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Father Bob Vennetti, MIC, blesses and lights the giant Circle of Light candle at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy.

Marians Dedicate Circle of Light Candles

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By Dan Valenti (Feb 7, 2011)
Curse the darkness or light a candle? Those are the choices in life, especially during difficulties.

Friends of the Marians Fathers of the Immaculate Conception consistently choose the latter, knowing that the Light of Christ can cast away the most unmitigated blackness. In this Light there is hope. Without the Light, there is only despair and darkness.

Members of the Association of Marian Helpers know this lesson well and, though it is not easy especially when one world seems to be falling apart, they work religiously, you might say, to keep their focus on Jesus, The Divine Mercy.

In this way, Marian Helpers were recently sent small pieces of wax and invited to return them to be melted into a large candle of love and light. The Marian Helpers' Circle of Light is a special group of supporters who assist the Marians by pledging to have at least one votive candle lit every month for their prayers and intentions.

Neither Wind, Snow, Nor Ice ...
On Wednesday, Feb. 2, in the middle of a gigantic snowstorm of historical proportions that cut a fierce swath of winter throughout 30 states from Texas to Maine, Fr. Bob Vennetti, MIC, blessed and lit the giant Circle of Light candle at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy on Eden Hill, Stockbridge, Mass.

About a dozen hardy pilgrims braved the snow and ice to be there on the feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Each of those little bits of wax was molded into a beautiful white pillar symbolizing Christ's presence. The many became one, and the Circle of Light candle began to glow. It will remain on the altar at the National Shrine and be used during liturgies.

The "presentation" of the Circle of Light candle brought to the altar each petition, prayer, request, intention, and devotion of every Circle of Light member who responded so generously to the Marians' call. Father Bob began the Mass with a blessing of the candle, saying it "signified the Light of Christ, which, by the lighting of this candle, we invite into our lives."

Throughout the Mass, the tall candle stood to the right of the altar, producing a clean, steady flame. The flame — dazzling white at the outer layer, yellow in the next inner ring, and colorless at the core — delicately flickered, testifying to the Light.

Recognizing Jesus in Our Lives
In his homily, Fr. Bob said the lighting of the candle on the Presentation feast represented "a joint commentary on both Son and Mother" and the need for them as our directors and guides in our pilgrimage journey here on earth. Just as a candle, when lit, enables us to see much further into what would otherwise be darkness, the story of the Presentation lets us see Jesus through the light and testimony of two significant Scriptural figures — Simeon and Anna. Each was in the temple when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus there. Each had much to say about the coming of the Lord.

"Simeon and Anna were filled with the Holy Spirit," Fr. Bob said. "They both recognized that this baby was the long-awaited Messiah. Both were up there in years, and yet they persisted in faith that they would not die before seeing the Redeemer" for which Israel had for so many years been waiting. "That redeemer was Jesus, the Light of the all nations.

"Simeon," Fr. Bob said, "was able to see beyond the helpless infant he held in his arms. He sees the Messiah. That's Divine Mercy working in his soul." In the same way, by God's light, we must learn to see Jesus in our everyday lives, in the people we see and the things we do.

'Experience His Light'
As for the prophetess Anna, Fr. Bob called her a woman of endurance, married for seven years only to be widowed. Nonetheless, he said, "She didn't get bitter. She used it as a time of prayer and worship. Anna used her sorrow to get closer to God. When she saw Jesus, she couldn't keep it to herself.

"We can learn from this," Fr. Bob said. "We can learn to invite the Lord into our hearts — the Light of the world represented by this candle we bless today."

Father Bob then related this to the life of St. Faustina, pointing out that on several occasions, she saw apparitions of the Child Jesus, once on the feast of the Presentation. During this apparition, Mary and Joseph also appeared to her at the altar. These extraordinary mystical experiences are meant to reveal the Holy Family's reality, Fr. Bob said, and their availability to us all through prayer and supplication. We likely won't have the grace of experiencing the Holy Family through mystical encounters such as the ones Jesus gave St. Faustina, but we can have equal access to the goodness of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

"Jesus comes into the world to be a living Host in our lives," Fr. Bob said, so we can experience His Light and His love to share with the world. He thanked the many members of the Circle of Light ministry for their unflagging support of the Marian Fathers and of the message of Divine Mercy.

Learn more about the Circle of Light.

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Nkky - Sep 1, 2017

Thank you for all your intercession since I started imploring you for help.
I continue to pray for our settlement visa, that it will be granted in Jesus might name amen.
That unconditional love will continue to grow in my marriage and my relationship with my husband. I pray for all round protection for my brothers and my sister together with her family. That their businesses ( the farm and the bar ) will. Be successful In Jesus name Amen. Please bring peace to Onyia quiet anozie and asogwa families in Jesus name. I pray for my single brother, uncles , aunties, friends together with cousins that you bless them with life partnersAmen. Bless my trying to conceive friends and family and all the women all over the world trying to conceive. May the souls of all the faithful departed Rest In Peace Amen.
I ask for forgiveness of sin and blessing of the Holy Spirit Amen. Bring my husband closer to our Lord Jesus Amen. Bless my daughter with wisdom and knowledge Amen. Let her be bless in life. As we prepare for another baby, I pray for twins and that it would not be difficult to conceive Amen.

j&s - Nov 27, 2016

I know there are others who have greater needs. But please pray for Jay and Stacee get back together. I lost my son after he completed suicide. It has taken its toll on us. I'm just now seeing the other side if the grief. Please ask for Gods assistance in helping me be patient and keep my peace I've found. Pray communications will open up and the silence will end. Pray that all the evil acts ,negative influence s and obstacles be cast out and release the hold it has on us. Pray that our love will strengthen and our bond unbreakable. Pray that all of jays fears and doubts will disappear indefinitely. Thank u

J%S - May 12, 2016

Please pray for the negative,fears,doubts distance and evil works keeping these two apart be destroyed immediately. Open the lines of communication back up between them. Let them get a fresh start based on love,understanding, and honesty. Please help Stacee stay positive and patient. Pray no one will come between them and they will continue to only have eyes for each other.Ask for Jay to help her with her grief for the death of her son. Let him find understanding, compassion, and support for her thru this immediately. Don't let anyone come between them or cause anymore damage. Protect them thru this separation and Bring them back, honest,loving,and passionate.

A servant of Jesus and Mary - May 14, 2011

May God be Praised!

Our families are in great need of prayer. This will provide a torrent of graces for all those for whom we pray. Thank you very much for allowing us to be members and join our prayers with yours. The Marians are always in my prayers.

God bless you.

deb - Feb 7, 2011

how beautiful, to read about our prayers, those of the circle of light members, through your writngs you have brought us to the Shrine, for the Presentation of the Lord.On the many occasions when visiting the Shrine, looking at the candle, I know where you have placed our prayers, and Our Lord, who sees and hears everything, sees our light burning brightly. May the Marian Fathers and brothers, and Marian Helpers be blessed in all they do.