Purest of All Lilies

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Maybe you've read his books. Maybe you've heard him speak. Maybe you've watched the DVD of his conversion story.

If so, you know that Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, is a powerful speaker on the message of The Divine Mercy and devotion to Our Lady.

His Congregation, the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception, are now pleased to launch a new website, fathercalloway.com.

The purpose of the website is to:

• share news of his upcoming speaking engagements;
• make it easier for event planners to contact him in order to invite him to speak;
• make it easier for people to purchase his books;
• promote vocations to the Marians; and
• promote his new book, No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy, which is due out in January.

"A lot of people over the years have been asking me, 'How do we find out online where you're speaking, your schedule, and how do we buy your books directly from your community?'" says Fr. Donald, the Marians' vocation director. "I never had an answer for them. I would say, 'Well, maybe someday we'll have a website that can serve that purpose.'

"I was kind of resistant to it for awhile," he says, "but I realized that I really do need to do this because my speaking has become a big way for us, the Marians, to attract vocations and interest in our community.

"I'm super excited about the website," he says. "I can't wait to tell people about it."

The website shares a look with the jacket cover to his new book. It shows Father Donald on the beach wearing a cassock, with a surfboard at his feet and a Rosary in his hand.

"We think that the book, No Turning Back, when it comes out in January, is going to be a big hit," he says. "So we wanted the website to be somewhat associated with that book in the look and feel."

Why the surfboard?

"The thing is," says Fr. Donald, "surfing has been a part of my life since I was a little boy. There was a time during my formation as a Marian when I couldn't do it because I was landlocked in my studies for 10 years, and I didn't have the opportunity. But now, I travel so much, including to a lot of places that have world-class surfing. And I do try to take some time to get out there and surf, when I can.

The website includes a photo gallery (which has some good surfing shots!).

"The point is, I think it's important to highlight this because I don't want people to think that conversion means you are no longer allowed to have fun," Fr. Donald continues. "I want people to know that it's the opposite. When a man becomes a priest, he's not becoming a robot or an angel. He's still going to be a man, and he's still going to have things that he likes to do. And for me, that passion is surfing. It brings me closer to God. It allows me to stay in physical shape. It's something that I just love to do. I think people are going to be fascinated by that."

People will also undoubtedly be fascinated by his upcoming book, in which he describes his journey from runaway teen to Marian priest.

"I think it's going to give a lot of people hope," Fr. Donald says. "I think it's going to be a great book for the youth and young adults because it's in a popular language and style. It's definitely not boring, and definitely down to earth. I think it will inspire others — people who feel lost and unloved and confused — to reach out to God and become witnesses to hope."

Father Donald has written many academic articles and is the editor of two books: The Immaculate Conception in the Life of the Church (Marian Press, 2004) and The Virgin Mary and Theology of the Body (Marian Press, 2005). He also is the author of the book Purest of All Lilies: The Virgin Mary in the Spirituality of St. Faustina (Marian Press, 2008). Father Donald is the House Superior of the Marian House of Studies in Steubenville, Ohio.

We invite you to visit fathercalloway.com to learn more.

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Nora Gallinari - Apr 6, 2021

I just began the consecration to St. Joseph on March 30,2021 and the first 2 things I discovered was St. Joseph was the greatest of the High priests as he entered the Holy of Holies every day and the 2nd thing I discovered is St. Joseph was the 2nd disciple(Mary being the first) to have faith and to believe what the angel said.I will share any more discoveries about St. Joseph.

Rachel Dock - Mar 19, 2021

Our parish, St. Pius X just did our Consecration to St. Joseph. It was beautiful. Thank you for your book

The consecration of St Joseph - Mar 17, 2021

Thank you for giving me this book especially day 31 I am ready to pray and fly to St Joseph thank you for giving us the heart of St Joseph.

Cindy Caron - Aug 9, 2020

I am very excited to be participating in
This Consecration to St Joseph. You have
done an exceptional job. I live in New Orleans, where we have many St Joseph
Altars each year. I hope I can spread the word for this cause. Do you have any posters I can give to different groups/ parishes? I would love to get the link
for those books you spoke about from
1945. Thank you and God Bless You!!

