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Little Flower, Great Love

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"What matters in life ... is not great deeds, but great love." — St. Therese of Lisieux, as found in her spiritual masterwork Story of a Soul

On Oct. 1, we celebrate the feast day of St. Therese of Lisieux, a saint of the 20th century. Little noticed while living on this earth, but great in Heaven, St. Therese lived such a humble life that, as she lay dying, one of the sisters in her Carmelite convent said, "What will we write about her? She didn't do anything!"

She didn't do — she loved.

That's the secret of her sanctity. She trusted in the love and mercy of the Lord Jesus, believing that the God who came down from Heaven to become one of us would reach down to the little souls, the weakest of believers, and raise them up to Himself out of love. She imitated the love of the Lord, doing everything with great love, seeking to always act according to the demands of love.

And, in so doing, she consoled the Heart of Jesus, the hearts of her neighbors, and enlarged her own heart enough to become a conduit for the love of the Lord during her earthly life and into her life in heaven.

"My mission — to make God loved — will begin after my death," she said. "I will spend my heaven doing good on earth. I will let fall a shower of roses."

Let us ask her to let fall some of those roses into our own lives and the lives of those we love. Let us pray for her intercession for all of our needs, especially those that seem most difficult or impossible, for the Little Flower is mighty in Heaven.

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Stacia - Oct 12, 2016

St Therese you know the worries in my heart, please stay with my family please guide us and protect us help us avoid any troubles. please fill my sons heart with faith hope and love, help us find our way, guide us to where the Lord wishes, guide our hands and minds to do His work with the love you have shared, please bless us with your intercession, you have blessed us many times and I am so thankful, the roses received bring peace to my heart as I know you hear our prayers. Please lead us from this dark time, I place my trust in the Merciful Father, let His Will be done. Please keep all safe esp. Our beloved Pope let his words touch many as well as all who do the Lords service with such unfailing love and compassion. thank you little flower I love you dearly amen.

RTKM - Oct 4, 2016

St Therese, please don't let my daughter have cancer. I beg you to let her tests come back good. She's suffered in the past. Please let her live a long healthy life and marry a good man. She's a good person. Please for me heal me of my medical problem. For 6 months I've been sick. Please give us back our lives. You have heard me in the past. Please send a rose I beg you to please help us especially my daughter.

Concerned Parent - Oct 3, 2016

Dear St. Theresa, please kindly pray and holy touch the heart of Trinity St. Clair . She and people like her need to experience Divine Mercy in purity and share Gods love towards holy purity

CHARLES OTIENO - Oct 3, 2016

Dear St Therese, thank you for your intercessions for us here on this journey of faith. Pray for me as i continue to help in the establishment of Perpetual Adoration Chapel and the increase of faith in the Cathedral Parish of St Therese Kibuye. Pray also for the increase of faith in the clergy and the faithful of this Cathedraland the entire Archdiocese of Kisumu. St Therese please shower Roses for them and all of us, Amen.

Elizabeth - Oct 3, 2016

St. John of the Cross said: "At the evening of our life, we will be judged by love". And St. Therese the Little Flower was inspired by Scripture and by St. John of the cross. St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was inspired by St. Therese (the Little Flower). LOVE REALLY MATTERS TO GOD!!!
St. Therese, pray for us to always have the courage to love even in difficult circumstances. Pray for the dying and pray for healing for those who are suffering emotionally, physically and psychologically. AMEN!

Victoria - Oct 3, 2016

St. Therese thank you for all the graces and blessing we received through your intercession . Please help me pray to love God more like you do .

NM - Oct 3, 2016

St. Therese, please pray for my son's mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Gabriela - Oct 1, 2016

Plray for hardened hearts to be soften

Susie - Oct 1, 2016

Please pray that my husband will be granted a better job, and please pray for guidance and direction for our sons. Amen.

Brenda - Oct 1, 2016

Perfect little flower please intercede for me, I suffer with depression and mental illness and have a difficult time getting through every day. Please pray that I am emptied of all negative things and that I am filled with the love of God. I asked this through Jesus Christ our Lord amen

AGO - Oct 3, 2015

Please ask the lord to keep me humble and take away my pride. Heal me from my lychin amyliodosis

JG - Oct 2, 2015

Please St Therese, God's Little Flower, I pray that you would you would intercede that all my nieces & nephews and great nieces & nephews would become closer to me in love & deed, thank you

GTT - Oct 2, 2015

Pls send a shower of roses to my daughter who is needing a job and strength and discernment and protection during difficult divorce. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored,glorified,loved and preserved through the the world now and forever. Thank u amen.

Randy Goyeneche - Oct 1, 2015

Pls pray for our little hydro warrior princess, pls help us pray so that she will be healed and she could have a chance to serve God and live a normal life.. Pls St Therese..

MAry - Oct 1, 2015

St Therese, please pray and intercede for my children for their conversions, safety, and jobs! Thank you for your past intercessions! God's mercy is eternal!

lte - Oct 1, 2015

St Therese pls send roses from heaven to my daughter who has a scary divorce as her ex family is very powerful,,,pls help her in this difficult time to get justice, and get the childs custody as she is a very good and loving mom to them,, she is a batttered wife,,pls pray also for her safety and kids safety in her everyday life,peace of mind and happiness,,thank you so much St. Therese

Theresa - Oct 1, 2015

Please pray for my daughter Jeanne to get a job.

