Father Founder, We Have a Request

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We know Marian Founder Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary Papczynski is a powerful intercessor.

After all, to be canonized a saint, you normally need to have two miracles officially attributed to your intercession, one for your beatification and one for your canonization. And there are no small-time, totally subjective, "well, it felt like a miracle to me!" occurrences allowed. No — these have to be miracles that scientists can examine and declare scientifically inexplicable. Father Founder's first miracle was the "restoration to life" of a child in the womb, declared by doctors to be medically inexplicable. His second miracle was the complete healing of a woman's lungs after her doctors had declared her condition to be irreversible and terminal.

When Blessed Stanislaus gets praying, the effects resonate in Heaven and on earth.

So keeping all that in mind, we have a proposition for you. Let's ask for some powerful intercession.

Let's start asking Stanislaus Papczynski to pray for the success of the petition drive we launched last fall that asks for the Holy Father to make St. Faustina the next Doctor of the Church.

Now, since Father Founder's Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception have been leading promoters of the Divine Mercy message and devotion since 1941, that shouldn't be too much to ask. After all, he is to be canonized right in the middle of the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, a little less than two months before the Holy Father goes to meet many of the Catholic young people of the world in Krakow, Poland, home city of St. Faustina Kowalska, the "Secretary of God's Mercy," and St. John Paul II, the Great Mercy Pope.

So let's ask Father Founder to help spread the Divine Mercy message and devotion to the ends of the earth. Let us pray:

O God, Your providence has set the canonization of Marian Founder Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary Papczynski in the Jubilee Year of Mercy. We thank you for that tremendous blessing, and we ask that, through Fr. Stanislaus' intercession, St. Maria Faustina of the Most Blessed Sacrament may swiftly be declared a Doctor of the Church in order to better spread the good news of Your Divine Mercy to the ends of the earth. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, the Divine Mercy Incarnate. Amen.

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sister gladys - Oct 16, 2016

i am a catholic nun....can you mail me 50 to 500 tooth brushes, to me in the philippines ?....letterforgeorge5@yahoo.com

Louise - Jun 21, 2016

St. Sr, Faustina is one of beloved saints I pray to every day in my prayers. I live to see St. Faustina being canonized as a Doctor of the Church which she deserve bringing Holy Message from Jesus to us. Because of that so many souls are saved today through praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
In 2007 October, suddenly my eldest daughter Louise was struck down with Multiple Sclerosis. She has been suffering severely since with this unfortunate disease and prayers and medication kept her going. She also visited Divine Mercy chapel in Krakow Poland and prayed in front of the Saint Sr. Faustina’s Holy Relics.
I entrust Louise to Jesus Divine Mercy and ask St. Sr. Faustina to intercede for her and to grant her complete recovery. I beg all of you to pray for her asking for this cause and I shall report the miracle to Marian Fathers and also to you all Please pray for her I am grateful and may God Bless you all
Thank you sincerely

Patty - May 2, 2016

Thru the intercession of Father Stanislaus and St. Faustina I am humbly asking for the miraculous healing of my son's boss Joe of his cancer. Thank you.

Klp - May 1, 2016

St Faustina, Blessed Stanislaus,
Please intercede for my son François so that his wart infection will be completely healed, that he will from now on lead a healthy and holy life and that he will find a good internship and eventually a career. Thank you!

Linda - Apr 27, 2016

I need help, a better job, a better place to live, my apt. has flooded 16 times with raw sewage. The complex does nothing to fix the situation, also when it rains it comes down my wall in the living area. Please pray for me.

Please pray for my son that JESUS will have mercy on him. He is 24 years old and completely addicted to internet - Apr 26, 2016

Please pray that God will have mercy on him and heal him of panic attacks and internet addiction in this year of mercy

MAVOURNIN - Apr 26, 2016

I am asking for the intercession of St Faustina...I wish my daughter to leave behind companions who have influenced her to leave the church. Please pray with me for this petition. I shall pray for you all as well...

Pete - Apr 26, 2016

I'm a born Catholic. I grew up going to Sunday school and Church every Sunday. But my life has been changed and moved away from God. I'm a sinner in God's eyes. I'm not going to church on Sunday but when something comes up that pleases me I'll go. It's too much temptations in this world that it seems I forget about God. I tried really hard but the devil kept hold on me. I ask for your forgiveness God. I'm ashamed of myself. I'm worthless and a sinner please guild me and be with me always. Please all the angels and Saints in Heaven pray for me and my soul. Please God help me and give me strength to push away the devil and his dark side and let me be your child again. Help me through tough times in life. Please bless me with your Love and Mercy. I trust in you with all my heart and soul. I believe you God that you do miracles for the those who seek you with sickness and those in jails. May them repent and seek you with all their heart and soul. Please forgive their sins. You are my Father and I am your lost child. Please help me, In Jesus Name, Amen.

dolores - Apr 25, 2016

amen...divine mercy please strenghten my love and faith n you be with us always...i pray to you to please help us in our daily neds especially our finances and health...please i pray to bless my husband , my family , friends our home and children please forgive us all our sins and of the whole world..and all the souls in purgatory especially my father, mother my sister,brother .granmother, grandfather,aunts and uncles , my sister inlaw and brother in law my father in law who already passed on this earth please have mercy on them and forgive all their sins..and i also pray to all mankind to please forgive us all our sins have mercy on us and of the whole world .. amen...

kirk - Apr 25, 2016


Bev - Apr 25, 2016

Very nice story Maria Teresa. I was baptized Catholic as an infant. Spent the better part of my life searching many churches but not finding one. I was looking through books (used) and found a tattered book that had a nun on. (I was attending Catholics Coming Home in support of a friend so I read a lot. No matter where I turned on this table of books, there was this nun. So for 50 cents I bought the book. Took a while for me to finally pick it up. When I was through with the book, I was in love with St Faustina and Divine Mercy. Was confirmed as Faustina at Easter Vigil 2015 (age 49)!

maria teresa - Apr 25, 2016

I have to tell you that I was away from my Catholic Religion Church for about 35 years and During those years many things happen to me, I couldn't understand at that time why? I call my self "Catholic in my own way" because O make the remark that I didn't believe in the Pope, Virgen Mary and of course no about Priest. So I din't know about my Catholic Religion. But God GracecI dod not try to go to any other "Church". After a tragedy in 1998 God open my heart and this time I was realy ready to listen. I started looking for answers, but I was feeling and questioning my self: Why I am thinkin to do something and at the moment that I have to do it I was doing something that was no in my list (I thought) accepting reality, reading books That I never thought I will read, taking ever Thursday a Bible study for 2 years?? yes and in the year 2000 one week after the resurrection (because I couldn't get my appointment for Reconcialiation, so I decided to go to Sunday Mass. I came and the first thing I saw was an image of the nun and in the other side was Jesus (Mercy Image) The Priest Father Peoni RIP talking about Saint Faustina, then for me very important he said: "...so because is Mercy day: you can have communion and look for confession right after, at soon is possible..." so I thought I have the apptt. for that, so I will do what he said. So I am thankfulfor people that pray the chaplet of Mercy exactly on Holy Friday, because I think my convertion was because Saint Faustina pray for me: A sinner. Thanks to be God.