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Photo: Janine stands with her two daughters, Marilyne (left) and Nicole (right) in front of an Image of Divine Mercy in the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy.

'I Got This'

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By Marc Massery (Feb 8, 2019)
As soon as Janine Raymond received her First Communion, she told the Lord, "I give You my heart." That was almost 80 years ago.

For more than 35 years of her adult life, Janine served as a prayer minister in Chicago, Illinois, talking to people all over the world, encouraging them to give their hearts to Christ, too. It wasn't until a few years ago, though, on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki, Poland, that Janine discovered how much Christ wants to give His Heart to us through Divine Mercy.

It poured when she walked the sacred grounds of that Shrine, home to St. Faustina's tomb. "In my heart, I was so high up in the Spirit that even the rain — it was just like jewels of Heaven," she said.

Unfortunately, when she went back home to Chicago, her daughter Nicole was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer. "I never had cancer in my family. It was the biggest shock of my life," she said.

So Janine went to the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to pray for her daughter's healing. Then one day in prayer, she heard the Lord say to her in her heart, "Don't worry about it. I got this." She could hardly believe it. "I didn't tell my children. It was between me and Christ," she said.

Then He gave her sign after sign of His blessing.

The first time her daughter had to go for a blood test, a Divine Mercy Image was on the technician's desk. "Why was he assigned to be the one to take my daughter's blood? It's a huge hospital!" she said. Then Janine received another sign of Christ at work when Nicole found out that she would be seeing two of the best doctors in the world for her specific form of cancer.

Then, another miracle. Nicole's treatment required doctors to extract stem cells from her blood for a transfusion. When they analyzed her blood, they noticed something extraordinary. The highest number of stem cells in a normal patient was 16 million, but she had 26 million.

"They had never seen anything like this!" Janine said. This unusual discovery meant much more hope for Nicole's recovery.

"Divine Mercy said, 'I got this' — so He showed me that He got it," she said.

But there was more. Though Janine's daughter-in-law, originally from Jamaica, has lived in the United States with her husband and three children for more than 40 years, she received a letter from the government saying she might get deported.

As they awaited a federal hearing, Janine recited the Chaplet of Divine Mercy regularly. She prayed, "Divine Mercy, I would like You to be the lawyer and the judge of my daughter's immigration case."

Initially, the attorney of Janine's family was nervous because he knew that the judge assigned to the case typically ruled in favor of deportation.

"He was a federal judge who was there to deport," she said. "He signed deportations over and over." Furthermore, it was the federal prosecutor's first day on the job. "She was trying to get acclimated to the whole thing so she [would leave the decisions] to the judge," she said.

Moments before the hearing, though, both the judge and the prosecutor were replaced with substitutes. "Exactly what I had asked Him to do — to be the judge and the lawyer — He did," she said.

This past September, Janine came back to the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy with her two daughters, "to go and pay our vows and pay our thank you to Christ of Divine Mercy," she said.

Today, she testifies to her own experience of the Lord's mercy, telling everyone she can, "When you give your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ, you really, really, really have to give it."

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