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Father Bob Shaldone, SOLT, leads members of the Mother of Divine Mercy Prayer Group in a prayer before the Shrine’s monthly healing Mass begins on March 27.

Did You Know About the Shrine's Monthly Healing Masses?

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By Felix Carroll (Jun 20, 2014)
The music begins as people from near and far file into the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, some with burdens almost too heavy to bear, some who have experienced graces too great to withhold acknowledgment.

People like Robin Daub, who drove an hour from Connecticut with her 9-year-old daughter. Her family's finances have reached critical condition. Her husband's health is failing. Her trust in God is waning.

People like Bonnie Nataro of West Springfield, Mass., whose three of four grown children have returned to the faith after years of her praying.

"Many of my prayers were said here at the Shrine, and I felt I needed to come back to thank God," she says. "I'm also hoping and praying the Lord gives me a physical healing." She has a medical condition that's worsening.

In the sacristy below, you can hear the music and the footfalls of attendees overhead taking their seats. Father Bob Shaldone, SOLT, slips into his vestments. It's nearing 7 p.m. on March 27. It's the last Thursday of the month, and that means that, in addition to the Sacred Liturgy, there will be praise and worship, music, testimony, and the laying on of hands. In other words, the monthly healing Mass is set to begin.

Once vested, and before he heads up to lead the healing Mass, Fr. Shaldone joins in prayer with members of the Mother of Divine Mercy Prayer Group, which has hosted the Shrine's healing Masses for at least 25 years.

"Lord, if not physical healings, may all those who are with us this evening be convinced of Your love and mercy to give us the strength to get through our difficulties," Fr. Shaldone says. "May we be witnesses to Your mercy. Renew us. Revive us so that we may be Your obedient and humble instruments."

"Amen," the members of the group respond. Together, they file upstairs where the live music has grown in power and strength. The band sways in unison, slowly, heavily, like a big-shouldered ship weathering the turbulent seas of Scripture.

The crowd claps, sways, shouts amen, and sings along with them to the hymn, "The Mighty One of Israel":

... The Lord shall cause
 glorious beauty to be seen ...

By slow degrees, the seas turn tranquil and the shouts to soft whispers. The piano and guitars grow faint, dopplering off into the distance.

Father Shaldone steps up to the pulpit. "God is going to do some mighty things here tonight," he says. And he's correct. Testimonies will be given. One middle-aged woman will speak of how her family has lived "like Job," marked by illness and financial problems. "But through it all, we have found faith — faith we would not have searched for without this suffering," she said.

The service ends with Fr. Shaldone administering the laying on of hands to all who choose to come before the altar. So-called "catchers" are put into place — assistants who stand ready to gently guide to the ground anyone temporarily slain in the spirit. There are many in need of catching, including Robin.

"I'm just overcome with peace," she says, buttoning up her daughter's coat before the two head out into the cold evening. "I know God is with me all the way."

Healing Masses, which have grown in popularity in the past 30-plus years through the Charismatic movement, draw from Christ's own ministry on Earth, where He healed the physically and spiritually sick.

Lorraine Ward, the coordinator of the Mother of Divine Mercy Prayer Group, says miracles have occurred through the Shrine's healing Masses. "Some are physical healings," she says. "But most are in the form of people coming to know the Lord in a more powerful way."

"We are always quick to point out that in healing Masses, it is always the Lord, not the priests, who do the healing," says Fr. Anthony Gramlich, MIC, who sometimes leads the Shrine's healing Masses and who also serves as the chaplain for the prayer group. "The priests are just His instruments."

He hastens to add that every Mass is a "healing Mass," by virtue of Christ's Presence in the Eucharist.

So why hold special healing Masses?

"To help give people confidence that they can approach Jesus and ask for healing," says Fr. Anthony. "Also, when people who might not otherwise attend a Mass hear the word 'healing,' they are drawn. So it's also another way of evangelization — that healing through Christ is what the Church offers."

