First Communion, Mercy a Great Combination

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By Bob Bonfitto

Recently, my granddaughter, Maria Bonfitto, made her First Holy Communion with her second grade class at St. Mary's School in Westfield, Mass. I noticed they were not enrolled in the scapular society, and I could not help thinking about my own First Communion, when I was enrolled in it.

I am now 82-years old, and I still wear a scapular. So I prayed about this, and I was inspired to make a substitution by giving each of the 23 children making his or her First Communion an 8x10 image of The Divine Mercy. They were excited to receive the image. I think readers will agree that the combination of First Holy Communion and The Divine Mercy has all kinds of spiritual possibilities.

Here's a picture of my granddaughter in her First Communion dress holding the 8x10 image of The Divine Mercy. This might provide inspiration to your readers. Also [set behind her image] is a copy of the "Thank You" note sent to me and signed by the class.

I hope that through this letter, future First Communion classes may be inspired.

I'll finish by sharing an African proverb: "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito."

Saint Faustina, pray for us!

Peace, Love, and Unity.

Bob Bonfitto lives in West Springfield, Mass.

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Joan Maroney of MOMM - Aug 2, 2012

Bob, what a great gift for all the children. As we tour the country with our Divine Mercy presentations, we always gift the children with small images that we have blessed so they can remember what they learned and then take the grace emanating from the image into their homes. We have heard many,many stories from parents and grandparents about the enthusiasm of the children and their amazement at the amount of TRUST they then put into Jesus. One image option to keep in mind for the kids is our 5 x 7 - product code PV5. There is a blank banner below the feet of Jesus that allows the recipient to write in JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. Writing these words is an action that helps us internalize the message. You can find these for only $1.00 each in the Marian Catalog, or call MOMM for help. No matter what, have images blessed and get them out there for Jesus said, "I want everyone to have access to this image. No-one to be excluded."

Scott - Jul 24, 2012

What a great gift to that class. My oldest son made his First Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday this year and the day was filled with inumerable graces. We gave him a lapel pin with the image of The Divine Mercy that he wore that day.

Kim - Jul 21, 2012

That is such a sweet action. God bless you. Way to go grandpa.

Bea - Jul 20, 2012

That little girl is very lucky to have such a grandfather. I wish I did when I was that age.