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Father Tom Reilly, during a pilgrimage to the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, in Stockbridge, Mass.

Jesus, Is Our Divine Physician

And Fr. Reilly Can Prove It

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By Fr. Thomas J. Reilly

The healing ministry goes back to the early Church. In the Acts of the Apostles, we see Saints Peter and Paul raising persons from the dead and performing other physical cures (Acts 3:1-13).

Jesus gave His 12 apostles authority to expel unclean spirits and to cure sickness and disease of every kind (Mt 10:1).

Jesus performed great physical healings in order to fulfill the Old Testament prophecies (Is 35:4-6; 61:1-2) and to get people's attention. His great cures pointed to a far more important reality — living the Gospel life. Jesus desires to bring us into personal relationship with the Holy Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He desires for us to experience and live more deeply in the love and mercy of God. Our Lord is concerned with the whole person — body, soul, and spirit.

Jesus, our Divine Physician, came to free us from sin and death. He gave us His Church and its seven Sacraments to accomplish that. In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, for example, He brings a soul from sickness to health. God is the Source of all peace, joy, and freedom. Jesus said at the Last Supper: "Peace is My farewell to you, My peace is My gift to you; I do not give it to you as the world gives peace. Do not be distressed or fearful" (Jn 14:27).

I preside over the monthly healing services at St. Theresa's Parish, in North Reading, Mass. These begin with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Rosary, and an opportunity for confession. Mass is celebrated, followed by the laying on of hands.

God desires that His wonders be made known (Ps 105:2). Therefore, I want to share with you that the Lord has used me as an instrument for the miraculous healing of dozens of people with life threatening cancer, heart problems, and other serious medical issues. Doctors have verified these healings. Many people have been healed of various aches and pains. I give thanks to the Lord for His gifts.

The following two examples illustrate the magnitude of these healings.

Example 1: Fr. Paul asked me to pray with Patricia. Patricia was told by doctors that she had stage IV cancer. It had spread throughout her entire body. It was even in her liver and bones. The doctors stopped all treatment because they believed her situation was nearly hopeless. After Mass, Fr. Paul and I prayed over Patricia and administered the Anointing of the Sick. Father Paul was shedding many tears as we prayed. The following week Patricia's blood tests came back normal. There was no cancer!

Father Paul said to me at that time that the reason he was shedding so many tears is that he knew God would use me to heal her. He had received a "word of knowledge" from God (1 Cor 12:8). The doctor was befuddled and ordered another blood test. He also ordered a PET-Scan for her in order to get a clearer look at her tissue and organ functioning. The second blood test showed no cancer. The PET-Scan also showed no cancer! Praise God! Patricia told the doctor that her healing came through the power of prayer! It needs to be mentioned that three months after her healing, Patricia came down with a small amount of lymph node cancer. This has been taken care of. Patricia is back at work and enjoying life.

Example 2: Another miraculous healing occurred when Pat (another Pat) asked me to pray with her. She had a serious medical issue. She received the Anointing of the Sick. Her husband, Alan, was praying with us. Not only did she receive a healing, but Alan did too. The eye doctors were amazed when his macular degeneration (of four years) and his macular hole (which causes blindness) were healed!

A macular hole can only be healed miraculously by Jesus or through surgery. When the doctors asked Alan how this incredible healing occurred, he said it was through the power of prayer. Alan also received "20/10" vision in both eyes. He no longer needed glasses to read! Praise God!

Father Thomas J. Reilly is parochial vicar of St. Theresa Parish in North Reading, Mass.

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Daniel Cuenya - May 24, 2019

Please pray to kill remove, get rid, of this3x4cc mass which is touching and partiallyl covering my aorta in my left lung. This was just discovered after being treated with antibiotic, steroids, nebulizers for a couple months.

Daniel Cuenya - May 24, 2019

Please pray to kill remove, get rid, of this3x4cc mass which is touching and partiallyl covering my aorta in my left lung. This was just discovered after being treated with antibiotic, steroids, nebulizers for a couple months.

Anne - Jul 30, 2018

Please pray for me. I am working together with a wonderful team of doctors trying to beat back brain cancer. I am asking for strength, patience , courage, and physical healing. I have my guardian angel with me each day as well as our Lady, sister Fautina and Padre Pio. One powerful group. Please lay my needs at our Lord’s feet for me. “Pray hope don’t worry”

Carolynn - Jan 25, 2018

Father pleease pray for my healing of childhood trauma memories and for my mental and emotional health as well as my marriage,thankyou soo much.

Richard - Mar 2, 2017

Father can you please pray for my loved ones and myself that need healing

Randy - Feb 14, 2017

Thanks for this inspiration!

JUDE - Sep 12, 2016

Please pray for my MOTHER "SOPHIE" to recover from her ILLNESS & BED-RIDDEN and for her HEART TOM PUMP BLOOD ALL OVER & to be able to EAT DRINK and RESTORED BACK TO BODILY HEALTH.

Victor Duran - Jul 5, 2016

Fr. Reilly, I have friends that I personally have being praying for healing, and I believe that God hears us because we are still a close Christian community. Please Fr. Reilly, I need for you to interceed for us in prayer; I won't mention names because Jesus knows his flock. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

JOHN PAUL - Mar 14, 2016

Father im suffering from tinnitus for a month now, i can't bear the pain of lacking sleep and concentration throughout the day, the ringing in my ears is unbearable, pls pray for me father that I may be healed by the divine physician jesus christ.