Most of the Shrine's healing Masses are standing-room only. Internationally known leaders of healing ministries, such as Fr. Richard McAlear, OMI, and Fr. Joseph Whalen, MS, draw people from throughout the Northeast and beyond. (Father McAlear will lead the June 26 Mass. Father Whalen will lead the Sept. 25 Mass.)

Cinching her scarf, Bonnie is exhausted by the end of the evening.

"It's a good tired," she says with a smile. "I prayed for peace of mind this evening, and I'm leaving here thinking that no matter what happens, I know that I can trust in Jesus that all things turn out for the good, regardless."

For the Shrine's full schedule, including its monthly healing Masses, visit

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Joga - Sep 14, 2019

Please help me to pray to the divine mercy jesus ,I have serious problem with my uterus - Last 2017 I was diagnosed with adenomyosis,fibroid, and cyst with my right ovary ,reason that I can't able to conceive due to this illness .at my age 34 I really wanted to have a baby.Me and my husband trying to do everything that we can but still end up failed Please help me to pray that my uterus will be healed in Jesus name Amen.

Mary - Sep 11, 2019

Please heal my mind from anxiety and fear and give me peace again. Please help us to sell my Mom's house to an honest buyer. Please bless and heal all the people and animals suffering all over the world. Thank you.

Emily - Jul 2, 2019

Please pray for divine healing from jesus for cancer of ureters to disappear and pain to leave her body.

Diane - Apr 2, 2019

Please pray for my daughter who suffers with Trichotillomania-an anxiety disorder-pray she gains control over it. And for me, I'm sick and no one can figure out why.

Kathy - Mar 31, 2019

Please pray for my husband Joseph he has stage 4 prostrate cancer. And chemo isn’t working!

Mary B McNamara - Feb 8, 2019

Please join me in prayer to the Lord Jesus Crist,that he deliver his grace and mercy to heal my Mother-Lena McMamara from her lung cancer and her metastatic brain cancer tumors.

Laura and Dan - Feb 5, 2019

Please pray for Laura who has stage 4 bone and lung cancer. Please pray for Dan who is her husband and caretaker.

Mother - Jan 28, 2019

Please pray for healing for my mother, who is developing symptoms of dementia at 60 years old. Pray for the family and her children caring for her- who hold faith as small a mustard seed that this may be reversed. Pray for my father who does not show the support we wish he had.

Concerned Godmother - Jan 20, 2019

Please pray for our precious Goddaughter, who has been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome.

Merciful Wife - Jan 11, 2019

Please pray for the healing and full restoration of my marriage and that God will not allow the divorce my husband just filed ever come to pass. For the conversion of my husband’s soul w Godly heartfelt sorrow and true contrition for sins, purity of heart, fidelity in our marriage, for him to overcome all sins w the help of God’s grace. To permanently return home. Praying that no weapon formed against us, marriage and family shall ever prosper. Praying for God centered marriage and husband to submit to Gods will, to resist the devil and the devil will flee from him. Please pray for me to continue to stand in defense of my marriage and all marriages everywhere. The pain of being torn apart from my one flesh covenant spouse is indescribable. Pray to bind satan and all evil spirits attacking our Marriage to be sent to the foot of the cross. Thank you much.

A Prayerful Wife - Dec 28, 2018

Please pray for my husband who has a lot of sickness.

Michael Cannizzaro - Nov 1, 2018

Please pray and heal my daughter Logan she has been fighting mast cell and has not been able to nourish her body due to allergic reactions to all foods. Jesus and Mary I pray.

Kathy Eckert - Oct 31, 2018

Please pray for my husband Joseph for healing of this cancer that’s taking over his body

Elena Oct 22 - Oct 22, 2018

Please pray for me I suffered multiple herniated disc, I have pain on my neck and weakness on my right arm. In Jesus name amen.

