year for Priests, the following is one in a series of stories in which the mothers of Marian priests give the "inside story" on their sons' vocations. In this installment, we speak with Annette Lamoureux, mother of Fr. Matthew Lamoureux, MIC.

By Sarah Chichester

When she was in grade school, Annette Lamoureux's father left her family, leaving her mother to raise her and her brother alone and in poverty.

Annette grew up attending a Catholic school run by the Immaculate Heart of Mary sisters. At the end of the school day one nun, Sr. Andrea, would sternly ask Annette to remain after class. Instead of a punishment though, she would give Annette a box of food to take home. In this way, this wise nun kept the other kids from knowing about the hard times Annette's family was experiencing.

Sister Andrea kept an eye on Annette throughout her schooling, watching over her and guiding her. In eighth grade, Annette, even though she did not have much, bought a plaster statue of Our Lady and painted it for Sr. Andrea.

The kindness of Sr. Andrea stayed in Annette's heart. Several years after she got married she visited her. During their visit, Annette revealed to Sr. Andrea that she had been married for a while but had no children, though she desperately wanted them.

Sister Andrea took Annette into the chapel and, looking her in the eye, said, "Annette, I want you to go up to the tabernacle and ask Jesus for a baby." Annette knelt at the front pew and prayed. But when she returned to the back of the chapel, Sr. Andrea turned her right around, saying, "No! I want you to go knock on the tabernacle door and ask Jesus out loud for a baby."

Annette walked to the front of the chapel, passed the pew she just knelt in, entered the sanctuary and stood in front of the tabernacle. Then the fatherless, childless woman reached out and knocked on the little golden door.

"Jesus, can I have a baby?"

Afterwards, she didn't think anything of it, but Sr. Andrea followed up by sending her a mother's manual and a book of prayers.

Shortly thereafter, Annette and her husband, George, went on a Marriage Encounter weekend. Annette was moved to reflect on the gift that her husband was in her life. He was a blessing, a kind, holy man. Her heart softened, and her anxiety over not having any children melted into prayers of thanksgiving for the blessings and gifts that she had in her life.

Four months later she was expecting Matthew.

Ten years after that, with Matthew and his two sisters in tow, Annette again found herself visiting an old friend, Sr. Andrea.

Annette was initially worried that Sister wouldn't recognize her, and she felt bad that she hadn't kept in contact with her over the years. Her worries were in vain as the spunky nun opened the convent door with a delighted, "Annette!"

Sister Andrea enjoyed meeting Annette's children. At one point Matthew asked about the statue that his mom had painted and given to Sr. Andrea. Sister Andrea got the statue and showed it to each of them. She then turned to Matthew and said, "I want you to have this."

At first, Annette protested, saying, "Sister, I gave that to you to remember me by!"

Sister Andrea smiled, "Annette, I will always remember you. But I have my reasons."

Truly, she did. Annette's son Matthew joined the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception. He was ordained to the priesthood June 25, 2005, at his home parish, St. Thomas the Apostle Church, outside of Philadelphia, Pa. Father Matt currently serves as pastor at St. Patrick's Parish in Yorkville, Ill.

Reflecting on Sr. Andrea and the good, faithful priest that Father Matt has become, Annette says, "I really believe that she is one of the people that prayed him to the priesthood."

Through her loving witness, Sr. Andrea taught a poor girl to approach the Lord with trust, and in this spirit of trust Annette received a great gift, Matthew, whose name means "gift of God". Annette has, in turn, given this gift back to the Church and the people of God, in the person of her son the priest.

So, Annette, once fatherless and childless, has been blessed by our Heavenly Father, with Fr. Matt, who, with his sisters, is a gift, and an answer to a knock at a little golden door.

And what about that hand-painted, plaster statue of Our Lady? Ask Fr. Matt — he still has it.

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- Jun 26, 2022

I remember being at Fr Matt’s ordination. At the end, after Fr Matt processed out with the bishop. The boys shop knelt and asked for Fr Matt’s blessing. Mary was in the back with our youngest Sean, who was 18 months at the time and witnessed this. She was in tears how beautiful that was. Thank you all for being such an inspiration in our lives.

