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He Was Hungry

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The Marian Fathers present this Lenten devotional series to help you prepare to receive graces on Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday.

Readings: Dt 26:4-10; Ps 91:1-2, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15; Rom 10:8-13; Lk 4:1-13
Diary: 429, 741, 1052

Jesus answered him, "It is written, 'One does not live on bread alone.'" — Lk 4:4

A new word was added to the dictionary in 2018. The colloquial "hangry" — a blend of "hungry" and "angry" — is used to mean "feeling irritable or irrationally angry as a result of being hungry."

While the word is new, the feeling isn't. We know that without enough food, we enter a weakened state. Our emotions can get the better of us, and our judgment can be overwhelmed.

In today's Gospel, Luke states the obvious: After Jesus had fasted for 40 days, "He was hungry" (Lk 4:2).

That's when the devil shows up.

Fortunately, Jesus had entered the desert ready and determined to do battle with the devil. This whole sequence foreshadows Jesus' sacrifice and obedience to the Father, all the way to the Cross.

In Lent, we make an effort to die to ourselves, especially through sacrifice and fasting. By our human nature, we are weak and can succumb to being "hangry." Rather than being cranky from our fast, let's try to focus on the goal. Knowing that the true Bread of Life — Christ Himself — is our reward should help us to stay determined.

Prayer: Jesus, I trust in You! Protect me from the tricks of the devil. Be my strength when I am weakest.

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Larry B. - Mar 10, 2019

I did not know the term hangry existed. This explains a lot of the troubles in the war torn countries.