Donna - Oct 19, 2018

Please pray for my dear friend who is suffering from extreme anxiety. In the name of Jesus. Thank you

Alice - Oct 12, 2018

Please pray for my 22 year old daughter...she is experiencing panic attacks, anxiety and OCD. In the name of Jesus...Thank you

Kathy - Oct 12, 2018

Please pray my daughter is healed of her alcoholism. I pray this in the name of Jesus.

Valerie - Oct 3, 2018

Please pray for my father who has just been diagnosed with Stage 2 Bladder Cancer, and for my mother, who will be his caregiver throughout this challenging journey. I pray for a successful outcome to treatments, and that the pain will be minimal for my father.

Tran - Sep 22, 2018

Please pray for my daughter, who is being unruly, she is getting the bad situation and followed bad friends.

Patricia - Sep 14, 2018

I believe in physical and spiritual healing. Help me pray for my dad to regain his eyesight that he has lost for over 15 years. I believe in Gods miracles and answered prayers.

I pray for my mum’s healing from daily body aches and chronic bladder infection God help her and release her from pain.

I pray for my daughters chronic back pain that restricts her from a lot of mobility, Lord she is so young help her and hear our prayers.

I pray for my sons emotional healing Lord and revive his prayerful life O Lord

I pray for spiritual healing for my entire family that you bring us all together in love and peace O Lord favour us

MARIA D - Sep 14, 2018

Please, pray for me to heal my pain in my hip, leg and lower back.I suffered this pain from May 9 until now. Eight doctors I been through but they couldn't find the cause of the pain. I sleep 2hours at night the rest I'm awake because of pain. I don't have the appetite and keep loose my weight.

Donna - Aug 11, 2018

Please improve My husband’s Jack, kidney disease so he does need dialysis any more.

Cristina - Aug 9, 2018

Please! Pray for Vidal, my husband, suffering from Interstitial Lung disease and his condition is getting worse.

J. Marie - Aug 1, 2018

Please pray for me to get a new job equal to the last job I had (without salary loss).

Melisa - Jul 10, 2018

Please pray for our son who has extreme facial pain and inner ear problems along with mental health issues. We have spent thousands of dollars trying to get him medical help but none of the treatments have helped.

Rachel - Jul 7, 2018

Please pray for our 7 year old daughter whose behavior is becoming unruly. We have tried many things but nothing helps consistently. She is funny, smart and creative, yet can also be angry and defiant with us and our older children. Thank you for your prayers.

Tuan Nguyen - Jul 6, 2018

Please pray for me that God and Mary will heal me, forgive my sins, and that I will be cancer free. That everything, health, money, love, and family will be fine through his grace and mercy.

- Jun 13, 2018

God, please open Jim’s mind and his heart to the words and teachings of the Lord, our God and Jesus Christ, our Savior. Free Jim’s mind and free Jim’s heart from this midlife crisis and this depression and everything evil which has come from it, so he may follow the righteous path of the Lord, our God and Jesus Christ. May this allow Jim to return to love me and the family who loves him, wants him and needs him. May he then become the person You meant for him to be. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.

Terri - Jun 10, 2018

Please pray for my husband Donald who has prostate cancer that has spread. Please hear our prayers and contain this cancer so he may be cured. I believe in you and ask this in your name. Amen

Brigette - May 30, 2018

Please pray for my mom who has recently been diagnosed with spinal stenosis. The pain has become so unbearable and has completely changed her life. I pray that if it is His will, that I could I get her to a healing mass. I also pray that if that trip is not meant to be that Lord, Jesus you hear the prayers for my mom and that you lay your healing hands on her.
In Jesus name I pray.

Marion - May 21, 2018

Please heal my daughter Lauren from Crohn’s Disease. I believe in miracles. Jesus, I Trust in You! Amen.