Margaret Vincent - Aug 18, 2019

Fr. Don Calloway,

You are blessed with the gift of evangelizing and you speak with authority and conviction. I have heard your witness on Youtube. You truly are an inspiration, God bless and our Lady preserve you in the ways of our Lord.

Best Regards,

Paul - Mar 3, 2019

Fr Calloway I would like to thank you for all your wonderful speech entitled The Rosary: Spiritual Sword of Our Lady availavle on youtube. I learned about you from my Aussi friend Cathy from Perth. You are doing great job. I wish you could come to Poland one day and get familiar with a bit of Marian history of my nation.

Kathy C Graeve - Feb 23, 2019

Fr Calloway was in Omaha Nebraska today on Saturday, February 23 in the morning at a wonderful Magnificat ladies gathering. He was iour speaker and gave us wonderful testimony and prayerful advice. Our Archbishop Lucas was also there as well as father Michael Voithofer from Saint Gerald Church in Omaha to provide the music.
There was supposed to be about 600 ladies but the impending blizzard kept maybe 100 away but it was still a huge crowd and I went when the weather was not forecast to be good. But we were given a blessing and I made it home back to Iowa before the blizzard hit.
God is good and I am reading the new book tonight about the 10 wonders of the rosary that just came out in January of this year 2019. Thank God for father Callaway. It is my third time to see him and I first saw him in Sioux City many years ago and then two years ago down in Arizona with his Mother at the Mir Conference in az and then today.
May Jesus Mary Joseph protect him always and the precious blood of Jesus surround him and a legion of good holy angels especially Saint Michael.

Jane Gilloway. Australia. - Jan 20, 2019

Hi Father Don. I just want to tell you how much I am ‘blown away’ by your work. Your talks have really impressed on me how truly amazing is the gift of our Catholic faith. In a time when our society is tumbling down so low in our living and our moral standards, you bring us all some hope and promise by reminding us how precious and powerful the Rosary is. I thank God for you and for other Priests and religious like you, ( including my brother, Father Bernard Hancock, OCD). May God bless you all abundantly.

Maricruz - Jan 12, 2019

Dear Fr Calloway, I would love to go to Medjugorje with my granddaughter Dennise who will graduate from high school in May 2020. I think it would be a beautiful blessed pilgrimage if you were to be the Soiritual Guide in that pilgrimage. Do you see yourself doing any pilgrimages in Medjugorje in June 2020. Especially to be there on June 24. I pray that we can do this pilgrimage with you as our guide. God hear my prayer and Our Blessed Lady take us there. I should start making tamales to sell from now til then for our pilgrimage. Thank you and God bless you always

Mary Woon - Nov 19, 2018

Dear Father, where and how to purchase your books especially the ‘No Turning Back’?, After i watched / heard your conversion from the youtube, i really want to purchase your books, i am in love with mama Mary too, i only had one book about her title The Liife of Mary, The Lord’s grace be with you Father, i also hope and pray that one of this day, you may able to come to my state that is called Borneo-the land below the wind, majority of us are carholics here and we are yearning to hear this kind of speeches from you because historically we were baptised as catholics by missionary priests around 1960s’, now most of our priests are local here and i have to confessed not many of them deliver powerful sermon like you and i am yearning to hear powerful sermon, what more about mama mary, as far as i remembered at any sermons i heard during the mass, not even a priest have talk about mary or the rosary, i want to know if that is not allowed to share during sermons? Father,,i see the need for you to come to our state to revive the catholic here, most of us especially the young people give away /trade their faith to other faith and other denomination of christianity, i am nearly influenced by thinking to be a protestant that i think practically faithful to Christ but once again mama mary have hold me in her heart, she kept visiting me in my dream and helping me in time of danger. Father, my state is located in a moslem country but miraculosly we had many catholic here, i wish my church can invite you to come. I am looking forward for your feedback, i am just a lay people, i may not be the faithful carholic but i adore mama mary , i had a deep sorrow to see many of us here easily can give away our faith to others, i pray and hope to mama mary intercession to able you to come to revive us and our priests. I thank the Lord, by the grace of the Lord and the help of mama mary, i came across to your video in youtube. God blesses you father and keeps you safe always.

