Let's Go to St. Joseph!

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How does this sound: The largest spiritual consecration in history?

What an incredible opportunity! So let's do it.

In this Year of St. Joseph, let's join together for an outpouring of grace by consecrating to St. Joseph. Let us each entrust ourselves entirely to St. Joseph and, in the words of Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, "become a faithful, loving, and trusting companion to Jesus and Mary!"

Here's what to do:

• Get the consecration book Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father, by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC. Price: Your donation, plus $5.25 shipping. Offered until March 1. Visit StJosephNow.org or call 1-800-462-7426. (One per household. Continental United States only.)

• Begin the consecration on Feb. 15, so that you can complete the consecration on March 19 — the Solemnity of St. Joseph! (If the timing is too tight, here's another option: Begin the consecration on March 30, so that you can complete the consecration on May 1, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker!)

Why St. Joseph? Why Now?
Let's consider who St. Joseph is. A humble carpenter, a working man from Nazareth, St. Joseph became husband of the Mother of God, foster father of Jesus, provider for — and watchful defender of — the Holy Family. 

In doing so, he fulfilled an essential position in the plan of our salvation. This is why, after Jesus and Mary, St. Joseph, the Patron Saint of the universal Church, is the most highly honored and influential member of the human race. 

"At a time when families are under attack, marriages are falling apart, when people have turned away from God, when there's so much anxiety and fear, we really do need St. Joseph," said Fr. Donald. "We need his protection. Now is the time of St. Joseph."

We consecrate ourselves to St. Joseph because in him we learn to tap into our own capacity to do all things for the greater glory of God. Think about it: No matter what madness and gladness the world threw at Joseph, he remained a counterweight of composure. He accepted that God had a plan for him. 

Societies crumble without men like him.

When we consecrate ourselves to St. Joseph, we declare that we wish to become more like him: better citizens in the Kingdom of God, more prayerful throughout our day, more eager to do God's will, more honest in our dealings with others, and more devoted to our family or loved ones. Nearly every vocation in life, nearly every job or task, provides opportunities for us to be more like St. Joseph. 

It's no wonder that consecration to St. Joseph stands as a thoroughly practical endeavor. Though his days on earth have passed, St. Joseph remains a powerful intercessor in Heaven.

Saint Teresa of Avila, the first woman Doctor of the Church, attributed her miraculous cure from paralysis to him. She wrote:

I wish I could persuade everyone to be devoted to this glorious saint, for I have great experience of the blessings which he can obtain from God. I have never known anyone to be truly devoted to him and render him particular services who did not notably advance in virtue, for he gives very real help to souls who commend themselves to him.

Saint Joseph played a prominent role in the life of St. Faustina as well. In her Diary, entry 1203, we learn four important things:

• that St. Joseph urged her "to have a constant devotion to him";

• that he wanted her to recite the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, and the Memorare once every day;

• that he was supporting her work to make Christ's mercy known to the world; and

• that he promised her special help and protection. 

In our day and age when so many people are hungering for holiness, meaning, and love, God gives us St. Joseph, a man who, in his earthly life, remained ever grounded in faith. From Heaven, he stands as a go-to saint to help us find firm grounding when forces beyond our control — including demonic forces — stand to unsettle us and pull us toward despair and ruin.

Let us consecrate ourselves to St. Joseph and let us do so praying that the Guardian of the Holy Family walks with us on our journey of faith; that he gives us the wisdom to determine God's call; that he gives us the strength to bear unexpected troubles; that we grow in holiness; that we deepen our awareness of our poverty and utter dependence on God; that we live our lives with the goal to bring ourselves and others to Heaven; and that we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to loving and serving God, our families, and our communities like the humble carpenter.

Just as the Holy Family relied upon the fatherhood of St. Joseph, in this Year of St. Joseph, the Church is calling us to rely on him, too. Let's do so — on March 19. 

We need help from Heaven. Saint Joseph, the tender-hearted carpenter, father, husband, and friend, disappoints no one.

Visit StJosephNow.org.

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Maria Dwyer - Mar 19, 2021

Happy Feast Day of St. Joseph, congratulations to all who are doing their Consecration today! I offered prayers for all of you at the morning Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! God Bless!

Regie - Mar 15, 2021

The SPIRAL STAIRCASE of the Loreto Chapel is the real STAIRWAY to HEAVEN as it is a work by ST. JOSEPH.

Rommy - Feb 15, 2021

My book hasn't arrived yet.Can I double up on the devotions and still finish in time for March 19?orshould I wait and begin on March 30.

Linda - Feb 4, 2021

Will there be a virtual Consecration to St. Joseph that we can sign up to participate in?

Danny - Feb 2, 2021

I have just finished reading the 2 part2 in preparation for consecration starting on February 15 and I'm really looking forward to it I've loved reading more about St Joseph as he's always been a special Saint for me

Julie - Feb 2, 2021

Katie I think that is a wonderful idea to have a daily virtual discussion on FB. Would love to join you.

Katie - Feb 1, 2021

Wonderful! My husband and I did the Consecration last year on March 19th, and this year are renewing it! This time we feel inspired to do a virtual discussion group inviting others to journey with us and discuss the questions you have in the appendices with others on Facebook! St. Joseph, pray for us! Thank you for this beautiful gift!