In Hard Times, Remember Your Blessings

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"Transfiguration." What a strange word.

In the life of our Lord, of course, it refers to when He led three apostles up "a high mountain" and proceeded to reveal exactly who and what He was to them. The glory of God shone forth from Him, and He was attended by Moses and Elijah, the Lawgiver and one of the chief Prophets. The Word of God stood in all His glory (see Mt 17:1-13; Lk 9:28-36).

But that day was not really about glory. Rather, it was a preparation for the darkness to come. The same three apostles who were present for the Transfiguration — Simon Peter, James, and John — were present at the Garden of Gethsemane.

Think about that. The Rock upon whom Christ would found His Church; the "brother" of the Lord; and the Beloved Disciple; the three who, perhaps more than any of the other apostles, were close to Jesus, were strengthened by the consolation of seeing His glory manifested at the Transfiguration before witnessing His desolation in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus prepared them for the trial to come. He sent them consolations to sustain them through the darkness to come, as God will always do in the spiritual life (for more on that, see Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC).

The spirituality of the apostles is to be the spirituality of us all: Remember, in the midst of darkness, when you saw the Lord in His light! Remember, when doubts assail you, that you have seen wonders! Remember!

Faith is not believing without evidence. Faith is remembering the evidence that you have seen, even when everything seems hopeless at present, even when all that glory and wonder is as a dim shadow compared with the present pain, or sorrow, or trial.

God will not make demands upon us past what we can bear, unless He Himself will give us strength to meet the challenges to come. It is our task to remain with Him always, guided by the sure lights of Scripture and Tradition, handed on to us by the Magisterium, especially when prayer seems dry and all seems lost in confusion. It is our task to discern, guided by a good confessor or spiritual director and the counsel of wise friends, what we are truly being called to carry and when we're trying to pick up crosses God never intended for us to carry.

Sometimes, we are told to lay down a burden, not endure with it one step further. Sometimes, we are told to take up a new cross or to share the burdens of our brethren.

And sometimes, we are called to transfiguration.

As the Church celebrates the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord on Aug. 6, let us ask Jesus, in His mercy, to send His Holy Spirit to transfigure us from within, burning away our sins and impurities so that His light might shine before the nations.

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Cornie - Feb 28, 2017

Please asking for my husband's healing

Husband - Jan 6, 2017

Asking for prayers that my wife and I can overcome the problems we're facing in our marriage.

linn - Aug 7, 2016

I pray for my family, may they find happiness and receive their employment as needed. I pray for peace in my fanily. Pray for peace in the world and cure for world hunger. In the name of God and Jesus Christ. Amen

Anna - Aug 6, 2016

Please Jesus help Anthony to never do the things of his past again. Please help be a good welder and thank you for him completing the schooling. Help him to make good choices. Please let him have passed his certification tests. Heal Anthony in every aspect of his life. Help Anthony get a job. Please. Help Alyssa to get a job in her field and help Ashley get the float nurse job or go to school and help those with anxiety and depression. Heal Christine, Dana, Joe, Sheila, Georgeann, Donna, Kyle, Walt, Bob, and Flo. Maddie. Protect us when we are driving and in cars with others. God bless my children, grandchildren, husband, family and friends, Caleb and his family too. Thank you!

Shilpa - Aug 6, 2016

Pray for peace in my family .Please remove all obstacles coming in our way .Stregthen my faith in you Jesus Christ always.

Roxann - Aug 6, 2016

Prayers for the sick and lonely.

Roxann Kirk - Aug 6, 2016

I would like to request prayers for Camille who has cancer and is in treatment now and will need surgery soon. He has already had four surgeries and has been through so much already. Thank you to God the Father Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Mary - Aug 6, 2016

Prayers for my son James that he opens his heart to the Lord and finds the peace, healing and comfort and the safety he needs to see him through his trials and tribulations!

Angelica - Aug 6, 2016

Praying for my family and that storms come to pass. And that we are liberated from stress and fear. That we always know the almighty is with us.

- Aug 6, 2016

I pray for my dad's conversion and discernment..Amen.

Rey - Aug 6, 2016

Very helpful. We tend to forget the lord brought us through the Red Sea when trial hits...

Pattie - Aug 6, 2016

Prayers for my nephew Mike who suffered a heart attack last night, is okay - needs stints. Prayers for healing.

Oja - Sep 16, 2015

Praying for Gods mercy upon my Ife, my family and my friends.