Dave - Feb 23, 2016

Please pray for exceptional health and well-being for me.

Victoria - Jan 30, 2016

My friend of many years is very ill with AML. His bone graft just failed and he has no immune system. Our only hope for him is Healing from the Divine Physician. Please pray for Eric that the cancer leaves his body.

Mary - Apr 28, 2015

Father, please pray that God may continue to forgive me for neglecting his temple and not seeking medical care due to medical fears and anxiety. Thank God for me for his mercy and for walking me through my greatest fears and making himself present and real in my life. I still worry and fall weak when I begin to think of the "what if." I will need pet scans and MRI"s for 5 years now and I pray for courage and faith that there is no greater will t han that of God's. Help me to let my worries go, to put them at the alter and to rise each day and live it with joy and without fear. May today's pet scans be clear, may I be able to finally return to my family (after a 6 month absence) and may the strength, courage and faith of this journey help me to be a beacon of God's light for others.

Kate - Jul 18, 2014

Father, could you pray for me- I am a mother of three boys and my husband is in the navy. I suffer from very bad anxiety but have been having some stomach and back issues and cysts on my ovaries. If you would remember me in your prayers I would appreciate it. God Bless you! Your stories are amazing.

Phil - Aug 14, 2013

Pls Fathers I beg u pray for gud health for me...I have experienced lung snd shoulder pain.worried as my consultant wants me back sgsin for further test.pls ask Divine Mercy for my health back and I will appreciate it .

ingedeenisoni - Mar 13, 2013

Nice Post.

I love

Kathleen B - Feb 20, 2013

Dear Father, please pray for my husband, Joe, who was just diagnosed with stage 3 inoperable lung cancer. We just celebrated our 40 wedding anniversary in Oct. Thank you and God bless you

prayer is the only answer - Feb 18, 2013

I love the description Jim offers regarding how he prays, I beleive I will adopt it. God bless Frs Thomas and Paul for their vocations and their work.
I pray for my brothers and sisters in need and I ask that you pray for my sons Jim & Joe that they heal through Jesus' Mercy.

Clyde - Feb 16, 2013

I have developed kidney failure due to diabetes and my right eye is deteriorating. I also have dilibitating arthritis in my knees. I have had loud ringing in my right ear since I was a child and am deaf in my left ear. I ask that Fr. Paul pray for me that I might be healed through the Divine Mercy.

Jim - Feb 12, 2013

Dear Fathers Thomas and Father Paul - praise the Divine Mercy of Jesus and the Immaculate heart of our blessed Mother. Without question the divine providence of Jesus sees fit to allow you to glorify his mercy through the healings he has provided through your touch and prayers. Several years ago it came to me to take whatever I pray for and to both entrust and surrender it to the Divine Mercy Sacred and Immaculate hearts of our Lord and blessed Mother. Entrustment to me. means that I have the faith in them to hand my needs over and not to worry - (difficult at times and a spiritual battle ensues often) while surrendering means the actual act of entrusting my needs with the knowledge that they will acceped and provide the help I need because I trusted. What ever I am praying for, I Also ask Jesus and Mary to radiate, penetrate, and saturate the problem or health issue with the healing rays of His divine mercy, sacred and Immaculate hearts and precious blood. It is a powerful form of prayer.
Fathers I ask ur prayers for help and relief of heart palpatations I am having and under care for as well as a rising white blood count, routine tests for my wife and good results and passage of a state teachers test my son took paler week. God bless u and everyone. Jim

Patty T - Feb 10, 2013

Dear Father Thomas and Father Paul, would you both kindly pray for healing for my sister, Dana, who just had surgery for a collapsed lung. She is a single Mom.
Please also pray for healing for me from nerve and depression problems and that I can get off the prescription meds. the Dr. has me on for 8 yrs. if I don't need them; please also pray for healing of carpal tunnel and severe shoulder pain on rt. shoulder. I can barely work my p/t cashier job anymore due to this problem and have to rest a lot. Please pay for family conversion also. Thanking you in advance for your prayers on our behalf.

LORIE CW - Feb 8, 2013

Fr Paul, please keep me in your daily prayer; I have this Vertigo, that dizziness is really bugging though doctor's pills is taken but stop it for the dizziness is on high edge; also I have bodily aches/pains that include my eyes strain, my right ear is hard of hearing already had an ear drop as suggested by my Ear doctor. I'm really monetarily low, can't afford going back n forth to their office, no health insurance. Please help me Fr Paul in your daily prayer for me. I'm a Marian Helper member for almost 30 years now. Thanks Fr Paul for your great intercession. In His merciful love, Lorie CW

Sharon - Feb 8, 2013

How awesome our God is!!! How wonderful it is for me to hear that God is using you for His instrument of healing. Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Che M. - Feb 5, 2013

Fr Reilly, can you pray for me to fully recover? I have had terrible degeneration for years and I have been trying to get well for so long and with so much effort, and I have prayed for help many times.

MARIA C. - Feb 5, 2013

I definitely believed in the power of prayer and thru the healing mass and anointing of the sick; alot of miracles happens. I can attest to that with my own personal experienced and also with experienced from other people that I knew and also those whom we prayed over when we visit them. More healing are attributed thru JESUS, the Divine Mercy whether physical (body), mental (mind) or even spiritual (soul) with the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and Blessed John Paul II our group had witnessed these miraculous healing. AMEN.