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'I'm Sure God was Validating My Prayers'

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Saint Faustina wrote, "I feel certain that my mission will not come to an end upon my death, but will begin. O doubting souls, I will draw aside for you the veils of heaven to convince you of God's goodness, so that you will no longer continue to wound with your distrust the sweetest Heart of Jesus" (Diary of St. Faustina, 281).

Many readers of this website have reported graces and favors received through St. Faustina's intercession. Here is one we'd like to share with you. Please feel free to share your own in the comments section below:

An acquaintance of mine shared with me in July the message and devotion of The Divine Mercy. It didn't take long for me to put it into practice.

Later that week, the woman who was the boss of all three of my children for their first real jobs was close to death. My daughter came home after work to say, "They don't think Merry is going to make it. She wouldn't wake up." Merry had bone and lung cancer.

I had just read about praying the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy for the sick and dying. I went to my room and prayed the Chaplet for Merry. Early the next morning, we got the phone call that Merry had passed. The next day, we went to the funeral home, and I got goose bumps all over when I noticed that on the memorial card was the image of The Divine Mercy! I couldn't tell the family fast enough that I was sure their mother was already in heaven.

No THING is by chance. I'm sure God was validating my prayers and letting me know I should continue and share Divine Mercy with others. I'm hooked and want to share it with everyone.

— FK, e-mail

P.S. I shared the Chaplet with a friend at work, after telling her I set the alarm on my cell phone to ring at three so that I may pray. She joined me in prayer yesterday. Today, she prayed in her own room (we are teachers, the students were gone already) and said she felt peace, and the pain in her legs went away!

Below, please share your own reports of graces received through St. Faustina's intercession!

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- Aug 25, 2020

Mai-Han, Garden Grove - Jul 8, 2015

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the 9 day Novena to the Divine Mercy are phenomenal prayers. I cannot express in words the miracles and graces I have received from these prayers. God never, ever fails to answer our prayers when we pray with a genuine heart of faith and trust in Him. I am reminded, constantly, through meditation of God's Divine Mercy, that God is not only capable, but also WILLING to perform His miracles in our lives. He WANTS to bless us and answer our prayers. The only way He can is through us BELIEVING that He will. The only way for us to BELIEVE in Him is through PRAYING. I noticed that if I don't spend time to pray, converse with Him, then my faith in Him dwindles just as it would with any relationship. One of the many miracles that I have received and experienced, I will share with you. My husband and I have been looking to buy a house for several years. We were told that we will not qualify for his VA loan until his job hits the two year's mark in the upcoming October month. I prayed the 9 day Novena and Chaplet of Divine Mercy after I saw a house I truly wanted that was located down the street from my mom's house (my mom watches my 2 year old daughter and it would be so perfect if I could live near her). This house was a brand newly built home in an 18 house community-completely out of our reach. During the 4th day of my Novena to God's Divine Mercy, I received a phone call from my agent telling me he received an urge to call the developer of the home and ask whether they would consider allowing us to buy the house under our circumstances. Long story short, the broker invited us to meet and went out of his way to provide us a way for us to get the VA loan approved earlier than later since I was allowed to be a cobuyer since I am the spouse. God changes circumstances and makes the impossible, possible. The details of us purchasing this house is very amazing but I cannot write it all here since it would take up pages. I just am amazed with God's endless love for me-not because I deserve it but because He loves me so much. EVERYTIME I pray the 9-day Novena, at the 4th or 5th day, I have received my graces and miracles. His love is so evident in everything that has occurred in my life and the faith to believe and see His hands in it all is an awesome grace in itself. Reading these stories only reassures me that God is listening and hears us when we call out to Him. He's so unconditionally loving and forgives us even though our offenses are great. Thank you for sharing and thank you for reading my story. God bless you.

mar - Mar 20, 2014

Jesus promises are true. i prayed the novena when i was in a most difficult situation, was abt to lose my job but Jesus kept my job... he is amazing and will forever thankful... i encourage those who are struggling with something that is impossible, pray the novena..Jesus promises victory....

Sylvia - Dec 23, 2013

My 87 year old father was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus two weeks ago. The surgeon said that the tumor had been in his esophagus a long time and was large. Also a spot on his kidney looked suspicious. A PET scan was conducted to determine if and / or how much the cancer had spread. I started praying the Divine Mercy chaplet and asking for God's mercy. Today my Fathers PET scan results reveal the cancer is isolated and in Stage 1.It is the best scenario we could have hoped for and we know that it is our Christmas miracle.

