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Join Us in a 54-Day Rosary Novena!

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Please join with the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception and prayer warriors from all over the world in praying a worldwide 54-Day Rosary Novena for the respect for life from conception to natural death.

The prayer campaign begins Tuesday, Feb. 25, and concludes Saturday, April 18, on the vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday, the day Jesus promises "a whole ocean of graces upon those souls who approach the fount of [His] mercy" (Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, 699).

For anyone needing instructions for praying the Rosary, click here.

The campaign comes at a time when some states in the U.S. have successfully put limitations on legal abortions and other states have extended abortion access.

For instance, in Massachusetts — the home of the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy — state legislators are considering a bill that would eliminate the requirement that a minor under the age of 18 have the consent of a parent, guardian, or the courts; allow abortions later in a pregnancy when deemed "necessary to protect the patient's life or physical or mental health, or in cases of lethal fetal anomalies, or where the fetus is incompatible with sustained life outside the uterus"; eliminate the requirement that provides medical care to a child who survives an abortion attempt; and remove a requirement that abortions after 24 weeks be performed in a hospital.

At the same time, physician-assisted suicide is currently legal in nine U.S. states.

"Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines," says Marian Helper Dina Pacillo of Derby, New York, who's encouraging other Marian Helpers to join in this special novena. "It's time for us to pick up our weapons; our Rosaries, and enter into this spiritual battle. The future of our communities, our countries, and the world, will be determined by how much we are all willing to engage in this war between good and evil."

She said, "God has carefully, tenderly created every person in His own image and likeness, to be in a loving relationship with Himself. From each tiny child knit within a mother's womb, to every person approaching death, all are loved perfectly and completely by God. Abortion and euthanasia tragically reject the truth that every life is a good and perfect gift, deserving protection.

"This culture of death didn't get here overnight," she says. "The attacks on the unborn and the destruction of the family come directly from the evil one whom Jesus Christ defeated on the Cross. These are difficult but hopeful times in which we live."

And, indeed, the Rosary is a powerful weapon in this battle. As St. Louis de Montfort wrote, "Almighty God has given it [the Rosary] to you because he wants you to use it as a means to convert the most hardened sinners and the most obstinate heretics. He has attached to it grace in this life and glory in the next."

Together, let's turn to Our Blessed Mother by means of the Holy Rosary. Let us pray for a culture of life.

Jesus, I trust in You!

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Joan Maroney - Feb 26, 2020

To have the proper prayers for the 54-Day Novena sent to you daily, please email [email protected] with a note to that effect.

Laurie - Feb 26, 2020

Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us, and help us all in great humility on this Ash Wednesday to pray the Rosary daily for 54 days, united and as one, for an end to abortion, an end to physician assisted suicide, an end to the culture of death, for the conversion of sinners like me, for the salvation of souls. We pray for the family, that God will grant every family the graces we need to carry out His will for us in our lives and our families. Amen.

Helen - Feb 25, 2020

I am interested

Nancy - Feb 24, 2020

Bernadette I have the 54 day novena with the luminous mysteries. I just googled 54 day novena and got the pdf of it.

Bernadette - Feb 24, 2020

Instead of the link provided for how to pray the rosary including the Luminous mysteries, which the 54 day Novena does not include, (as explained in Fr. Calloway’s book) a direct link to the 54 Day Novena might have been more helpful. Thank you for the work you do!

Bev - Feb 23, 2020

Happy to participate!

Steffi - Feb 23, 2020

I would like to join too

Ann Eloise Matos - Feb 22, 2020

Amen to this. I'm in too. (Syracuse, NY)

Dolores - Feb 22, 2020

I am a devout Catholic and pray the rosary almost every day. Why do you only talk about abortion? I am not condoning it but there are so many other things wrong with America. Guns kill more people than abortions. Also we need to accept immigrants and not put them in cages. People In Syria are starving and totally displaced. Millions of people. Let’s pray for world peace and charity toward all and not for just one problem. God bless you all.

Rubhiruss - Feb 22, 2020

We all need this!

- Feb 22, 2020

I'd love to join the 54 rosary. I will share this to friends and family.

- Feb 22, 2020

I'd love to join the 54 rosary. I will share this to friends and family.

- Feb 22, 2020


Nancy - Feb 21, 2020

When I do one with US Grace Force Father Richard sends daily reminders. And meditations.

Virgil - Feb 21, 2020

The below comment

Virgil - Feb 21, 2020

I agree with the above comment

Kristen - Feb 21, 2020

It would be nice if there is a Facebook reminder on each of the 54 days. And usually a 54 day Rosary novena is 27 days in petition and 27 in thanksgiving so you could remind us when to switch.

Nancy - Feb 21, 2020

Can we receive a reminder on the start day?

Karen - Feb 21, 2020

I'd love to join in the 54 day Rosary!!! Great idea!!!