Melanie Hartley - May 14, 2018

Please pray for healing for me, Melanie Hartley. I am 33 married with two little kids and have cancer. It’s Lymphoma and I am currently undergoing chemotherapy. Please pray that the lord takes this horrible disease from my body and never lets any cancer return. Amen.

D - Apr 19, 2018

May I please ask for prayers? I contacted you once before about my sufferng from tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I have now had it for almost two years. All doctors say it is incurable. I've search and searched on the internet for some evidence that God has healed others of this affliction and I don't really find anything. It makes me lose hope and feel forsaken. My prayer is so simple, but it would require a miracle (and maybe i have no right to ask for a miracle). I just want to be able to have peace and experience silence again. Would you please pray for my healing?

Thank you so much.

nancy - Apr 11, 2018

The problem is that I have been focusing on the negative part of marriage, not speaking to anyone about my failed marriage and pretending everything is okay by putting up fake smiles. My husband transformed into a beast, cheater and abuser. It was unbearable to see a man who once vowed to shield us as family transfer aggression to me and the kids, pushing us hard to the wall.
But there is time, reason and season for everything either good or bad. I ran to priest manuka for solution which I eventually achieved through his extra ordinary 7days love spell prayers. Our differences were settled and every heart wounds healed within 7days. I am grateful my husband transformed again to an angel which he has always been. Thanks to our redeemer ([email protected]) priest manuka Love healing Temple.

Christine C. - Mar 26, 2018

I pray both my children health resume back to normal and they may be pain free and live as other young people live. I ask for this miracle in Jesus name Amen

Jean - Mar 22, 2018

I am praying for my husband’s ability to walk again. In Thanksgiving to God for my healing.
Thanks be to God for our daughter’s safety, guidance and health. Praying also for the conversion of my children, respect of parents, family, heritage and moral tradition.

Marie - Mar 15, 2018

Please pray for my friend Kristina her husband. Her placenta is not giving enough nutrients to her baby.

Mary E - Mar 14, 2018

Please pray for my daughter Jessica she has systemic mold in her body I got it also being in contact with flying mold spores in her apt in New Orleans we are back in Ct she still has lesions I have some we feel better in very heavy toxic medicine and are praying and trying everything to get better salt cave one of them please pray for a healing she is a beautiful flute player and teaches children music and yoga and live sit so much she's only 27 she went to pursue her music career and living in this home for just a month got sicker and sicker she was misdiagnosed several times and mistreated we are both on right treatmentbut it's taking forever and regular doctors want us off medicine please please pray we love our Lord and beleive in his healing powers thank you god bless you all

dJK - Feb 26, 2018

Please pray for my wife who is dealing with eye problems and for me with my own health issues.

mary ellen 2/26/2018 - Feb 26, 2018

Please pray for my daughter Jessica to be finally healed from this toxic mold and all her lesions end and the mold stops coming out of her and her lungs I pray Jesus will restore her body.

Lynn - Nov 17, 2017

Please pray that the Lord will heal me of all my health issues and bless me and my family!.
I have been ill for several months and have been to many doctors. I pray and hope Jesus is restoring my body.
Thank you!