Eugene - Sep 2, 2012

To all who are discouraged..I shall not write much,I need to share my experience with the Divine Mercy Image. My rent was late by two months (and is paid quarterly), the landlord had given me a weeks notice to pay or leave the house.I had deposited a cheque with the full amount hoping to get business before its maturity but days had passed and I had gotten no money so my cheque was going to bounce. All I could do is light a candle,stand a prayer book (with the divine mercy image on the cover)next to the candle as I didn't have the image..and pray...As I prayed, I got a strong urge to walk round the house while saying the divine mercy prayer and I did..thrice or more times as I do not remember. I asked God to give me a sign if he had heard my prayer. I briefly walked to the kitchen and upon my return, found an A4 size, image of the divine mercy on the seat next to where I had been kneeling during the prayer. my landlord arrived shortly after, I mentioned that I'd deposited the rent in his account and he said (happily) that he'd seen the money but was not sure as I had not mentioned the payment to him. It is now two weeks after the cheque was to mature, I have not gotten any business but we are still in the house, the bank has also not called to inform me of a bounced cheque and neither has my landlord. The image i received is now framed and permanently in view at home. Jesus, I trust in you!!!

consuelo - Oct 6, 2008

I began to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet in 2001, when our teenage daughter informed us she was pregnant. My husband & I helped her make the decision of placing the child for adoption. I prayed the chaplet asking for guidance for my daughter to choose the right couple to place her child with, and to help her with this great and difficult decision. Our prayers were answered and we were able to meet the wonderful couple that adopted the child. I truely believe praying the Chaplet helped my daughter and our family cope with the difficulties we encountered at that time. My daughter is working and going to college and she receives yearly pictures and letters from the adoptive parents. Thanks to the Divine Mery and the graces bestowed on her at this most complicated period in her life.

Richard Death - Mar 11, 2008

My neighbor had been diagnosed with servere lung cancer that had spread throughout his body.He went into a comma and was in his last hours of life.The family was very wealthy and all came to be with him. His body had been shaking since the night before. The house was packed with people and he was in the living room on the hospital bed, while the family was going on with there conversation,very cold. No one was praying just awaiting his last breath. The street was crowed with cars with nowhere to park the family was is very wealthy, our family is not. When I parked I knew he was at his last hours, I told my sister come with me to pray the divine mercy she was very intimidated and shy because it would have to be prayed in front of everyone. We entered the house and when they saw our rosaries they gave us a uncomfortable look. We knelt in front of tons of people and began to pray the Chaplet, the first & second chaplet he was still shaking, at the third chaplet his body came to hault completely but still alive, at that point you couldnt hear a word the room became silent, everyone knew something was happpening, his skin color had even changed from gray to pink a healthy pink.I knew jesus was present. Several hours later he died, still after his death I prayed to Jesus for a sign, days later after his death my 6 year daughter said "mom I saw Richard at school today he stoped me in the hall he was glowing pretty and told me Iam good and happy" At first I said or you sure she said yes mom Richard the neighbor who died, everyday after school Richard would always greet my daughter with a Hi. I had to confirm further and asked his wife some questions about Richards history to my surprise she told me Richard went to the same elementary my daughter goes to now, over 50 years ago I was so shocked, but this was sure confirmation that through the Divine Mercy Jesus not only came for Richards soul but also sent me a true solid confirmation and message from Richard himself assuring he was at peace, Jesus didnt stop at the chaplet he went beyond showing me his grace for praying the Chaplet for Richards dying soul.Praise Jesus for sending his Divine Mercy message and Sister Faustine for dying to herself and allowing Jesus to use her as a tool to spread the message. Remember when you pray the Divine Mercy the promise is instantly however the mercy is for the persons soul the person themselves may not show change but its there soul your nourshing and helping not there body but if you ask Jesus for signs he will surely manifest them to you. Amen to all God have mercy on our world.

Lorena M. Torrez - Mar 4, 2008

My uncle Albert was quite ill from cancer and was at his last moments. From the reports, his adult children were around him, praying the Holy Rosary. He was uncomfortable, tossing and turning. When my mother, Amanda Torrez, walked in to be with her brother, she asked the children to join in as she began praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. My uncle immediately became calm and peacefully joined the Lord, as they recited the Chaplet. I firmly believe that this is what made my uncle relax and join the Holy Family in Heaven. My family firmly believes this was a miracle.