Ellen - Oct 8, 2018

Dear Fr. Calloway..I just saw your video on the Champions of the Rosary..I learned so much and love the Rosary even more now. Is it possible for you to do either on you tube or cd a recording of all the mysteries of the Rosary. It would be a great accompaniment to your book!

Laura - Aug 6, 2018

Hi Father,
I don't know how your mother made it through all those years. I feel like I am loosing my mind and I lose hope many times a day. My son is such a mess and his attitude and behavior are giving me ulcers and dragging me into depressive moments. God bless your mom

Kristin Matranga - Jun 14, 2018

Thank you!!! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak on U-tube about the rosary. This is the first time I have heard of you. I am so thankful! I want to get the book you speak about for my dad for Father’s Day and one for myself. I am on a mission to find where I can purchase it. I just wanted to say thank you.

clarence - May 7, 2018

I am fortunate to hear your conversion story.
The BVM has her mantle over you.
We are awarded over coming our human bad tendencies.

Jan Anderson - Apr 15, 2018

I pray for Fr. Calloway that he remains strong and faithful to his calling. What a joy in heaven at his conversion, I know I am relieved that he has been called away from the previous darkness into the light. Thank you Fr. for your work. Good priests are strong men who depend on Mary's intercession for them. Wonderful indeed. God bless you and all those you work with.

Jeanne Conte - Apr 10, 2018

I am so grateful for Fr. Calloway and encouraged by the hope that he shares with the young men coming into the church that are on fire for Christ and Mary. The Church needs new priest that will hopefully bring back those who have abandoned their Catholic faith. Fr. Calloway has given hope to the heart that has been saddened by the disrespect that many have for Christ and His Church.
I thank Jesus and Mary for bringing Fr. Calloway into the fold so he can reach out and bring back the sheep that lost. Thank you for being that shepherd.

JuanAlberto - Feb 23, 2018

Dear Fr. Calloway I saw your testimony on MaryTv and other youTube videos, I had a 'conversion' myself. I have been to Medjugorje and continue on my path.
In one of your testimonies you mentioned that you will be writing a book a year. I am graphic designer and have experience in book design. Our Lady put it in my heart to reach out to you. I worked for the Chicago Cubs for about 14 yrs in their Publications department and I am currently working for Liturgy Training Publications, part of the Archdiocese of Chicago. I am highly creative, if it is Our Lady desire, I believe I can use my God given talents and design a book for Our Lady. God bless you

Frances - Feb 4, 2018

I came to know about you through youtubeI bought the book NO TURNING BACK and read it in three sittings.Amazing story of your conversion through the intercession of Our Lady.I am telling everyone aboutyour conversion and love for Mary.Kindly pray for me and my nephews. Looking forward to get your other books Under the Mantle and Champions of the Rosary.God bless you and your works.

Mary - Nov 3, 2017

I appreciate your conversion and scar on face .What about us w scars in hearts?
Don't forget your past LIFE

Mike - Jun 25, 2017

When was the rosary in its current design developed. I am referring the beads, with crucifix, etc. Not the Rosary as a prayer.

MichelleK - Jan 31, 2017

Dear Fr Calloway - Two years ago my 21-year-old son had a lifestyle much like yours in your book "no turning back". Jesus asked him to follow Him, and my son decided to become baptized into the Catholic church and is now a full-fledged baptized member of the Catholic Church.

Recently, however, he has decided to reconnect with his old friends who were and still are drug users. I am afraid they may lead him back into darkness. Since his conversion two years ago, he has failed to make new friends who are holy and can share his love for Christ. He is a college student and lives at home with us (his family), but he struggles and is not completely happy.

What advice can you give me that I can pass on to him?





