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by Mary Flournoy

I am fascinated by the unique ways that Marian Helpers come to know about the Divine Mercy message and devotion through the ministries of the Marian Fathers. Chris made a gift in November to support the Marians' publishing ministry, responding to our "Giving Tuesday" appeal at marian.org on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. When I called Chris to thank him for his gift, he stressed how his connection with Divine Mercy and the Marians had started when he first read the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska at his mother's urging. So I ended up talking to both Chris and his mother, Rose. Here's their story.

"I read the Diary even before Sr. Faustina was beatified," said Chris. "My mother said to me, 'You should read this book! This is really amazing!' I read it, and it is amazing. My mother gives me great advice."

Rose was introduced to Sr. Faustina back in the 1980s when Angelina, a friend at work, gave her a prayercard with an image of Sr. Faustina on the front and an image of the Divine Mercy on the back.

A few years later, Rose and her family moved. The prayercard made the move but was just put in a drawer. Then Rose was ill for a few days, and another friend, Alice, came by. "She brought me a pamphlet with the image of the Divine Mercy on the front and Sr. Faustina on the back, with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy inside. She told me to say the prayer for healing. 'There's that nun again' was my first thought," Rose admitted. But she did start to pray the chaplet, and she decided that she ought to find out more about the nun who kept appearing in her life.

The more she learned, the more fascinated she became. She shared the chaplet with her father. "His greatest concern was that his cancer would end his life before my mother died."

Rose said, "So he prayed the chaplet every day at 3 p.m. that God would allow him to live long enough to care for her." His wife preceded him in death by 18 months. "That was all he wanted," Rose said. "His prayers were answered."

Divine Mercy became even more a part of Rose's life when Alice took Rose and her husband to her parish on Divine Mercy Sunday. Then, the couple drove down to St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, in Chicago, which was constructing a sanctuary of the Divine Mercy at the time.

"They had a big banner of Sr. Faustina in front of the church," laughed Rose.

Rose then learned much more about the nun she kept encountering when Alice gave her a copy of the Diary.

"I stayed up all night reading it," said Rose. "It was fascinating! I immediately ordered copies for all my children."

Rose's connection to Divine Mercy and St. Faustina came full circle after her parents' deaths. As she was going through old papers, she came upon donations made by her mother to the Marian Fathers long before Angelina, her friend at work, gave Rose her first prayercard with Sr. Faustina on it.

"The Lord kept putting Divine Mercy in my life until I paid attention," Rose summed up.

If you would like to help spread the message of Divine Mercy by supporting the Marian Fathers' publishing ministry, please contact me.

Mary Flournoy is a donor relations officer for the Association of Marian Helpers in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. You can call her toll free at 1-800-462-7426, ext. 5. Or email her at helpers@marian.org.

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julie - May 17, 2015

Divine Mercy made a big part in my journey in everyday life now,it started in April 2012, i received my first prayer request miracle after Divine Mercy Sunday for my son.many hours to spend if I will put all in writting all the favor given by our Father in heaven.all I know is have trust in Him,complete Trust and don't doubt even a little if your truly love God in your heart and in your mind.He is supernatural mercifully Father who will watch our life in every way,just pray always and believe and follow his words with deeds and action and live as truly in Christian way.To God be the glory of all.

Sean - May 13, 2015

I'm a Lutheran, looking into the hope of joining the Catholic church someday and have been praying the Divine Mercy chaplet for probably around two months. I first heard about St. Faustina when I took part in a 33 Days to Morning Glory Consecration event last fall (she was mentioned in passing at one of the seminars) and then of course I saw some Divine Mercy information about her in the back of Father Gaitley's book. I bought the Diary around the same time of starting the chaplet on a daily basis and recently, someone actually enrolled me in the Assocation of Marian Helpers group by making a donation on my behalf. Seems like this material has been drawing me in and has helped me to better understand Christ's mercy in my life and what I should be displaying to others. I look forward to getting more of their material down the road.

Geraldine Garcia - May 11, 2015

I asked for several graces by joining the Eucaristic Apostols Cenacle and Jesus has been giving me those as : successful brain tumor removal, be able to see my parents after 5 years, healthy family and peace in my hearth that comes from learning to truly trust Him. Love you Jesus!

Don - May 11, 2015

I don't remember when I first got introduced to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I only know that it was some time before my wife's death. Peg was a perfectly healthy and active person. One day she was in such agony that we called 911. They gave her morphine and later at the hospital they gave her more morphine, but the pain persisted. The doctor noticed a mass in her lungs and thought it might be lung cancer. After an overnight stay she got transported to a different hospital where they confirmed it was stage 4 small cell lung cancer which is fatal and she was given 6 months to live. I don't remember exactly when but I went to the nearest church to pray for her. After her first chemo the pain went away and they gave her maybe 12 months. I had already been saying the Chaplet before this time and praying to Mary daily I did ask that she be cured if it was God's will but I had three other intentions. I prayed that she would have no pain, that she would have no fear of dying and that Mary would be there to greet her when she died.All this time I prayed the Chaplet at 3:00. Peg lived for 19 months pain free and she also said that she was ready to die.When she was no longer to attend Mass our Pastor came over twice a week to give us both the Eucharist. She also received the Sacrament of the Sick 2 times. On Feb. 20th at 4:00 AM I woke up to her death gurgle and she went to her creator peacefully. I was saying the Chaplet as she died. A few months later a friend gave me the Diary of St, Faustina because she knew that I said the Chaplet every day at 3:00. It took me a year to read it as I would stop and meditate on what I read. I read it a second time over the next year and then gave it to a friend this year during the Novena before Divine Mercy Sunday as he had a child that was in trouble.