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For Lent, Repent

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This year, the liturgical calendar gives us a special preparation for Lent. On Fat Tuesday, Feb. 17, the Church commemorates the Seven Founders of the Servite Order, and on Feb. 18, we keep Ash Wednesday, the very start of Lent.

Now, one of the great treasures passed on through the Servite order is the Seven Sorrows Rosary, a devotion that Our Lady requested be revived when she appeared to schoolchildren in Kibeho, Rwanda, in the 1980s.

The Seven Sorrows are based on Scriptural events in the lives of Jesus and Mary that reveal Mary's sufferings.

The Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Mary (also known as the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows) is prayed on special rosary beads that are divided into seven sets of seven, with three concluding beads. Each set of seven begins with announcing one of the Sorrows, an Our Father, then seven Hail Marys. At the end, on the three remaining beads of the chaplet, three Hail Marys are said in honor of the Tears of Our Sorrowful Mother. Full instructions here.

While this Seven Sorrows Rosary should never replace the traditional Rosary in our prayer life, it can be a great addition. She made a special promise to everyone who would pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary, saying, "If you say the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows and meditate on it well, you will find the strength you need to repent of your sins and convert your heart. Pray my Seven Sorrows to find repentance."

What a perfect way to celebrate Lent! The 40 days leading up to Easter are meant to be a special time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving in order to reform our lives, get rid of sin, and prepare ourselves to celebrate Easter with our hearts open as wide as possible to all the graces God offers us through the Incarnation of His Son, Jesus. This devotion, with Mary's special promise of graces to help us repent of our sins and convert our hearts, is an ideal way to fight the world, the flesh, and the devil for these 40 days of Lent. Let's consider making a Lenten resolution to say the Seven Sorrows Rosary every day during Lent for our own conversion and in reparation for our sins.

The Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception have a house in Kibeho and have taken up the task of promoting devotion to the Seven Sorrows of Mary as part of an authentic Marian spirituality.

To learn more about Our Lady's apparitions in Rwanda, see here.

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Karen - Mar 21, 2021

I pray for my brother, sister, and brother in law for healing, peace, and protection. I pray for my daughter to heal from her MS.

EV - Jan 29, 2019

Pray for the conversion of sinners and my family members,to overcome toxicity in the workplace, for stability in my livelihood, and for a chase Catholic spouse.

Charles Fischer - Jan 20, 2018

Pray for my deceased first love, Betsy Jo Hawkins who recently died. She was a protestant, bet had a strong desire to be Catholic, but her sickness kept her from RCIA.

kessie - Mar 5, 2015

God bless url all

Kathy - Feb 25, 2015

For the healing of my husband Steve who has been diagonised with lymphoma and for all the sick and suffering. Lord hear our prayer.

Ruxy - Feb 22, 2015

Please pray for me. I have taken seed and sick at the same time.

Janette - Feb 22, 2015

Lord please heal my mum and my friend Marg and all the people who are sick today.
May the Lent season brings us to re evaluate our lives and ask for forgiveness of our sins.

nennen - Feb 19, 2015

For the conversion of all sinners. For the healing of my friend Arlene who has a liver impairment and kidney failure. For the intention of my two sons kind of job for their safety always in times of call of duty for serving the country. And the laborious job of my other sons. For gainful job of my daughter someday. And all my hearts desire - esp. for my continuos job till I reach my retiring age.Amen!

Delia - Feb 18, 2015

Please pray for me for the continuous healing of my breast cancer.

Madelyn - Feb 18, 2015

Praying for the conversion of sinners and the reparation of sin; for meaningful lives, holy spouses, gainful employment for my sons and daughters; for full discernment of God's Willin my sons' and daughters' lives; for the souls in Purgatory; for my husband and myself--our marriage, health and financial security-- in our retirement; for the salvation of all.

Mary - Feb 18, 2015

May God have mercy on the souls in purgatory and grant and our heart desires.

Catherine - Feb 17, 2015

Please pray for my Mother with Alzheimer's . Please lord take her home to your loving arms. Please pray for all those suffering with this cruel disease, their families and care givers. Thank you

Pat - Feb 17, 2015

Pray for daughter-In-law Angie who's breast cancer has matastisized to her lungs & bone. She & our son Kevin have 4 children 7,14,15,&17. A sister Terry with a brain tumor 58.

Bob - Feb 17, 2015

Family healing

Bebelou - Feb 17, 2015

Please pray for Bebelou,she has breast cancer,she was in remission,but her came back?Please pray for some financial help too.Thank you.

Irene - Feb 17, 2015

for the conversion of my non- christian friends

julia - Feb 17, 2015

Lord help all who feel abandon, betrade, or ashame. Release us from guilt.

Theresa - Feb 17, 2015

Please pray for the saving & strengthening of marriage.

Susan - Feb 17, 2015

Please pray for healing of all Children with Cancer, especially Hanna.