Nine Days to Joseph: Consecration Day

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By Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC (Mar 19, 2015)
For the new Marian Press title Meet Your Spiritual Father: A Brief Introduction to St. Joseph by Dr. Mark Miravalle, Hearts Afire: Parish-based Programs creator Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, composed a special nine-day preparation for entrustment to St. Joseph. Here's the consecration:

Day of Consecration to St. Joseph
Dear St. Joseph,

On this day, before God and your Immaculate Spouse, Mary, I ___________________ choose you as my spiritual father forever. I formally entrust myself to your fatherly care. I love you, and I trust in your prayers for my life. As your spiritual child, I give you full permission (and in fact, I'm begging you) to please act in my life, especially by...

Praying for me constantly in a special way,
Bringing me even deeper into the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Providing for me and all my loved ones,
Guarding and protecting me from bodily and spiritual evil,
Guiding me to always do God's most perfect will,
Helping me to suffer with love and without complaint,
Giving me purity of body and of soul,
Forming me into a person of peace and joy,
Preparing me for a beautiful and happy death.

From this day forward, St. Joseph, you are my spiritual father, and I am your child. I trust you and love you, and I look forward to meeting you someday in heaven. I ask all of this in Jesus' name and for the glory of God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Nine Days to St. Joseph
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven
Day Eight
Day Nine

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Flo - Mar 11, 2021

For all children who have. Single Moms May they look to St Joseph for strength n guidance n feel his love!

- Mar 4, 2021

Vance - May 9, 2019

St Joseph, I pray that you and Jesus help me be a good father for my children, that I may be a wonderful husband to my wife, that I may be able to hear the Lord as you did and trust the Lord as you did.

I pray that I may let my ego, my pride , my fear, and my envy get out of your way, so together we can serve and walk with the teens during this team formation journey.

Help me be the spiritual father and friend they need.

Lilly - Mar 19, 2019

St Joseph
I pray for my children that they stay on the right path and find spouses that are good Christians and will enhance their lives. I pray for my health and weight and finally I pray that this case can be settled to my benefit ????????????????????????????

JDS - Jan 23, 2019

Dear Pa Joseph, please help my sister find the right spouse and bless my family with love and peace. Amen
Thank you Pa Joseph

C R - Jan 22, 2019

St Joseph I feel really lonely n pray for and pray for a good holy loving caring life partner as per God's will. Please take care n protect me n my future husband and guide us to meet and know and recognise the fact that this marriage is God's will for us. Thank you I entrust my future to your loving care. Thank you dear chaste n pure st . Joseph.

Bridget - Nov 12, 2018

Please St. Joseph, help my husband find a good job for him and our family very soon.

Jeanette - May 26, 2018

St. Josepeh: I pray that i can find a good job soon. That i will never experience unemployment again. That i can find work i love to do and i can use my gifts and talents that the Lord has given me to be the best of my ability. Please grant me more interviews and more job opportunities with my skill background. And when i do find employment that i will be in a secure and safe place. And that i can provide for my family and help others who are in need. Thank you. St. Joseph worker of miracles please provide for me and my family. Thank you.

Caroline - Apr 29, 2018

Thank you St. Joseph the Worker of miracles! Thank you for getting me back to work. Thank you so very much!

Karen - Mar 19, 2018

St. Joseph please offering your protection , peace, strength and light over my children and me.Anxiety and fear to leave us and that all our needs are met with prosperity and joy returns to our lives

Brian - Jan 15, 2018

Please pray that I am healthy and for a friend of mine, who may be sick as well, and for greater purity in my life. Amen.

D. Pizzo - Mar 19, 2017

Oh Dear St. Joseph! Please watch over me and my loved ones and bring us closer to Our Lady and your beautiful Son! Watch over our children and bless them especially Joseph Anthony being baptized today!

Patricia - Oct 16, 2016

Today st Joseph I consecrated myself completely and wholly to you please always keep my faith strong and be with my family and my husband always we will always put our trust and faith in you. Amen

Maria - Aug 16, 2016

Pray for my safe trip to Egypt. Remove all my fears, phobias and panic attack, depression and insomnia.

Surrey - Mar 19, 2016

I want to thank you St Joseph for all of your many prayers for me over so many years! You are such a powerful intercessor, and I am forever grateful to you for your fatherly protection towards me. Please pray for Jesus to bring me a husband after your own heart. I ask also that you will send me a rose very soon!

Klp - Mar 19, 2016

Dear St Joseph,
I trust you and consecrate myself and my children to you. Please intercede for us, I know Jesus respecst you and loves you and listens to you! Thank you!

