Consoling the Heart of Jesus

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By Felix Carroll (Feb 20, 2010)
Brother Michael Gaitley, MIC, has just published his new book Consoling the Heart of Jesus: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat (Marian Press). The Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception invite you to take this retreat as a means by which to grow closer to the Lord this Lenten season. In the following Q&A, Br. Michael explains his new book:

Why not give up chocolate, and why take on Consoling the Heart of Jesus?
Giving up chocolate is easy. My retreat is even easier. OK, seriously, as soon as Ash Wednesday pops up on our radar screens, we're all starting to feel a bit guilty because we still haven't decided what our Lenten sacrifice is going to be. And, if you're like me, you'll probably still be deliberating about what you're going to give up come Holy Week. (Laughs). So, last year, when I was pounding out one of the many "final drafts" of my book, I had the bright idea of asking my friends and family to read the retreat as their Lenten sacrifice. They loved it. They were off the hook. And they gorged themselves with chocolate all Lent long. Actually, I needed their help, because I wanted to find out if the retreat really worked.

So did it?
It did, and does. More on that later. But almost all of them wrote back to me that making the retreat was so much more effective for their spiritual growth than some arbitrary sacrifice, like giving up chocolate. With this in mind, I decided to make the release date of my book just in time for Lent, 2010, although — and this is important — this retreat is not just for Lent. It's for anytime.

Well, let's stick with Lent for now since Lent is a time when we're especially called to focus on our relationship with the Lord. So, how, exactly does your retreat work as a Lenten sacrifice?
Traditionally, Catholics make a three-fold Lenten sacrifice: (1) prayer, (2) fasting, (3) almsgiving. People who purchase this retreat and make it during Lent would fulfill their Lenten sacrifice completely. It works like this:

Prayer: My book is a do-it-yourself retreat. A retreat is time of more intensified prayer. Bingo. People who make this retreat, have fulfilled that part of their Lenten sacrifice.

Fasting: We often think of fasting in terms of bread and water, and that's all well and good. (So long as we're not talking chocolate.) However, fasting can also be from things like television, Internet, or whatever else we may be tempted to waste time with. So, those who make this retreat — I suggest — would "fast" from routine recreations and devote their time to the spiritual reading of the retreat.

Almsgiving: Of course, during this time of economic crisis, money is tight for most people. In fact, actually going on a real retreat — that is to say, a retreat that requires travel and accommodations — might break the bank. While my retreat is only $14.95, that's still a sacrifice for a lot of people. But that's kind of the point. By purchasing Consoling the Heart of Jesus, people give up money to help support the Marians in our efforts to spread the message of The Divine Mercy. So, almsgiving is covered, too — and one will even have a little money left over for jelly beans ... er, I mean chocolate.

OK, so someone buys your retreat, and they're ready to start. Then what? How does the retreat work?
A few points. First, the method of the retreat is not meditations, in the traditional sense. In other words, this isn't a retreat manual where you get points for meditation and then run off to the chapel. Instead, the retreat itself contains the meditations, and one goes through them as spiritual reading. It's really quite simple: You make the retreat by reading — in a prayerful spirit, of course.

Second, the retreat can be made individually or in a group. Some people like to digest spiritual insights by talking about them with spiritually minded friends who read a chapter or two of the retreat and then get together to discuss what they've read. Other people prefer to go one-on-one with the Lord, and that's all right, too.

Third, the retreat can be made over the course of one weekend or over a longer period of time that fits with people's schedules.

Brother Mike, you just said your retreat can be made in a weekend, but I'm looking at this 430-page book and I'm thinking, "Who the heck can plow through such a brick in one weekend and call it a spiritual experience?" Answer that, Chocolate Man.
Felix, didn't I say this book is perfect as a Lenten sacrifice? Actually, the retreat only comprises about half the book. The other half is "bonus" material that's meant to be read after the retreat is over. That bonus material includes a compilation of quotes from the Diary of St. Faustina that reinforces themes from the retreat and is meant for later spiritual reading. There's also a "little soul" version of St. Ignatius's "Rules for the Discernment of Spirits." So, basically, people who buy this book are getting three books in one! Kind of like their Lenten sacrifice, you know, three in one — prayer, fasting, and almsgiving — and chocolate on top of it all.