Abigail Rose - Sep 22, 2017

Please pray for my dear 17 year old daughter Abigail in that she comes back to a relationship with God. As it is written in the Ten Commandments to Honor Your Father and Mother, she has dishonored our wishes and has accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. Her boyfriend made his intentions and reasons for marriage known to me, and they are not what are called for in what the act of holy matrimony is meant to be. I pray that Abigail comes back to her senses, and changes her decision. She once had goals of accepting an academic scholarship for college. She isn’t thinking rationally now as she hopes to be married before she graduates high school, and leave home immediately as a married woman when she turns the age of 18. Please turn her acts of rebellion back to the path of Jesus, and away sinful, lustful desires. I pray that by our intercessory prayers, we can change her back into what she once was before meeting this young man.
Pray for me in my act of tough love discipline on Abigail. I pray for guidance from God in that I discipline her for her actions in an act of love and not in spite of vengeance for her wrongdoing. She has been disrespectful, deceitful, and dishonorable to my wife and me for far too long. Help my daughter understand that we care deeply for her and are only looking out for her own good and well-being. Help her understand that the family that has befriended her is not who truly cares about her or us, and that they are only looking out for their son and their own best interests.
Pray for her in that she finds the love of our savior Jesus Christ. She was baptized almost two years ago, and then tells me she only did it for the family. She recently revealed to me that she still does believe in God, but doesn’t pray anymore, and is unsure about as she says “this Jesus guy”. She told me that she relates more to being agnostic than what she does to Christianity. She becomes very angry at the mere mention of needing salvation of her dark soul. Ever since she met her boyfriend, she has turned her back on the family, and church. She told her mother and me that she hated us, and that she has no feelings of love for anything but her boyfriend and his family. Please pray as I’m unsure if she is suffering from some form of psychosis or an evil spirit. I know she suffers from emotional scarring as a very young girl from the abandonment of her birth father and death of two grandparents. She is no longer the loving girl we once had a year ago. Please deliver her from this feeling of hate and evil, and pray for the Holy Spirit to intervene back into heart, mind, and soul.
I do not know how or why this has happened yet, but I’m trying to find out. Please pray for me to continue to be understanding to her as she searches for her own answers as well. She has made some rash decisions in recent months that we do not agree with, but we will continue praying for her. We know how God has a plan for us all, and I pray that the Holy Spirit intervenes into our Abigail’s heart, mind, and soul.
Pray that my wife and I may have the strength to be forgiving of Abigail, her boyfriend, and his family too.

Sha - Aug 30, 2017

Prayers needed for my sister battling cancer, my son and daughter in law to continue being strong building their new life together, my friend Elaine that her pains will stop, for our country and its turmoil, my husband and his kidneys for my son in law and his arm and hip to be healed , for Susie to soften her heart for myself to have strength and to know when to shut up. Love you my Lord

Darla - Oct 22, 2016

Colton, my 16 year old, was hit in the leg during a football game which has resulted in a HUGE calcification (extra bone growth) within his thigh muscle. Because if it's location, intramuscular, the calcification is inoperable. The bone formation is the size of a credit card. We are Christians & believe in prayer and we want this calcified mass out of his leg. We would like for it to reabsorb back into his body. It's extremely discouraging and we believe with prayer, he will get full range of motion back! PLEASE pray for him. We believe in miracles. Thank you so much, Darla Harvey (Colton's mom)

Darla Harvey - Oct 22, 2016

Colton, my 16 year old, was hit in the leg during a football game which has resulted in a HUGE calcification (extra bone growth) within his thigh muscle. Because if it's location, intramuscular, the calcification is inoperable. The bone formation is the size of a credit card. We are Christians & believe in prayer and we want this calcified mass out of his leg. We would like for it to reabsorb back into his body. It's extremely discouraging and we believe with prayer, he will get full range of motion back! PLEASE pray for him. We believe in miracles. Thank you so much, Darla Harvey (Colton's mom)

Jennifer Nelson - Jun 20, 2016

For my parents Rose & Paul Ragonese. That they are watched over as they both both go for open heart surgery. Help them dear lord find the strength to get over their fears and also heal them as they get thru the surgery and after. Give me and my sister the strength to get thru this and help in the healing process. Please watch over my husband David and son Anthony that they grow and live happy long healthy lives. Watch over my sister Dawn and her husband Anthony and their son Hunter. Let them grow in Faith and live a long happy healthy life. Watch over Grandma Rosalie and heal her heart for it hurts in the loss of her son Salvatore. Watch over my uncle in heaven and all those we have lost. I love you dear father and know that you help us in healing thru our faith.


