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Photo: Marie Romagnano

Oscar Delgado with Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC.

Marians Honor Oscar Delgado

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By Marc Massery (Aug 29, 2017)
One lottery ticket and a sign from God in a devotional booklet launched Oscar Delgado's Divine Mercy mission. Today, at Mass in the Our Lady of Mercy Oratory in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, the Marian Fathers recognized Oscar's outstanding contributions to their cause.

Before Oscar became familiar with Divine Mercy, he worked as a bureau chief for NBC News in Latin America and was the senior war producer. He traveled the world covering war stories for the network, but on April 15, 1992, he won the lottery: $4.2 million. He won this money on the Wednesday of Holy Week and realized that he needed to put it to good use. In prayer, a thought began to gnaw at him. He said that he kept thinking over and over, "What does God want me to do with my life?"

He searched for answers while he travelled to Bosnia for work. He had the chance to visit Medjugorje and, while there, he looked for a sign from God to answer his question. He went into a small shop and was handed a booklet on Divine Mercy. He randomly opened to a page, looked down at the black and white lettering and immediately a date struck him: April 15, 1978. This was the date that the Vatican lifted the prohibition on Divine Mercy and the same month and day that Oscar won the lottery. Oscar took this as a sign from God that he ought to spend his time and resources promoting Divine Mercy.

"I had always gone to Mass and been a communicant," Oscar said, "but promoting Divine Mercy took it to the next level."

One of Oscar's contributions involved commissioning a huge statue of the Divine Mercy to help fulfill Christ's desire that all see this image. The statue he had built is made entirely of bronze, weighs over two tons, and reaches 16 feet high. Today, it stands on the hill of Nyarushishi, near the Shrine of Our Lady of Kibeho in Rwanda. In another effort to promote Divine Mercy, he worked with the Marian Helpers Center to produce Divine Mercy Matters. This miniseries on reaches into the archives of the Marian Fathers and shares the history and meaning of the Divine Mercy message.

At Mass today, Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, had Oscar and his friends each come up to the altar and light one of seven candles for their intentions.

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but Fr. Seraphim had the duty of explaining what a seraph candle was. In his homily, Fr. Seraphim said that seraph means "the burning one." The seraphim, the seven highest ranking angels referenced Revelation 1:4, get their name because they burn continually with intense love before the throne of God.

Seven candles representing the seven seraphim burn perpetually above the altar in the Our Lady of Mercy Oratory — located in the Marian Helpers Center — for all those memorialized on Eden Hill.

The Marian Fathers will hang an image of a seraphim with a dedication to Oscar.

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John paul - Sep 10, 2019

Am greatly touched by Oscar Delgado's devotion to divine Mercy. I have the same zeal to put a statue for our parish church. How do I get contact to Oscar Delgado for guidelines.

Maria-Paz - Sep 3, 2017

This is an amazing story. It inspires me to pray and dedicate my life To The Divine Mercy.
I learned about The Divine Mercy though my late mother-in-law.