OK, so let me get this straight. Your retreat is flexible. It can be made individually or in a group, during Lent or at any other time during a weekend or over a longer period of time. Now, let's talk about the spirituality of the retreat. The subtitle says it's inspired by the "Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius," and I see rays of Divine Mercy on the cover. So, is it safe to say that your retreat is a blending of Ignatian spirituality with the message of Divine Mercy?
That's exactly what it is. Saint Ignatius was a genius of practicality. He could masterfully organize and synthesize the essential principles of the spiritual life. Divine Mercy saints such as Therese of Lisieux and Faustina Kowalska communicated their amazing spiritual insights in the form of diaries, which are totally amazing and powerful. Problem is, their insights aren't systematized or organized in a way that assists remembering them and building them up in one's soul as a "spirituality." So, what I do in the retreat is use Ignatian-organizing principles to help a person enter more fully into Divine Mercy spirituality, what St. Therese called the "Little Way."

What does all that have to do with the title Consoling the Heart of Jesus?
Well, it's like this: Ignatian spirituality is all about finding a most essential principle for the spiritual life, and then directing all one's energies toward living out that principle. For the Jesuits, the congregation founded by St. Ignatius, that "most essential principle" was the greater glory of God. In other words, a Jesuit strives to direct all of his thoughts, words, and actions toward increasing the glory of God. It's a bit different in my retreat. I adopt as the most essential principle for my retreat the same principle adopted by St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Faustina Kowalska, and Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, to name a few. What did they see as the "most essential principle" of the spiritual life? Consoling Jesus. In other words, they directed all of their energies to delighting the Lord, giving Him joy, and consoling His broken Heart. Perhaps, Blessed Teresa expressed this idea most poignantly with her laser beam focus on the "thirst" of Jesus on the Cross. In other words, her most essential principle was to hear the thirst of Jesus on the Cross — not a thirst for water but a thirst for love — and to strive with all her might to "quench His thirst" by giving Him her love. Now, St. Faustina and St. Therese express the most essential principle in the same way, namely, the thirst of Jesus, but they understood quenching Jesus' thirst, or consoling Him, to be the same as trusting Him. That's the line my retreat follows. It focuses on consoling the Heart of Jesus by living a radical trust in His mercy. In a sense, the image of The Divine Mercy says it all with its rays of mercy and the prayer at the bottom, "Jesus, I trust in You!"

Brother Mike, I trust in Jesus, and I trust you, too. However, all of our readers might not know you. So, why should they listen to you? I mean, do you have any famous people who endorse your book?
Sure do. Do you like apples? How do you like these apples: Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Ralph Martin, and more [see the full list].

... Oh, and my mom.

Moms are great that way.
Yeah, she's probably my biggest fan with this book. I wrote it with her in mind. That is, when I was studying theology during my first year in the seminary, she wanted to know all about it. Problem was, she didn't have a background in theology, and she couldn't understand all the highfalutin terms, which I only pretended to know myself. So, I made a deal with her that when I would write my papers, I would try and keep the style simple so she (and I) could read and understand them. That's the style I used with this book, and it passed the "mom test."

So, you wrote this retreat when you were in the seminary?
Yes, but that doesn't tell you much, because I'm a professional seminarian. I've been in studies toward the priesthood for 15 years now. I hear they're finally going to ordain me a priest this year, but I've got to see it to believe it at this point. Jesus, I trust in You.

How long ago, exactly did you write this retreat?
Well, I finished the first draft of it almost exactly eight years ago. But, it's only being published now because I never actually intended for it to be a published book. Writing it was really a favor that I was doing for parishioners at my home parish in California. You see, I had given them a one-day preached retreat on the theme of consoling Jesus with our trust, and they asked me to give them a copy of the talks I had given. The copy of the talks became an early draft of my book. And, at that point, I let it go and kept my attention on my seminary studies. Well, those people from my parish made photocopies of the early draft and then photocopies of the photocopies were made until there was quite an "underground" following. So, I'd get e-mails or phone calls from people I didn't even know, encouraging me to publish it. In fact, just this last August, I was in Austria for a wedding, and I met a family who started talking about this retreat they had made years before that had touched their lives. They said, "It was strange because it was only a photocopy, and it didn't have a name on it, only the title, Consoling the Heart of Jesus." When I heard that, I thought, "OK, Lord, I hear You."

