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My Prayer: 'Help Me to Trust'

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By Diane Saia

In 1989, my brother sent me the instructions on how to pray the Divine Mercy Novena. I prayed for a job, and I soon got one. From there, I realized that all those years I had no idea what my Catholic faith was all about.
I asked myself:

Do I believe in God? Yes.

Do I love God? Yes. 

Do I trust God? No.

So I prayed to Him, asking Him to help me to trust. I had done things in my life that I thought were unforgivable. I had abortions, and I was terrified what would happen to me [on Judgment Day]. I also thought I deserved to die. 

When I learned about the message of Divine Mercy, I learned in a deeper way about my Catholic faith — what it was all about. Jesus tells us through St. Faustina that the greater our sins, the greater right we have to His mercy (see Diary of St. Faustina, 723). He loves us. Period.

Divine Mercy changes everything. I am a witness to it, and when you experience His mercy, He makes you zealous so that you want to tell others about it. He makes you not afraid to share your experiences with others.

For any woman who has had an abortion, go to His mercy. He will make it so you are not afraid anymore.

Diane Saia lives in Everett, Mass.

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CARDENAS - Aug 7, 2013

My name is Mr Cardenas,my wife was having affair with a senior secretary in her office. I love this woman so much that i would not want to share her with any body. i told her to retire from the job and i would take care of all her needs but she would take it because she is been embraced by everybody in her office, this normally leads to quarrel every-time. i tried all i can to please her and she will promise to be good , some days later she will turn back to her normal way.
i was nearly loosing out, i could not focus in my job, my whole life was full of sorrow and i was thinking i should kill the other man my self and put an end to all this until i saw a testimony from a blog on how DR EDIONWE could cast a love spell to bring lovers back no matter what is behind the disappointment. so i decided to write him via email. and now all my wishes are exactly as i wanted. She told me everything that has happened secretly in the past and i forgave her as DR EDIONWE instructed me to and she loves me and care for me as i ever wanted. i know there are many spells that do not work but i want to assure all you out there no matter what you have been trough to have faith and believe that this is the final solution to your problem.
Even if my job is taking most of my time, the little free time i have , i will share the good news to everyone in the world because i know that with love brings happiness and hope for a long life.

blasio - Jul 10, 2013

Good encouragement tome i will try praying the chaplet