paula calabrese - Feb 21, 2008

my prayer was answered through the divine mercy . i want to thank the marians for intercessory prayer line who has prayed for me

madeleine o.-Feb. 20, 2008 - Feb 20, 2008

I have been a devotee of Divine Mercy. Since 1992 to date, I had visited The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge 3 times. I also was able to do the 9 day novena before the Mercy Sunday for 3 consecutive years with my friends (moving the image from one house to another for 9 days) and also have been moving the D. Mercy and Mother Mary up to now, from house to house. I have brought many friends/relatives and my own children to this devotion. Many miracles have already happened to my friends and to my own life, my brothers/sisters and children/relatives. I can cite one incident which I consider to be a miracle: My sister in law phoned me at my work around 240pm last 2000, this was after the wedding of my son July 2000. She informed me that my brother had an attack the previous day and it was only that 240pm (next day) that she found my phone no. She said that he was comatose and very critical. I was crying very hard and decided to call the head of our prayer group, a devotee of D. Mercy too. We prayed together to the D. Mercy on the phone for my brother when I noticed it was 3:00pm. I was so thankful and called my son about it. He said that we would be leaving for Windsor, Ontario in the evening after his work. So we left the house at 12am and drove to Windsor. Meantime, I have prayed a lot of D. Mercy chaplet, God the Father rosary, Mother Mary rosary all the 4 mysteries, repeatedly until we decided to go directly to the hospital in Leamington, Ontario. It was already 9am in the morning (we rested in an area as my son had not slept yet and we were afraid of accident). I brought with me the Miracle Prayer, Picture of D. Mercy and 3 sets of Novenas, Holy Spirit Prayer, Holy Water and Holy Oil. Upon reaching his hospital room, I immediately showered it with Holy Water and I anointed my brother with Holy Oil, prayed over him and whispered to him that I brought with me the D. Mercy and it is beside his bed and the miracle prayers, though he was comatose but I knew deep in my heart he was listening. Then The nurse spoke to me and offered me if I needed a priest and I said yes. My niece who is a nurse, told me that his father was very critical, his heart was enlarged, his kidney was 50% functioning, his lungs covered with water, etc. I was crying and crying but very determined to pray. I gave my nieces the novena of D. Mercy and I instructed them to pray with me and we started 1st day and the chaplet. The priest arrived and anointed him again and prayed for him and said let us just leave everything to the Lord and left. Meantime, we continued to pray and pray and at 1pm, my niece went to his room and talked to the nurse, who said that my brother is breathing freely now and they will remove the oxygen when he wakes up. Praise the Lord. So my niece immediately told us about it and I told my niece, continue to finish the Novena for 9 days and so on. At 1pm, his doctor arrived and he asked my brother, can you hold my hand,and my brother took his hand. We were very amazed with the power of prayer. So after a week, we went back to visit my brother, and HE WAS ALREADY HOME AND RECUPERATING. He is still alive up to the present time.

Chris - Feb 2, 2008

What a beautiful story! I too believe that God gives us "signs" that we instinctively know are answers from Him.

cheryl - Feb 2, 2008

My sister was severely mentally ill and when her liver failed last year and she was deemed not a candidate for a transplant. Because of her mental illness, her faith life was a mess, too many demons in her head for rational thought. When all hope was lost nine days into her coma with her body systems failing one by one I began to pray the memorare on the beads of my rosary even on a predawn walk in the morning. Just before I got back to the house, I got a powerful message to switch to the Divine Mercy chaplet. I did and had just finished it as I put the key in the door -- and the phone was ringing. It was the hospital, my sister had gone into cardiac arrest,had not responded to cpr or drugs and was dead.
I truly believe, that our lady answered my prayer by telling me to pray the chaplet in the very instant when my sister was dying as a dual message: to show me her loving care and concern and to make sure the beautiful chaplet's promise was fulfilled: to take my beautiful sister home to a place where she would never have to suffer again and there will be no more sadness and no more tears. What a gift the chaplet has been to me and I know to my sister.Now, I continue to pray it every day for the dying and the dead.

Michael C. - Feb 1, 2008

I too pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet each day at 3:00 PM. I have been going through tremendous difficulties of late and if it were not for the chaplet I would not be able to make it through. I discovored the Divine Mercy through this website several years ago and it is the one I visit the most-several times a day. I am trying in my weak way to pass it on to others, especially in my family. But praying for them and others, especially the dying, is one of the greatest gifts I think we have been given-besides the Divine Mercy itself. I am learning to completely Trust in Jesus and only wish I had done so my whole life. I really enjoy reading the stories people send of graces received and prayers answered. I hope to be able to give a testimony of what it has meant in my life soon. Sort of like I just did.

mary sumalinog davao city - Feb 1, 2008


donna .e. - Jan 31, 2008

What I've noticed over the years since obtaining my diary of St. Faustina is whenever i'm going through something difficult and not one person seems to be giving me the advice I deeply need in my heart, I simply pick up her diary and 9 times out of 10 the conversing going on between St. Faustina and our Saviour is completely relevant to my own personal situation and I always feel so much better after reading it. I thank her and the good Shepherd for the "coincidence" each and every time. I walk away feeling like I was made a part of that conversation, its really a lovely feeling.