Was that the final straw that got you to finish the retreat?
No, there were lots of nudges. The biggest one came from Fr. Mark Garrow, MIC, who died in October of 2007. He was my biggest supporter in getting the retreat published, and I felt that support both before and after his death. The retreat is dedicated to him and to three other loved ones who died. One is Janeise Cowan, a woman who had cancer. She was one of the first people I told about consoling spirituality as I discovered it. The other two people are my brother's two infant daughters, Grace John Paul and Maryn Pia. I felt their help, too, during all the hard off-and-on writing work over the years. I'm grateful to them and to the many, many people who prayed for me to complete this book. I truly felt their prayers ... and I wish I could give them all a big chocolate bar for Lent.

Quick: Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
Dark. With almonds.

You're a good man.
You're an excellent questioner.

Stop it.

Brother Michael Gaitley, MIC, is preparing for his deaconate ordination on May 1. He lives on Eden Hill in Stockbridge, Mass., home of the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy. Visit the homepage for Consoling the Heart of Jesus.

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Maria, mother of 8 from Parker, CO - Mar 27, 2013

Fr. Michael,

My husband and I just completed your two retreats, in this last year: 33 Days to Morning Glory and Consoling the Heart of Jesus, and we are eagerly awaiting your next one on the Holy Spirit! We did these classes as a parish with about 60+ people in each retreat, with the DVD's and round table discussion. This last session of 10 weeks we did not want to end! We feel blessed to have been apart of these retreats, beyond words! But I will try... life changing, transforming, conversion, learning how to pray, learning how to trust, tools, step by step, how to!, incredibly uplifting, freeing, deepening of faith:)
Thank you, Thank you! We cannot wait to see you in Colorado!
God bless you! You are in our prayers, we can only imagine with this message you are conveying the weight you must be carrying!!!

Pamela Van Nest - Mar 24, 2012

I'd love to do the FR. Michael's "book retreat" but I don't know how to get the book. I am pretty poor so I don't have credit cards etc. Is there another way of buying the book?

XD - PA - Jul 5, 2011

Br. Michael,
Your book has been recommended to me by a friend who understands your message to be one that is allowing for the passive mortification on our souls. What place do you allow for the active purification that comes from small acts of self-denial? Is it not that the active purification is itself a response to God's action, and that it primes the soul to be most receptive to the passive purification? Thanks - I look forward to hearing from you

Anna CH - Feb 11, 2011

Fr. Michael ~ Under the section, "In the fifth Obstacle:The Insensitivity of Our Hearts," you mention that sin hardens our hearts. The first thought that came to my mind was not the sins you expounded on so much, as the closing of my heart from past hurts, disappointments, bad attitudes displayed by parents and elders while growing up, etc., so as not to get hurt again. Many people fall under this category. I wished you had addressed this further. Your book IS the answer to my prayers. Thank you.

tom,. houston - Nov 12, 2010

well i am doing it slowly, half way through. very good. all should put on their reading list. do a little each day and you will feel the grouth you are receiving.

Jennay - Sep 29, 2010

Br. Michael, Truly a spiritual brother to me. Your book describes my spiritual journey, even all the books you recommended. I know in heaven (and maybe before) I will give you a big hug. Thank you for confirming and guiding me in my faith journey to Jesus and my mission on earth.

Ann - Jul 22, 2010

This is the second book of this kind I've read recently and I found this one to be so simply and beautifully written-a real inspiration. Thank you Brother Mike, God certainly blessed you with a unique writing ability.

helen b. - Jul 4, 2010

I am a 75 year old deaf woman who is now very much alive and feeling the joy that i have longed for most of my adult years. Consoling the Heart of Jesus is now my priority. thank you Michael E. Gaitley MIC.

Kathy - Mar 22, 2010

This book has changed my life! I'm on a personal crusade to get everyone I know to read it. Thank you so much for this work.

Daniel Dopudja - Feb 28, 2010

Thank you so much for releasing this book. I remember being at the retreat in which you gave the talk about Consoling the Heart of Jesus in the old church at SPC. A wonderful and enriching talk. I'm excited to read your book!!!

