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Lourdes Water Heals Deadly Cancer

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By Marc Massery (Jun 13, 2019)
Not surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, nor any other type of treatment could help Carol Hickson of Lee, Massachusetts. But a little water from Lourdes, France, did.

Four years ago, Carol was diagnosed with stage one uterine cancer. She had an operation and her doctor pronounced it cured. About six months later, she started coming down with symptoms again. She had trouble walking. She kept falling, often unable to get herself up.

After a particularly bad fall, she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Doctors discovered that her cancer, instead of being cured, had actually spread to her pelvis and hip. "We were kind of disappointed with the primary care doctor," said Steve Hickson, Carol's husband. "We kept telling the [primary care] doctor to send her back up to the cancer doctor to get a CT scan as a follow up to the cancer, [but the doctor never did]."

She endured two rounds of radiation. But instead of shrinking, the tumor ended up growing slightly. "It was a good-sized tumor," Steve said. "It was advanced stage [endometrial cancer]. So, they pronounced it terminal at that point. They put her in a nursing home, and for two years just managed her pain." Preparing to die, Carol was given over to the care of hospice.

While Carol was on bedrest, waiting to die, a family friend gave Steve water from Lourdes, France, to give to Carol. Water from Lourdes, the site of Our Lady's apparitions to St. Bernadette in 1858, has been tied to many reported physical healings.

"I appreciated it," Steve said. "I took it up to my wife the same day or the day after, applied it to the area where the cancer was, and hoped for the best."

As several months passed, they realized Carol didn't seem to be getting any worse. Doctors finally decided to give her another CT scan. "That was just prior to Thanksgiving [2018]," Steve said. "At that point, as the medical report stated, it was absent, totally gone. There was no trace of cancer anywhere ... all of a sudden with no chemo, nothing for two years, it totally disappeared. And it was advanced stage endometrial, a very deadly cancer. My wife is kind of viewed as a miracle."

Since Carol had awaited death so long in a nursing home in the care of hospice, unable to walk, the Hicksons do not know for sure when exactly the cancer healed. Even when they verified that the cancer had cleared, the tumor had caused enough damage to her pelvis to disable her from walking.

"Doctors were astonished," Steve said. "They had stamped in bold letters on the report 'significant finding' when they found out the cancer was absent. It was one of those things that's extremely rare that happens. Especially with this type of cancer. We have all the reports; it's well-documented."

So the Hicksons cannot credit doctors or any sort of medical intervention for Carol's healing. They can only credit the healing waters of Lourdes, France. "That's what I believe," Steve said.

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- Jun 15, 2019

Thank you Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette xox

Erik - Jun 14, 2019

thank you most Blessed Virgin Mary for your divine intervention in the name of Christ our Lord amen.

- Jun 14, 2019

Mother most merciful thank you for healing Carol.

catherine - Jun 14, 2019

Glory and thanks giving to God for Carol

- Jun 14, 2019

Mother mary of God pray for us.

- Jun 14, 2019

Thank you Mother Mary for this miracle!

- Jun 13, 2019

May the Lord be glorified .