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John (background) shortly before his stroke in 1994. Seen with Zelia, John is now happily retired and serves the Lord in his parish and local community.

'My Husband Has Risen!'

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The following comes from Friends of Mercy Joao (John) and Zelia Botelho of Ottawa, Canada:

Around 6:30 a.m. on April 4, 1994, the Tuesday after Easter Sunday, John was getting ready to go to work. I looked at him, and I noticed he was sweating profusely. He said he was very dizzy. I gave him some water, and he choked because he couldn't swallow. I knew these were symptoms of a stroke. I brought him to the hospital and explained my fears that he had suffered a stroke. The doctor examined him and said that he may have a virus, and sent him home around 11 a.m. When he got home, he laid on the sofa, and later I noticed that his face and ears were turning blue. He became paralyzed, so I called an ambulance. It was around 12:30 p.m.

All afternoon the doctors performed the tests. It was around 8 p.m. when the doctor said John had a massive cerebral and stem infarct (stroke). My husband's brain was so swollen, a millimeter away from the skull, he could have easily gone into a coma. At this point, he was functioning only with the help of tubes and machines.

During the next three days, a team of doctors could not agree to a treatment because the blockage was impossible to operate on and it was blocking a master vein. On Friday, around 2 p.m., the doctors announced that things had gotten worse. His lungs were totally congested and infected.

I was devastated and went to the visitors' room alone. It was close to 3 p.m. Grieving, I started imploring Jesus for His mercy. I was aware of the Novena to the Divine Mercy. I had started saying it with my husband on Good Friday. I reminded Him of the coming Divine Mercy Sunday. I told Him that I trusted Him and His promises. I even mentioned all that my husband did for His Church. At that moment I stopped crying and experienced a total silence and joyful peace. I sensed that my husband's lungs were clear and that he was going to be OK.

I went back to the intensive care unit and asked the nurse to please check the X-ray. She did and looked surprised for a while and told me to wait for the doctor, but she couldn't see anything wrong. I looked at my watch, and it was 3:20 p.m. With so much joy, I thanked and praised the Lord.

Little by little, he started waking up and opening his eyes. The doctor came to check the X-ray and examine him and congratulated me and told me my husband was coming back to life!

The next day, Saturday morning, when I got to the hospital, John was sitting upright. He was grateful and cheerful.

I talked to Jesus on Divine Mercy Sunday morning at Mass and said, "It's Your feast day. I want to see more." When I got to the hospital that day, I went to the intensive care unit where my husband had been. The nurse couldn't wait to grab me by the hand and show me his empty bed. I said, "My husband has risen!" The nurse said, "He did!" I found him sitting, looking great, and talking to a friend from church.

It has been 22 years since the stroke. Today he is a healthy and active man. He gardens and helps neighbors. He is grateful and faithful to the Lord.

Thank You, Jesus!

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Kobina Forson - Jul 1, 2017

Thanks be to God

A.M. - Apr 3, 2017

Awesome indeed . Hope the doctor who missed the diagnosis also has been a beneficiary of mercy .
Low Magnesium is said to be major factor in strokes and heart attacks ( and other aliments - article on line.) Using the inexpensive , easily available Epsom salt , adding some water to 2-3 tsp of same in a bowl and massaging it on the body
( can add a few drops of oil to avoid dryness of skin ) before bedtime 3-4 times a week might be a good way to prevent strokes and broken bones etc too .
Good in gardening as well .
God Bless !

Susana De La Cruz - Mar 30, 2017

Thanks be to God, and your divine trust on the mercy of Our Lord. Such a beautiful blessing and love story. A true comfirmation that Our Lord does work miracles for those that truly believe in His Divine Mercy and Divine Graces. Awesome, awesome,awesome