Lou G - Aug 18, 2016

Fr. Calloway, I'm sorry but some of the things you say in your book, "No turning back," is offensive to me. I happen to be gay, and in chapter 12 of your book you twice mention that the catholic church will never accept homosexuality.
Let me tell you a brief story: When I was in my early teens I was very confused about my sexuality and it scared me very much. Every night for months I would wait until my family fell asleep then I would go to the television and watch a religious program and call in so someone could pray with and for me. I asked God to take away these feelings and change me so I could be a "normal" kid. If you could see the sight of me on my knees in front of the television with the phone in one hand and my other hand pressed up the t.v screen praying with all of my might and crying hysterically, you just might feel differently about the words you use in your writings.
Well, like I said, this went on for months but things didn't change, and it wasn't from a lack of wanting it. At that time it was unacceptable to me, (and for my family I would discover years later)
I'm in my 50's now and after giving up on God and His existence because of what I had been through, I am once again trying to get God in my heart.
It really does bring back that painful sting of not being worthy when I hear things like, "the catholic church" will never tolerate homosexuality. Even if you feel that way, why do you have to say it. There just might be another young kid who is scared and confused and looking to God (and possibly you) to help him. People are born the way they are born.
Bottom line, I was close to killing myself many times when I was a kid because of the way I was "born!"
I know you can't pick and choose what to believe in the bible but young kids are taking their own lives and reading what you wrote just reaffirms they aren't worthy and that their lives don't matter to God.

MJ - May 9, 2016

Father Calloway I have just learned about you through my sister. I have a son that is going through a journey that is not desirable to the Lord. He is involved in drugs and has been jailed several times. I have been praying for the Lord to touch his heart and to transform him. I know that as Parents if we can not forgive him for what he has done to himself and his family he can not heal. I have completely forgiven him but my husband is struggling. He is working on it. My son is in a lot of trouble and I have been asking the Lord through my mother Mary to help my son convert. Many nights I have prayed for his conversion, healing and salvation and I know that I am not unheard from the Heavens above. I have faith but I am weak Father, I am deeply depressed. I know that the Lord is taking us, my husband and I, through this path for a reason but the trials are hard. I pray that one day my son will serve the Lord as you have been doing Father. May the Lord grant my desire and my hope that my Lord wills it. Please pray for my son's conversion and for us. Amen.

Carmen - Nov 8, 2015

Dear Father Calloway ~ I just learned a bit of your amazing story. Recently Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers offered a Mission at our Parish. We just watched the program about Our Lady of Guadalupe and you offered a few comments. I am adding you to the list of Priests I pray for daily, as I recognize the need to pray for our Priests. Also, I wonder if there is any way you can reach out to Father John Corapi, who had a similar background as yours and was, for many years an incredible disciple for the Catholic Church. I continue to pray for his miraculous return. Thank you so much. God Bless you, Carmen

VERONICA BIBI - Sep 27, 2015

Father Don, you are my hero. Of the thousands at Madison Square, I only recognised two persons....Our Holy Father and you Father Don. Such an awesome moment for me as I did met and shook your hand at the Divine Mercy Congress in Fiji in 2011. You are always in my prayers and please come back to Fiji. May Almighty bless you always with your Mission in preaching to us your flock THE DIVINE MERCY. Love you loads from Fiji.

Geri - Mar 13, 2014

Fr Calloway, please, please pray for a 15 year old friend who also was a run away. He ran away on 12-21-13 and was just found on Saturday, 03-08-14. His body was found in the river in Indianapolis. He no longer has to run away, except into the loving arms of Jesus. Please pray for his soul. Thank you.

About book - Aug 28, 2013

Dear Father: I'm writing to you after finishing reading your book, what a wonderful story! Since we live in a world that's full with bad news, is very comforting to me to hear a positive one. Let me tell you, when I was about to read the part exactly at the moment when you took the book that your wonderful mother had, and you didn't want anybody to find out, when you had that feeling that this wonderful thing you were feeling thru our holy mother Mary, fire works started! Yes real ones, I was camping upstate NY. And it wasn't the Fourth of July either, it just happened! My Son Anthony now 18 years old, was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old, oh my first born child, I have another wonderful daughter Noelia now 14, if I tell you that Anthony is one of the most innocent child on earth, and he was able to make his first communion and confirmation at this age, since he didn't start speaking or made a sound until the age if 8! He still struggles with even making a full sentence, but he was able to complete he's sacraments, Anthony is always been fascinated with different things, and one of them is going to church! He loves it! And the other one is fire works, He was sitting outside our airstream camper in the middle of nowhere, and they started to go!! And for about 45 min straight, which is very rear, knowing they are also illegal in NY. I was sitting inside the camper, but couldn't put the book down, I heard them in the back round, but i could hear the innocent giggle of my son, is like wow this is really happening! , God is telling me about your true calling! It was beautiful. This book was giving to me by my mother, I'm not certain how she got it, but she loved it, and wanted to share this with me. I want to let you know that I was raised very catholic by grandmother who helped my mother raise me, and two brothers, in Costa Rica, she made me pray the holy rosary every night with her, I wasn't to crazy about it, but who wants to give up that cozy corner in her bed just to snuggle next to her! Unfortunately she past away two years ago, but I still feel her good soul thru the Virgin Mary, when I pray the rosary, I should and will try to do it more often, since it gives me a great deal of peace. Thank you for this testimony of grace, I read it in Spanish, since is my first language. God Bless, I will continue to pray for you and all those there are called to priesthood. Amen Jessica Quesada