Klp - Mar 19, 2016

Dear St Joseph, I consecrate myself and my children to you. Since you are the adoptive father of JESES, your intercession will be powerful! Thank you

Mary - Jul 28, 2015

Thank you my Dear St. Joseph, my Spiritual Father, for always being there for our Spiritual mother, Mary and Jesus. I love you St. Joseph and in joy and gratitude consecrate my life to you. I am so filled with happiness and a load has been lifted from my life as I trust completely in your love and care for me, my family and all. Please watch over me and all of us here, please constantly pray that I, your newly adopted spiritual daughter, will always follow the will of our Lord and work to serve Him, Mary, you and all the saints. Please show me God's ways and be there for me as I am so weak at times. Please help bring me closer to Mary and Jesus always and help me to have the honor of bringing others to you and helping them on this earthly journey toward heaven, so difficult at times. Thank you Joseph for all your kindness and compassion to all in heaven and on earth. I love you and am so full of joy to consecrate myself to you and know You will always be there for me...and me for You. I trust you and am ecstatic about this opportunity to now go forward in confidence and trust with You to guide me and be there with me as I continue on my journey through the difficulties of life toward my heavenly home. Thank you and all praise to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to Mary, You an all the saints forever. Thank you Lord for giving us our dear spiritual Father Joseph and Mary and all the saints to help us to find our way to You. I know my life will be blessed with You to guide me and advocate for me. Thank you in advance for all the blessings and assistance I know You will provide for me through Your love and prayers.

franzy - Mar 27, 2015

St. Joseph,
today i claimed and you owned me as my spiritual father, tahnk you so much. Today ive lost my father in law but i gained Spiritual father! I am grateful to be one of ur children. Please embrace me and take away all the pains and sadness in my heart as i lift it up to you. I love you papa Joseph! I offer to you also my family that you do protect, pray, guide and provide them as well. May you always take care of us and pray to your son Jesus and Mary as we walk in this life. Thank you, today you are now my Father! please accompanied my fthr in law as he comeback home, in heaven.

Aireen - Mar 23, 2015

Dear St. Joseph,

Happy Feast Day!
Thank you for the 9 days novina prayer in preparation for your feast day. For all my prayer petitions and intentions all I ask for is guiding me to always do God's most perfect will, We love you and Thank you so much St. Joseph.

Janette Agustin - Mar 20, 2015

Dear Saint Joseph, I have always kept my faith and I grew knowing you as one of my guardian angel. I am fervently asking for your guidance to take care of my my family especially my children Rey John & Angelica . Protect us all from harm and always be with us in our everyday ordeal . We seek your miraculous intercession to unfold in our lives. Bless us with your love and guiding hand that we may always have the right path , grant us the grace(s) that we need. May we have a good future ahead with God The Father, Saint Joseph, Mama Mary all the Angels & Saints be our source of strength and inspiration forever . Amen

Pri - Mar 19, 2015

St Joseph thank you for interceding for us.I pray that you will continue to intercede for us in all our necessities. St Joseph pray for us Amen.

jeevitha - Mar 19, 2015

st.Joseph thank you for all your prayer. I love you and I trust you. my father you know what i am praying for years and years. i am waiting for your answer, Please give me change to give a birth to healthy child and please help all my need please pray to your son Jesus. thank you my father

Patricia - Mar 19, 2015

St. Joseph ,thank you for being with us,as we have been praying these nine days for your intercession for our needs. Stay with us,always.. I love Father,Son and Holy Spirit,Blessed Mother,St. Jude, you St. Joseph and all the Saints in Heaven,Padre Pio,my Angel of God.. Amen.

Barbara - Mar 19, 2015

Dear St. Joseph, Thank you for being there for me and my family. Thank you for watching over us. With you as my guide, I will always be there for my family to teach them as I have learned from your son Jesus Christ. Thank you. Barbara

Ikoko - Mar 19, 2015

The Foster of Christ, whom by this means becomes our Father. Guide us in a similar way of Jesus especially at the point our diffculties and needs. St Joseph, Pray for us.

Jude Thaddeus, my patron saint - Mar 19, 2015

Oh St. is "the day"...I, myself and so many others have consecrated the essence of oneself as your "adopted spiritual child" entrusting our hope, the deepest desires of our heart, building to fruition that childlike trust in your tender and caring protective nature as we implore your powerful intercession. You are the foster father of Jesus Christ Our Savior, hence I (and so many others)have asked the same of you for us this day as we entrust so much to you as we consecrate ourselves to you most holy heart. I entrust myself to you St. Joseph; I completely entrust myself to Abba Father, His Son Jesus Christ the Savior of the world, and the Holy Spirit. I further entrust myself to Mother Mary, Blessed Mother Mary, my Heavenly Mother. I thank you for the precious gift of my Catholic Faith -- I want to be so wholly convicted in my faith as my own patron, Jude Thaddeus was. Lord, I Love You. Jesus, I Trust In You. Holy Spirit descend upon me yet again, today and dwell within me and through me.