Cheryl - Jun 20, 2016

Father I so believe in healing and I believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ if I could ask you please to just keep my health stable I don't expect a miracle healing but just that I remain stable with my health issues and I can ask please to bring peace and unity To my family And I fear for the state of our world in the name of Jesus
Christ amen

Aislinn - May 3, 2016

Please pray for Finn, that he will end up in the best situation possible, for him, me and Nola. If he is not to be with me again, then please pray that my broken heart will heal. Thank you.

Kim - May 2, 2016

For my son, to be cured of cirrhosis and the complications therein; to find peace in his mind and in his heart, and for his son, that they may be together for many years to come. I pray for this in Jesus' name. Amen

April - Apr 17, 2016

I pray for my momma to be healthy and enjoy her life,I pray in Gods name,amen

April - Apr 17, 2016

I pray for my momma to be healthy and enjoy her life,I pray in Gods name,amen

Zan Adu - Mar 11, 2016

For three members of my family having serious medical issues; lung cancer, breast cancer and suspected colon cancer. May God be with you always and bring you back to good health quickly!

Antonina - Feb 11, 2016

For my parents, my sister, and family unity. For all those who do not have someone to pray for them. For each of our personal intentions.

David - Nov 12, 2014

Most Dearly Beloved, my only Love Jesus, Oh Most Holy Trinity! I know that You can and will do all things, You have simply to speak it and it is done! I humbly, respectfully, trustingly and Lovingly ask like a little child on its Mother lap that through the Most Pierced and Sorrowful Heart and Soul of Our Most Dearly Beloved Mother Mary, Saint Joseph Her Most Chaste Spouse, all the Angels and Saints, all the Souls in Heaven and Purgatory, under the earth and in the earth and every intercessor that has ever been raised up by You and every intercessor that ever will be raised up by You, that You cure all my spiritual, mental, psychological and physical corruption, disease, disorder, decay, decline, deterioration, decomposition and death in my soul, brain, body and all is of me and that is me. I beseechingly and Lovingly ask that You do not look at me, but at all these Loving intercessors of Yours that Love You so unspeakably much and who You Love so unspeakably much in return as only God can. I know that You will grant my petition and I praise and thank You now and forever for all eternity together with You in an eternal embrace of Love forever and ever without end. Amen

ElsieWilliam - Jul 1, 2014

We believe in healing prayers....We pray for peace,unity, good health @ for our very special intentions.

Mary - Jun 30, 2014

I prayer for healing for my mother, my sons And myself

debra - Jun 28, 2014

I BELIEVE IN HEALING! I want every heart to know that Jesus is Love & Mercy.

sandra - Jun 25, 2014

i believe in healing n i want my family united in jesus name i want my husband n children to co me back in prayer life..i have always seen that he does sit with me to pray it means he does not love to pray....oscar.

Kate - Jun 24, 2014

For my son and two daughters to return to Mass and Confession, for us to pray together, for healing within our family. For Spiritual physical and mental healing please for us all. That i will be able to keep our house tidy. to not feel bullied in college. for my two in college to succeed. For me also to be able to do well in college in Jesus name. To not feel I am picked on. For my daughters kidney problems dislocated collar bone and disalined jaw bone, my P.T.S.D. my childrens anxiety, the block we seem to have in communication. my dislocated hip my cholesterol and palpatations high blood pressure being unfit. To be able to be fit again, my back problems. For the harm done to my children seeing me being bet up by their Dad, when they were small, and the effects of that harm on my youngest daughter and all of us. I think my son was molested sexually by his Dad but he denied it when I asked him about it, I pray for the harm that has caused if I am right or wrong. Thank God my children and I are together I pray we become like a holy family in Jesus name and I am not tired all the time, to be able to succeed in my work. Amen

irene - jun 24 2014 - Jun 24, 2014


Teresita - Jun 24, 2014

I Believe in healing. I want my family to be together again. I want my husband to comeback in our church life and leave her mistress .

LANIE - Jun 24, 2014