Brad - Apr 25, 2013

Dear Fr. Calloway,

I'm just about to finish reading your book "No Turning Back." I am very inspired by your story and am seriously thinking of converting to Catholicism. Someone pointed the book out to me in the store, and I am grateful he did. I have been living a very brutal life and your words and testimony have solidified a deep longing in my heart -- to seek the Lord's Divine Mercy. Thank you so much.
Brad, Vancouver, BC, Canada

PAUL T - Jan 6, 2012

Father Donald, I truly fell in love with your book.it is a great motivational book for all persons in trouble, anybody can climb out of the fire and into the grace of God

Motherdiva - Dec 31, 2010

I am on chapter 14 of your book, No Turning Back. I loved the book and the part about your lightning strike conversion and the, and I think I am right to call it this, "infused knowledge" of the faith. Wonderful. May you always be faithful to your call.

Michelle C - Aug 10, 2010

Dear Fr Donald,
I have heard your converson story and just finished reading your book. Will pass the book knowing the Holy Spirit will guide it.
Upon listening and reading your story, in both occasions it has pierced my heart because I miss my son so much. We have not spoken in 4 yrs, he's 20, and has pushed me out. So I pray, fast, and entrust him to the sacred and imaculate heart. I feel as though I need help praying. Would you ask your mother to pray for us? (Lenny Christian Souza)I would be so grateful if she will...
I will pray for you Fr Donanld.
Peace-Michelle C

Jeanette - Jul 26, 2010

Just finished reading your book. Inspiring...especially because it came about because of a book on Medjugorje! But just wanted you to know, I had a prison ministry called AVP - Alternatives to Violence Program - for about 17 years (now retired at 77). I'm sorry you've never had the opportunity to get to know any prisoners. Then you wouldn't feel so "them" and "us". I'm amazed that you weren't in prison longer than you were. "They" are - truly - no different than you and I. I'm sad that more of them don't receive knock-down-head-over-heels experiences like yours. One of my first questions when I die will be "Why, Lord?" But I will happily send your book to a couple of incarcerated friends..some lifers. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. Jeanette jejobels@ptd.net

Susan - Apr 24, 2010

Dear Fr. Calloway,

I heard you speak in Bucks County, PA, the other night. Your profound conversion story stunned me and moved me to tears. I work with women and men who are wounded by abortion and other traumas(Rachel's Vineyard Ministries). Your special vocation will reach to, touch, and change many wounded souls.

Is Our Lady of Czestochowa Shrine in Doylestown on your list yet? They get great turnouts at their events. So many wounded souls to reach out to.

God bless you, your order, and your special missionary work!

Susan Fetta
Doylestown, PA

Stacy Singh - Sep 11, 2009

I am blessed that I have meet you and heard your conversion .I truly believe that you have been called to serve .May Jesus and Our Lady be with you in everything.May God ,the father Bless you .

Adolfo Lay - Sep 1, 2009

Dear Fr Donald,

May the peace and blessing of Our Lord and Our Lady be with you always. Ave Maria.
I heard you will be visiting Australia in Melbourne on this weekend (Saturday, 5th September). I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing you in person. I have seen your conversion DVD and I am truly inspired by your story. Thank you for your honesty. Your devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is something which I truly admired. It is so beautiful to see in a Priest someone who loves Our Lady.