God Bless you.

Stacey - Feb 21, 2010

I love this book. It is well written and easy to read. I already feel myself growing closer to the Lord and now truly do believe that I can become the Saint that the Lord wants us all to be. Thank you Br. Michael for this wonderful gift.

Alice - Feb 18, 2010

Your add made me laugh. I got an e-mail about your book. Went on-line and ordered. It came yesterday. Perfect timing...not mine. Thank you so much for writting this book. I am in great need of it. Still smiling.

debbie slavin - Feb 17, 2010

Dear Br. Michael,
I have just gotten the book, reading you describing, "I thirst", and how the Lord thirsts for us, and how we thirst for him, this will be a beautiful book.
God Bless you, you are in my prayers as you approach the date of your Ordination. may Our Lady keep you in her mantle, and may the Merciful Lord bless all you do.

Michael - Feb 17, 2010

As you know Michael we go back many years and i'm so happy to see you as a grown man following the Lord. I'm so impressed and proud of you as i know your family is. Hoping to see you soon.

Jessica Doman Sheguit - Feb 16, 2010

Br. Mike, this is amazing! I am so proud that you are published. I look forward to my retreat! Next, can you put into words your take on Napoleon Dynamite? I had a difficult time relating your thoughts to Brad.
Have a blessed Lent and I hope to see you at your ordination(s)!

Nwanze Henry Ejike - Feb 15, 2010

Congratulations. May d good Lord keep you for the path you have choosing.You really touched my spirit, i cant wait to read your book.

Gerri - Feb 15, 2010

Bro. Mike, I also want to add my thanks for your grace-filled book! I had the great good fortune to pray with my sneak preview of "Consoling the Heart of Jesus" last Lent, and I cannot tell you how blessed I have been since then. I have not stopped referring to it. In fact, many of my pages are "dog eared"...not because I don't understand it, but because I find something new each time I read it! Every time I need to "center" myself, I only have to look at the cover picture. You have given us a treasure! God bless you all the days leading up to your ordination to the priesthood.

Gina - Feb 14, 2010

I like this interview/advertisement. Funny! You rock, Br. Michael!

Diane - Feb 14, 2010

I loved reading this interview -- and can't wait to order my copy! Thank you so much for your desire to make "spiritual direction" simple and attainable for all!

Roni from Mercy of God Prayer Center - Feb 13, 2010

It was great to read this interview; Felix told me so much about you on his visit to Texas. At our Mercy of God Prayer Center, we have used an Ignatian-exercise for Spiritual growth in our 2-to 3- year school. We have encouraged EADM cenacles throughout our area. I will recommend this Lenten book to as many as I can. I can't wait to "pray" it through Lent... I am so glad that I could sit and read your interview this morning... Until I can visit the Shrine in Stockbridge, I pray that Jesus be with us in a special way...

Philomena fan - Feb 13, 2010

if I may throw in a little Almond ofcourse !) nut :)-

Many recently read about the self mortification of Pope John Paul 11; our Holy Father possibly agonised over the scandals in the Church and would one of the means he used would have been what he did , through those flagellations !

Our first parents had chosen to make the evil one their partner , in wanting to become like God , liseting to its voice , thus Eve (and Adam too ) would be dominated by this partner !
Instead ,we now plead for The Holy Spirit to take dominion , in all areas of all our lives !

Our Lord showed us on The Cross, by being in total union with The Father , surrendering to The Spirit of Love , how every moment of pain is also an instance of more dominion of The Spirit , on all our behalf !

We too wanting this means of surrendering to The Spirit , in love , using little mortifications , yes, even physical ones - a small ruler on the hand for instance for the hands to be under power of The Spirit instead of of wrong powers etc : - would our Lord not be pelased that 'we make up what is lacking' in our efforts to claim for us this power and dominion of The Spirit !

Tina - Feb 13, 2010

Brother Mike,
I am looking forward to reading your book this lent. Our rosary group has actually commuted to listening once a week to tapes from Mother Nadine Brown on prayer & discernment through St. Ignatius spirituality. I will recommend your book to them as an added bonus on a daily basis. I wish you all the best. Our rosary has adopted praying for priests & religious. You will be added to our list! May God richly bless you. Don't forget to pray for all those who will be purchasing & reading your book! In Christ, Tina

Theresa - Feb 12, 2010

Your mother was my oldest son's CCD teacher for First Communion about 8 years ago at St. Peter Chanel. I have been praying for a way to strengthen my 3 children's faith now that they are in jr high and high school. I will be buying your book and sharing it with my family. God bless you and say hello to your mom!