Mace - Oct 1, 2015

St Therese please intercede for me that what I have been praying for has been granted. Give clarity to my mind that i may follow the path which God has set before me. May my visa application be approved on your feast month. PLease pray for my family nd grant us good health and spiritual guidance. Thank you for always praying for me.. Amen.

Lorena Thiell - Oct 1, 2015

St teresa plese pray for my family we are going throw a difficult times send us a rose so we can feel pease in our hearts and pray for us to be reunite in the name of the Lord. Amen

Diane - Oct 1, 2015

Little Flower, I beg you for a miracle for our 9 year old great-niece Lilly who is in hospice from leukemia. I humbly beg your intercession!

Colleen - Oct 1, 2015

I ask you St Theresa to help guide my daughter Tina in her pursuit of work that will support her the rest of her life.I pray to St Joseph each day and now can pray to you. I help support her with no reminders to her. God bless you for all you do for us exiled here. I pray I will meet you in heaven. I pray this with loving gratitude and a joyful heart. Amen

Richard - Oct 1, 2015

I will spend my heaven doing good on Earth.

What an awesome and beautiful view!

Lord grant me the peace of knowing that what I do, is what You want me to do for You in this life.

Irene - Oct 1, 2015

I need your intercession sweet little flower. My resources are exhausted to find financial relief,just enough to pay our debts. Pray for restored health for me so I can continue to work to pay my debts. Through Jesus name we pray.

FRANK - Oct 1, 2015

Please heal my cancer and restore my mobility. Also, be a part of the sale of our home to the neighbors. Conversions in our family. Frank P

Sallie - Oct 1, 2015

Dear St.Therese,
Humbly beseeching for a "good prognosis" for my breast cancer..Please I need your Divine Intervention and Intercession...Tomorrow I meet with the Medical Team....
With grateful heart...

MMHMacW - Oct 1, 2015

Please St. Theresa, watch over Cheryl McClellan's family as they begin their life without Cheryl, who has gone Home and will be in pain no more. Please help a lot of conversion take place because of Cheryl's devotion to her Catholic Faith. She was courageous and an inspiration to all of us, and was so loving to all she met. She must have been following your lead, Saint Theresa.

JRL - Oct 1, 2015

Thank you for everything.Please help me to excell and to be friutfull in my work so i can provide living to my daughters..please help Jesus name..

ESM - Oct 1, 2015

Blessings on my family especially my boys. Good health, good jobs, peace, happiness, unity in our lives and our home.

JDM - Oct 10, 2014

St. Therese, fill me with Gods love. I'm struggling right now. Lord Jesus, give me your heart. I ask this through Christ my Lord, amen.

cp - Oct 5, 2014

please pray for my daughters and that we will be reunited, so we can begin to heal and spread Jesus' everlasting love.

EP - Oct 3, 2014

Shower my children with flowers from heaven., as well as my parents with health happiness and love for GOD, keep them safe.

GC - Oct 2, 2014

Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, of your dearly beloved Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world. For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, have Mercy on us and on the whole world. If You suffered so much, how can we expect to suffer so little. However, we need your help. We need your Mercy. We need your Peace in every moment and every day. Help us all.

Hurting Father & Grand Father - Oct 2, 2014

St. Theresa please I need guidance through trouble times my grown children need me and my grand children need me and I can't be there for them because I am fighting with Depression and pain every day and I feel I let my whole family down

mickyeggs - Oct 1, 2014

Help me to be more like you

mickyeggs - Oct 1, 2014

Help me to be more like you

Kristie - Oct 1, 2014

Help our children to be healthy this school year. Thank you, St. Therese! I pray Zach always feels your closeness to him, and that you help him throughout his life. Also, I pray both boys stay close to each other their whole lifelong. Amen.

Kl - Oct 1, 2014

St. Therese please pray for my family. My ex abandoned his beautiful daughters, parents, & sister 5 years ago. Please pray for Jim to return to his family, having a better relationship with them & The Lord. We are all very depressed and it's been hard for me to get through a day. Thank you so much!

roses from heaven for my cousin John - Oct 1, 2014

Battle cancer, may he survive, to raise his children and continue to be loving Father and Husband.

Pat - Oct 1, 2014

St. Therese, Please pray for my daughter in her search for a good job, and for her return to the church. Praise you for all your blessings.

So - Oct 1, 2014

please sent flowers to my child who needs to heal in body mind and soul. Pray for her to find her inner self and happiness. Bless her and her husband. Grant this through Jesus Christ our lord and saviour amen.

mk - Oct 1, 2014

Please st.theresa take away my cancer if not please dont let it spred or get worse and please make me better and live a happy healthy life. One more thing please let me start eating or im gonna get real sick. send me a rose and please let me know u hear me and you will make my wishes...prayers come true and i'll live for years to come. thank you

dmathis - Oct 1, 2014

This has pricked my heart. My daughter is a very difficult person. It is like living with a porcupine. She is sharp in words and actions and this causes pain to myself and especially her 4 year old son.
St. Therese I need your help to keep loving her.