By the way, when you return to the US, could you kindly check your an email and would like to hear from you.

May God bless you for all your good works and may Our Blessed Mother bless you with Her Maternal care.

With every peace and blessing,

MAUREEN - Aug 24, 2009

Dear Fr,Calloway////I gave your dvd " no turning back" to a young man who had been on drugs since his early teens.and is now in his mid twenties..THANK GOD he was deeply touched by your story, and has now given up the drugs...Adrian has put on weight.and looks exceptionally well, and happy. Would you please pray for him, as he and his partner are having a baby due on the 28/8.HE has asked the lass to marry him,but she is hesitating. Please pray for them both. Cassandra does not have any faith. God bless you Father and your work. thank you. Maureen/ [congratulations on your website]

Donald Bruce - Aug 17, 2009

Father Don,
I wonder if you would send me your e-mail
address since I have a question about the rosary
and I would appreciate your imput. You don't need to print my comment.

Mom - Aug 12, 2009

Fr. Don:

I truly believe in the depths of my heart & soul that Our Jesus Of Divine Mercy & Our Immaculate Mother Mary have and will continue to light the paths that you take on each new journey of bringing Jesus to the world. In teaching and inspiring all people with the true gifts & sacraments of our faith, you refresh and remind us that we are all called to be disciples of mercy to eachother in faith, hope, and love. May The Holy Trinity inspire you to forge ahead with humility and deepened trust in Our Lord's Divine Providence for all his people. Prayerfully & In Thanksgiving, The Marians Of The Immaculate Conception are witnessing once again, zealous men, brothers, & priests for Jesus Eternal Kingdom. Our Lady gave her unconditional AVE', yes, unwavering & complete fidelity to trust. So awesome to be able to go to your website Fr. Don & know that we can help you spread the good news, joy, and compassion in a prayerful & necessary manner to help save souls for Jesus The Christ. +++ The Way, The Truth, & The Life. +++
Pro-Christ & Pro-Life +++ Sweet Amazing Grace +++ God I Love the boy who became a man ordained by mercy & grace to do God's Will. +++ Lets all pray our rosary's for Our Holy Priests & Religious. +++ Keep the pics coming, love the surfing pics. Too cool !!!

Love & Peace, +++

avc - Aug 12, 2009

dearest father calloway,

GOD bless you. it really is the spring time in the Church! ...it is always wonderful and edifying to see young priests who are so on fire and have so much zeal for our holy Catholic faith.

i've heard you speak in many Eucharistic and Marian conferences, and your talks have helped me tremendously in my spiritual journey...what blows me away is your courage in preaching the truth...thank you. you are not afraid to tell people about the evils of abortion, contraception, same-sex marriage, new age and feminism, embryonic stem-cell and all these that confuses our society. and i've seen the positive reactions of people when you preach about these things because people want to hear the truth, and sad to say, we don't hear these things very often on the pulpit.

but there's so much hope and so much to be grateful for, because it is true that the blessed mother is looking after us and is raising a new generation of priests who will bring many people back to the Catholic Church. and your community, the marian fathers and brothers really do very good work for Christ and His Church.

father calloway, may you continue to bring in more vocations to the priesthood, men who have great love for the Holy Eucharist and Our Lady...spiritual fathers who will bring people back to the sacraments and make us fall madly in love with the true beauty and magnificent glory of Catholicism.

may Jesus, the Divine Mercy continue to bless you and may Mama Mary ever keep you in her protection and loving embrace. thank you father calloway for saying YES to God's call to the priesthood...and may Our Lady always be your guiding light and morning star.

in the hearts of Jesus and Mary, always.

Terri Babey - Aug 12, 2009

The website is awesome-I like the surfboard, the rosary, and the cassock-it sums it all up without a word.You will be a household name to the average person in the pew in ten years, not just the ones that watch EWTN! Keep on "surfing for souls"-its kinda like "fishing for men"!

daisyholland2005 - Aug 12, 2009

dear father calloway.
I am so pleased to have known you through this website. Congratulations on this new site of yours. I think young generations like us need alot of priests like you to help us to grow in faith. I will pray for you father and all priest over the world so that you will be forever loyal and faithful to our devine mercy and our blessed mother mary, so that you may have the courage, strenght and wisdom to continue to work in God's vineyard. God bless you always father.