Coleen Mahan - Jun 25, 2022

Love you aannette

Helen Menold - Jun 25, 2022

It has been such a joy to have know Annette and George from 1970 till now . They have been a bright star in our life and we were privileged to have seen Fr Matt as a baby and attend his ordination as a Deacon a year before ordination. Annette and George are fun, full of life and very faithful to prayer and their family . Blessed by having them come into our world through Marriage Encounter .

- Jun 28, 2018

What a blessing from above.

Jeanne - Jun 27, 2017

God Bless you Fr. Matt. You were a great inspiration to me while I was a parishioner at St. Patricks in Yorkville.

Sally and John - Jun 26, 2017

It has been an honor and a privilege to have been a part of this special family..We have been there before Matt, and watched him grow into the person he has become, we were there the day he was ordained at St. Thomas the Apostle, and we are still with Father Matt and his wonderful family, they have been and always will be a gift from God to us..a million thanks for allowing us to be part of your beautiful family. we are truly blessed..And we love you..

Vincent - Jun 25, 2017

This is really a touching story,Our Heavenly Father has given a gift to Annette through kind hearted Sr Andrea, praise the Lord.

Carole - Jun 25, 2017

What a beautiful story and witness. Our God is an awesome God! God bless you and your family, Annette.

Dcn. Gabriel - Jun 25, 2017


Joyce - Nov 14, 2016

My daughter attended grade school with Fr. Matt at St. Thomas the Apostle in Glen Mills. I did not know this story but, I always knew what a kind, loving and devout family Annette and George have raised. God bless!!

Jan D. - Jun 29, 2010

I've heard the story before, but how wonderful to read it in this magazine! Thank you for sharing this Annette, and Congratulations to Fr. Matt on 5 years of being a priest! You're the best!

Kay Roesch - Jun 25, 2010

Wonderful story which teaches us the power of prayer, and trust in God.
He is listening when we call to Him.
May God bless you and your whole family, Annette.

Donna Marie Horsham, Pa - Jun 24, 2010

Wow...the power of prayer!
Happy 5th Anniversary to Father Matt! God Bless you for your service and God Bless your parents for theirs!!

Cecilia...Florida - Jun 22, 2010

What a "special" story and such a "special" Sister Andrea...many blessings to all.

Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC - Jun 22, 2010

Fr. Matt is a great priest and is doing great work at our parishes out in Yorkville and Plano. God bless!

Veneranda - Tanzania - Jun 22, 2010

Annette, be blessed, thank you for reminding us that God has a purpose for whatever befalls us, thank you for showing us to be thankful for the graces no matter how small that God grants us and when we believe he gives us the great things that we sometimes do not even dream of. We pray for Fr. Matt's vocation.

Mike - Jun 18, 2010

Great witness to the power of prayer!
May God richly bless Fr. Matt in his priestly ministries and his family.

chris - Jun 17, 2010

god bless

chris - Jun 17, 2010

god bless

Sally - Jun 16, 2010

A touching story indeed.
May God Bless Fr.Matt in his vocation & may He shower His choiciest Blessings on Sr.Andrea & Annette.
I am a believer & I believe The Lord does everything for our good.

Agnes B N - EADM -Uganda - Jun 15, 2010

What a great sharing. When I read a sharing like this, it increases my trust in the Lord. Pray for me that to have total trust of my everything in the Lord.
Thank you for the posting. I don't want to begin a week or end a week without opening the EADM website.
God Bless you with Mary

Victor - Jun 14, 2010

Your family is worth remembering in moments of prayer to the holy sacrament and the tabernacle! God is an awesome Lord!!!!
P.S. Please pray for me in my time of discernment towards my vocation so that I may be completely open to God's will.
Thankyou and Peace and Good always.

huyen - Jun 12, 2010

wowow!!! what a beautiful story!!! thank you so much for sharing.

Loretta - Jun 11, 2010

What an Awesome God we have. Praise his name forever and ever! Thank you for sharing your story, a wonderful testimony of your faith and the power of prayer. May you always be blessed.

mary - Jun 10, 2010

god bless bloth of you

Rob in Arizona - Jun 10, 2010

Wow, what an incredible story and evidence for the power of prayer!!

I can only say 'thank you' for sharing!