Nancy - Feb 12, 2010

I love chocolate, Dark, the darkest, why? Because it is not as fattening and it is good for your complextion. Br.Michael's angelic face tell's you he is a chocolate fan. He and I are one! Tomorrow, i am doing Chocolate Fest in Fairfield Maine 10 am to 12 noon, and yes i intend to have chocolate I will however think of you Bro. Love of Christ Nancy

susie - Feb 12, 2010

Br. Mike - as I sat in front of my computer thinking what was I going to do for lent I clicked on the email from the Marians and 'Lo and behold there's my lenten retreat - staring at me!! I could not believe it!. It was just as If the good Lord was talking to me! Can't wait to get your book and start on my retreat while snacking on dark chocolate M&M peanuts!!

tina - Feb 12, 2010

I think this is such a great idea. I am going to buy the book and eat chocolate chip cookies while I read it! But seriously I hope to learn something this lent and this sounds like like fun too.

Tammy - Feb 12, 2010

Br. Michael, You were at a John 6:35 retreat in NC a few years ago and I just want to let you know I have been praying for you and since then! I am glad and thankful to God Almighty that you will be ordained into the Deaconate this year in May! May Our Lady continue to keep you close to her Son.

Danette Barowsky - Feb 12, 2010

Brother Michael,

What a wonderful concept...I would love to buy this book and use it! Would I be able to get it autographed when Tom and I are volunteering this year during Divine Mercy Weekend?

Linda Page - Feb 12, 2010

Thank you Br. Michael! I was cleaning my shelves about a week ago and came across my photocopied retreat. I had put it in a vinyl binder for safe keeping. Well, I don't know what kind of ink was used in those days, but most of the cover picture stuck to the binder in a big black mess (ewwww!) and I can't make out the image at all. Still, I had the thought--this would be good for me to do again for Lent! Thanks for the confirmation! Can't wait to get my new copy. :-)

Lora Ann - Feb 11, 2010

I think this is a wonderful idea. I would like to share something as well. A dear friend of mind, Father Dan Papineau of St.Mary's in Lee, Mass. mentioned in one of his Lenten masses when I was visiting there last year, that during lent, we do not always have to think of sacrifice alone, but to think of giving as well, doing something more instead of just doing something less,perhaps going to mass an additional day per week, helping someone or visiting someone elderly or in need, etc. I like this concept and respect this very much.
Thank you for your information as well.

Ziggy Chodzko-Zajko - Feb 11, 2010

Well done Brother Michael - can't wait to read it - can I get a copy in the Philippines?

Dave Deaton - Feb 11, 2010

Br. Mike, it was so good to hear from you tonight! I am so excited that this book has finally been published. I did the retreat last year and it was awesome! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen their love for Jesus. God bless you Brother, and may this book touch many peoples' hearts!

Fr Jeremy OMV - Feb 10, 2010

Br Mike, you're yourself! Keep at it! I am very happy for you and the Church. Have a blessed Lent!God bless you and your family! Your Bro, Jeremy OMV

Annie Norton - Feb 10, 2010

This is so awesome Br. Mike! We are so excited for you and this huge accomplishment! I'm sure many graces will flow as a result of it. I've ordered one and am looking forward to getting it in my hands!

Cousin Blanche - Feb 10, 2010

Praise God. It will be my Joy to finally be able to share this wonderful work of God with those I love. Billy and I have been blessed by this work in progress since the first time we picked it up. Whether we read a chapter or just 1 page, we were always inspired. Thank you!

Erin Dunne - Feb 10, 2010

YAY!!!! Br. Mike!!! Anne Funk sent me this link!!! Congratulations, Praise God, this is so wonderful, this retreat has helped me to believe in God's infinite love for me. thank you for all your hard work and prayers, God Bless you and all the Marians abundantly!!! and May Our Lady guide you all to Jesus

Mark Hartfiel - Feb 10, 2010

Thanks Br. Mike! This retreat became the foundation of mine and my household brothers' spirituality at Franciscan University. It opened me up to many of the great treasures of the Church. It is a goldmine for great spirituality.