Linda - Aug 12, 2009

Wonderful site, Fr.Calloway. I can't wait until your new book comes out. Your life story is so amazing.

Thank you for all you are doing.

Aaron - Aug 11, 2009

Fr. Calloway, Thank you for your prayers. I am praying for you and your ministry. Nice website that is easy to navigate and not get lost. God Bless.

EFI, Vandergrift, PA - Aug 11, 2009

Father Calloway,
Once again, you demonstrate what a difference one person can make in this world!

Pat - Aug 11, 2009

All I can say is: WOW! It's a really amazing site, father. keep up the good work!"

Rose - Aug 11, 2009

Aloha Fr. Don...Mahalo for sharing your story with people around the world and especially here in Hawaii. Just to let you know that vocations are springing up here in the islands as we have now 8 seminarians and some are discerning. Maybe some of these seminarians have heard about you but I know that those who have heard you during our conferences are now discerning vocations. You're always welcome to come back a third time...and oh...we'll let you surf in the other islands next time, ha ha.. Aloha in Jesus and Mary.

Prudence - Aug 11, 2009

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this article. Just saw the webpage and it looks wonderful. The cover shot and design of the site are perfect. I really look forward to reading your conversion book. My mother, uncle and I are really enjoying reading Purest of all Lillies. It has given us much to meditate on. Thank you for your devotion to the Blessed Mother.

Claudia - Aug 11, 2009

Father Don, Congratulations on the web page. Your life and convertion has been a light in my life as it has helped me realize God never leaves us even when we think we left him. Thank you for books that have drawn me closer to Our Lady who guides me to her son. God bless you and thank you for your example.

Ileana - Aug 11, 2009

Congratulations on the website, Father. Your conversion story DVD has touched the hearts of many of my students and I know your book will do the same. I thank Jesus and Mary for the gifts of your faith and vocation. May your witness to mercy help lead many lost and wounded souls back to the loving arms of Christ!

Raquel L. - Aug 11, 2009

Fr. Calloway, I am looking forward to reading your book and sharing it. Your conversion story is so compelling. I have shown the "No Turning Back" DVD to friends and they are left speechless. I'm sure the book will create the same reaction, especially when you have more details. May Our Lord and Our Lady continue to bless and protect you!

Clay S. - Aug 11, 2009

Father Donald,

Its awesome to experience priest truly devoted to Our Lady. No good will go unseen in this life or the next when it comes to the Blessed Mother. "And whoever in the name of disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his reward" Matthew 10:42

I am proud of you. Keep staying plugged in and on fire for Our Lady!

Sophie Brooks - Aug 11, 2009

GREAT job on the website! I've heard Father speak on several occasions and I never grow tired of it. His passion and dedication to spreading the message of Divine Mercy is extremely inspiring. We need more priests like him!

Jacob Wurst - Aug 11, 2009

How cool a website! Never seen a priest have a website like that. That is going to appeal to a lot of young people. Look forward to the book, too. Oh, and the site is so user-friendly and simple. Great job!

Erica T. - Aug 11, 2009

This is wonderful news! I've been hoping for a book on Fr. Calloway's conversion for a long time now. I agree that it's very important for people (especially our youth) know our priests are not robots and that giving your life to God doesn't mean He will take away the fun activities in your life. Thank you for sharing this with us. Fr. Calloway, you and the Marians are such a gift to the Church!

maryS - Aug 11, 2009

Dear Father, wishing you all the best,as we heard about your life it was indeed a very touching one,as I have said if my sons was with me during the time you gave your testimony at El Salvador they will know how Bless you are and how Our blessed Mother who have a big role in your life and also your biological mother.Father,I am praying for you.God bless

Mary - Aug 11, 2009

Fr Calloway. Congradulation to your new work.of makng the website,your story is very good im positive the Blessed mother and Jesus loves your job. your in my prayers countinue the good work Blessed put your mantle on me, Jesus I Trust In You God Bless