Our Lady filled the hole inside the soul of Joellyn Soler after her mother’s death when Joellyn was 10. Today, Joellyn has been married 33 years. She has five children and eight grandchildren. She credits Mary for her life rich in blessings.

'I Totally Embraced Our Blessed Mother'

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by Joellyn Soler

I was 10 years old when my mother died. I was lost, scared, shy, anxious, and alone. I needed a mother. I lived with an Italian aunt named Mary. She was an angel and good to me, but she was not Catholic and therefore didn't know anything about Mary the Mother of God. I spent the next 15 years in much pain and loneliness, missing my biological mother.

When I joined the Catholic Church in 1976, my mother-in-law, Lucy, was my sponsor, and I knew God sent her to me to be my mentor. Lucy reminded me of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She did not talk much, but she prayed the Rosary constantly as she worked to care for 12 children and 66 grandchildren, along with her husband.

Our Blessed Mother had led me to Lucy, who became my new human mother. When Lucy died in 1987, I totally embraced Our Blessed Mother, and she has been my anchor in every single way since then. I cannot tell you the incredible adventures she has led me on. I can only express my thanks to her and to say I am in debt to Our Lady forever. I beg her daily to take my hand and lead me to do God's holy will.

Today, I have a wonderful husband who, after 33 years of marriage, now attends daily Mass with me (a miracle!). I have five children. Four are married, and now we are expecting our eighth grandchild in six years.

I spend time counseling outside of abortion clinics. I have five rescues that I know of, and I have had the honor of holding in my arms three of the babies, who are like my own. Mary, my Mother, has given my life purpose, and Jesus doesn't care how much time I spend with her. He says to my heart, "Joellyn, cling to my Mother, for she has all you need. She will make your life heaven on earth."

I cannot say enough about Our Lady. I am her No. 1 fan! Go, Mary! She is a lifesaver in this life and the next.

Joellyn Soler lives in Andover, Md. She is media representative for the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women.

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cordel - Jan 20, 2011

I'm really moved by this story, i pray to knw more of my mother mary, but Joellyn, can u help me?

paula calabrese - Nov 11, 2010

thank you for sharing this i will embrass the Blessed mother my mom is in the hospital and she going to a nusring home for alzheimer demsia shes 01 yrs old iahve ben her care taker for a year shes goton difficult the past few month she went to the hospital she fell nothing is broken she need 25 hour care it seemslike no-one cant handle her. i neded to read this messege i have been beside myself and wooried over mom.

Rita Marie Sullivan Toomey - Oct 9, 2010

Rita is my sister; she and her friend, Ann, neal before the Mary the Blessed every morning; holding her hand and requesting her intercession of people they realize are ill. Rita and Ann have a very special love of the Blessed Mother.

Tony - Oct 8, 2010

I too pray that I will be under the mantle of Our Blessed Mother.

Help us O Loving Mother.

maryS - Sep 29, 2010

it is so touching that made feel like crying,there is no impossible thing when we love our spiritual mother ,she will guide us to we are fitted for,in our life,just cling on our mother Mary.I will share this on my facebook account.thank you for sharing.God bless.

Doug - Sep 29, 2010

Thanks for sharing your story. I needed to hear it and I too will embrace our Blessed Mother!!