Father Dan's Resolutions for 2017

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The following was first published in the January issue of our Holy Souls Sodality newsletter:

I am a big fan of New Year's resolutions. In fact, I already began my first New Year's resolution — praying a daily Rosary for President-elect Trump and his administration. This year, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima and Mary's "peace plan": the daily Rosary for peace (so far, I have not missed a day).

So I resolve to pray a daily Rosary for peace this year. And following a practice I learned from St. Pope John Paul II, I try to pray at least four Rosaries a day. I am not suggesting that everyone follow my daily prayer schedule, but if you have the freedom to pray more, please do pray more.

My second New Year's resolution for this upcoming year is to try to include others when I pray the Rosary. Often, I find myself driving with friends or family, so I turn off the noise and we pray a Rosary. So no phones, radios, MP3 players, or videos. Instead, try to pray the Rosary together, even if it's only one decade.

And while you are at it, my third New Year's resolution is to pray the Rosary (or even one decade) for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, especially if you drive by a cemetery.

I wish I did not have to put this next resolution in print, and it's one at which I am least likely to be successful, but my fourth New Year's resolution is this: simplify.

Yes, Pope Francis has tweaked my conscience — everyone's favorite St. Francis-like Jesuit pope. But I need to re-distribute the things I have so unnecessarily collected over the years: clothes I do not wear, books I have read and will not re-read, and many other things too unique to categorize.

I was recently asked to share my extraordinary collection of relics, the vast majority of which were gifts or inherited from other priests. So I will be donating them to our formation houses in Washington, D.C., and Steubenville, Ohio.

Let's pray for one another and ask God to give each of us the gift to discern what He might be asking us to do better this coming year. Undoubtedly, the Lord will call us to more prayer, but He may also call us to do some concrete action (or actions) this year, too. So, let's resolve to make this next year a year filled with spiritual renewal and enthusiasm.

Father Dan Cambra, MIC, is the spiritual director for the Holy Souls Sodality. Visit PrayForSouls.org to learn more.

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Marian Corps - Feb 23, 2017

Wow! You really got me with that 4th one: simplify. Why? Because it was my resolution as well. Simplify-Simplify-Simplify. Now I think I will print it out in big letters and paste it to my mirror.

MRangel - Feb 1, 2017

@ Sheila
Have you done your homework that prompted you to say negative things about Trump? I could sense that you have pessimistic attitude so I'd be praying for you for enlightenment and healing

Barb - Jan 16, 2017

You can contact your parish library if they are religious books and see if they can use them or donate them to S.V.D.P.
Either the thrift shop or the food pantry.

Mary O' - Jan 2, 2017

You can donate your books to the local library.

Pat - Jan 2, 2017

Great ideas. I have so many books but how do you get rid of them but not throw them away?

Vee - Jan 2, 2017

Through some trials in my life, Christ has made my faith stronger and prayer is constant daily. I love your ideas of prayer. Thank you. God bless. And I will pray for you and all priests, religious, deacons, lay ministers, our bishops, cardinals, and our beautiful Pope St. Francis.

Margaret - Jan 1, 2017

Since I already pray 5 rosaries a day during a 2 hour adoration in our Blessed Sacrament Chapel, will try to pray more while driving instead of listening to hymns or radio.

Joanne - Jan 1, 2017

Thank you Father Dan. I am so inspired by your commitment and in response will commit to 4 or more rosaries per day.
Our Lord and Lady require us to love on our knees in prayer. Sacrifice and love are needed for each and every soul. My deepest desire is participate in conversion of souls. Thank you for all your do.

Sparky - Jan 1, 2017

Very good post.


"He has done irreparable damage to many American families"

Try to separate feelings from reality. He hasn't done anything yet. And he also hasn't killed any babies like the other candidate would have.

I recommend that in 2017 you pay less attention to what the media tells you. They're not on your side, they hate your religion, and they hate your country.

Gordon and Elaine - Jan 1, 2017

Dear Father Dan,
We are so fortunate to have had you as the wonderful priest who renewed our marriage vows five years ago on our 50th Anniversary, along with 15 other couoles at the Shrine in the Grotto at the Marian Fathers in Stockbridge, Ma. The suggestions for New Year's resolutions are wonderful and we shall pray the Rosary every day, especially for the conversion of Oresident elect Trump to one of love, compassion, caring, giving and sympathy for all,of God's creatures and creation! In addition to prayer, our resolution is to reach out in love to everyone with whom we may encounter , whether in Holy Mass, in a Protestant church, whether to say a kind greeting to a woman in a burka, a Muslim man or child and anyone different from us! We shall praise God for all of his creatures and love unconditionally, praying that each soul will find the true meaning of Faith! We love you Father Dan, and all you do for all humanity! We love the idea of giving as much as you possibly can of all of your worldly goods so that more people, less fortunate than us, will have a good life! We will pray as well as work diligently to help others who may be in leadership positions who are not representing good for all people to convert and realize that cultures are many and man and women, under God, are one!

Sheila Ferrand - Jan 1, 2017

I find #1 resolution offensive.
My choice will be to pray for Divine Mercy for his soul. He has done irreparable damage to many American families and he is not President yet

M.Catherine - Jan 1, 2017

Great suggestions, Father! I am also trying to approach difficult relationships/situations with the thought of, "What are you trying to teach me through this, Lord?" to keep a proper perspective of situations in life. God bless you all!

Gina - Jan 1, 2017

We must pray our Rosaries for the protection of our president-elect and that he be surrounded with good angels. He will be making life-changing decisions in the future, and we must pray that his heart & conscience be guided in Holy Love. He is a strong leader but he cannot be left to fight the battle on a mere human level---much prayer support through the Rosary is needed. Pray that good wins over evil. Pray our Rosaries continually for the protection of the unborn. Pray for all unbelievers that they accept the miracle of Jesus' Birth and acknowledge His Presence in the Eucharist.

Debbie - Jan 1, 2017

Great suggestions, Father, thank you for inspiring me

Jill - Jan 1, 2017

I love the idea of saying a rosary or decade of the rosary for President-elect Trump. We have been blessed with this election and I believe he can turn this country back to it's foundation of being based upon the Lord. He needs our prayers!

Thomas - Jan 1, 2017

Curious if you pray all four mysteries every day, the same mystery 4 times, or some other arrangement; and which, if any in particular, mystery you devote to peace and which, if any in particular, for the Administration.

Cathy - Jan 1, 2017

Thank you, Father Dan for the "hope filled" new year resolutions. These suggestions are ones that will draw us closer to the Lord, and allow us to be more generous stewards of the gifts/goods that God has given to us! Peace!

Sandra Faustina - Dec 29, 2016

Wonderful ! Thank you for sharing and for your devotion to God Our Blessed Mother the souls in purgatory .I have learned much from you over the years. My conversion is from the Marian's at Stockbridge and of course our Dear sweet Lord & Our Blessed Mother. Fiat I love being catholic and being the hands & feet of Jesus and committing my life to God .Thank you Fr Dan and the Marian's

Elizabeth - Dec 28, 2016

Thanks Father Dan for suggesting these new year resolutions. Yes, we need to pray the rosary more especially in groups; for our deceased loved ones, for our in-coming President, for world peace, etc.
Thanks for reminding us of 2017 marking the 100th year of the our Blessed Mother's apparition at Fatima.