Bob D. - Feb 10, 2010

Bless me Br. soon to be Fr. Mike for I have sined and it hurts! You gave me your manuscript to your Great work a long time ago and it got burried in the avavelanch of my book collection and so I have not read it yet. ;-( This has been long on my mind to read it and if you recall when you first told me about this title and your writting I was very excited for you and with great desire to read your "inspired" work. Please forgive me for my delay.
As a joyful penance Maureen and I will read this together with anxious delight. ;-) I truly believe that The Holy Spirit has inspired you to do this with the theology of (as the late Fr. Herold Cohen coined) Sts. Faustina and Therese as the "Dreem Team"! Now I would ask a favor of you. May I blend some of your thoughts for a class report on St. Therese, Doctor of the Church that I will do for an upcoming class of my third year formation for the permenant diaconate? You will be given credit and reference for your book.
We will be praying that all who read this Book will be so inspired as to trust all the more in Our Most Loving and Merciful Triune God. Many Thanks for answering "the call".
Isreal was the promised land flowing with milk and honey however, The Promised land of Heaven is loded with chocolate!!! God's Blessings!

Michele Faehnle - Feb 10, 2010

I just ordered 20! I will be sharing it with all my friends and family. Please send me promotional materials so I may share this info at our Columbus Catholic Women's Conference.

Fr Andy Davy MIC - Feb 10, 2010

I have personally had the pleasure to do a prototype of Br. Mike's retreat when I was preparing for my ordination to the priesthood. And I can tell is a first class! I will be promoting this book at the parishes I am assigned right now!!!!!!!

William - Feb 10, 2010

Congratulations! So happy to hear about this and perfect timing. Just when I was beginning to like chocolate again!

Will be getting myself a copy and asking others to do the same.

In Christ and Our Lady,

Mrs Clark - Feb 10, 2010

Br. Michael,

I am so happy your book is ready at this time of year. I was blessed to read it years ago when your mom gave me a photocopy of the “original”, and I was blessed again when you emailed me the “final draft”. Sunday I told Sr. Catherine it would be available this month so of course I am buying her along with several others a copy.
Pax et Bonum!

Kathleen - Feb 10, 2010

Congratulations! Finally! We are looking forward to having your book here in Nashville for our Lenten walk. I challenge everyone to purchase two- one for yourself and let the Lord recommend the second recipient as your Lenten almsgiving.

Br. Jerry - Feb 9, 2010

Br. Mike, maybe you could include a bar of chocolate with every book purchase (ha, ha)! Seriously, I can't wait to read this book, with or without the chocolate. Congratulations!

Marilyn Packer - Feb 9, 2010

The Lord works in mysterious ways. I'm sure that I will grow and learn many things from your book. You continue to touch many people's lives in so many ways. Thank you for that.

Tracy G. - Feb 9, 2010

Can't wait to order it and read it Mike. Thanks for figuring out my Lenten sacrifice for me this year!

Br. Michael Gaitley, MIC - Feb 9, 2010

Yes, I'm here shamelessly reading my own article that just came up here on the web. I'm elated and amazed that Br. Angelo gave the first comment, because he was one of the biggest supporters of the book. (No, this wasn't planned.) In fact, he was the main designer of the cover. Thanks for all your help, Angelo, and God bless you, too. (Now go be the second person to sign up for the "Confraternity of Consolers"! -- See CHJ homepage.)

Br. Angelo Casimiro, M.I.C. - Feb 9, 2010

Br. Mike, congratulations on finally releasing your book! After I first read one of your earlier versions a few years ago, I said to myself, "Wow, this retreat really needs to be published so that it could help more people grow in the spiritual life." Now here we are in 2010 and "Consoling the Heart of Jesus" is finally seeing the light of day. I know it will bear much fruit. I've seen all of the blood, sweat and tears you've put in the last year in getting this book published. From all of us who have read the previous versions of this retreat and from those who will soon be reading it for the first time, thank you for your total YES in quenching the thirst of Jesus and consoling his heart. God bless you, brother!