Nine Days to Joseph: Day Eight

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By Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC (Mar 17, 2016)
For the Marian Press title Meet Your Spiritual Father: A Brief Introduction to St. Joseph by Dr. Mark Miravalle, Hearts Afire: Parish-based Programs creator Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, composed a special nine-day preparation for entrustment to St. Joseph. Here's Day Eight:

Day Eight — St. Joseph, Man of Peace and Joy
Dear St. Joseph,

I know the Bible doesn't speak directly of your joy, but how could you not have been full of joy? I'm sure you were. You lived in the presence of Jesus and Mary. Well, St. Joseph, please pray for me that I will also find my joy by also living in their presence. And having yourself lived in their presence, you must have been a man of such peace. St. Joseph, please pray for me that I keep my joy and not give in to sadness, laziness, or discouragement. Also, pray that I keep my peace of soul and not hold on to anger and bitterness in my heart. Help me to be merciful to everyone by offering forgiveness that I might also, like you, be a man of true peace and joy.

Saint Joseph, Man of Peace and Joy, please put me at peace and help me find joy.

Send your intentions to be remembered by the Marians during the St. Joseph Novena.

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Lilly - Mar 17, 2019

St Joseph
I ask you to fill me with peace in the knowledge that my children will be ok and continue on the right path. I pray that I soon will find peace at the end of this long fight and may it be to my benefit. Thank you

Bini - Jan 20, 2019

Please grant us the peace of knowing that our children are safe in the plans of Almighty God.

Faithopenjoy - Mar 17, 2017

St.Joseph please help my niece with a safe delivery and for God'said will in her troubled marriage.Please help myou sister find a new job.And please choose for me a holy husband if marriage is God's will in my life. Thank you so much St. Joseph! I♡U!!!

Zelia - Mar 17, 2016

I pray for my son Peter who was born on St. Joseph's feast day, and who took on Joseph as his confirmation name; I pray for his spiritual well-being and for all aspects of his life, that St. Joseph will protect him and guide him to do God's will. St. Joseph, pray for us! Thank you, Marian fathers!

Klp - Mar 17, 2016

Dear St Joseph,
Please help me to find peace and joy in my broken family. Family life has been hard for me, a woman with a sick husband, two children who grew up with no fatherly authority and made mistakes....St Joseph, I long for joy in the family. Do not let me fall into depression. Thank you!

Klp - Mar 8, 2016

Dear St Joseph,
Please pray for my broken family. My children did not grow up in a happy family because their father is chronically sick and I, the mother, is constantly worried and tired. St Joseph, please help my broken family find joy!

Diane - Sep 19, 2015

Oh Saint Joseph - thank you for being my Spiritual father. I love you along with Blessed Mary and Jesus. Thank you for protecting me and I thank you in advance for finding a good job for my son who is laid off and looking for work. Please pray for a Saint Ambrose to come into my son's life - please protect and guide my son. Thank you in advance for the changes I am about to see in my son from your powerful intercession. Jesus, Mary and Joseph pray for us.

Wendy - Sep 12, 2015

Thank you for being our guide same as what you did to your son jesus. Please help me in sending my petition to jesus christ that i and all the examiners this october 2015 for cpa board exam may pass and be a CPA.. Please be our guide all throughout in our review and help us brighten our minds and help us to understand and answer the questions correctly and that in future we may be able to use it to help others.. Please have mercy on us.. I have faith with you that you will never let me down on this fight with the help of all the angels and saints and most of all jesus christ.. Amen.. Thank you

Jim - Jul 29, 2015

Thank you for prayers of intercession for my family and I...and for all those who need your help. I thank you for allowing me to consecrate myself as a spiritual child to you...I am full of joy because of this and have confidence and a smile on my face and soul because I know you are here for me, interceding to the father and helping me as the best parent and provider. How blessed I am!! I ask you St. Joseph to help my family so we can become closer as you, Jesus and Mary were. Help us with our employment and financial situation so this does not distract from living our lives abundantly. I thank you in advance for all the miracles your prayers will bring for me and others. I will proclaim your goodness and kindness forever for I know you are now praying to heal all that ails my family and all who seek your health. Thank you St. Joseph, thank you dear admirable mother, thank you Jesus and all the saints for your prayers for me and my family. May I do Your will and be able to help advance your kingdom in any little way I can.

MM - Jul 29, 2015

Dear St. Joseph, Thank you for praying with and for me and all of us who so need your kindness and compassion. Please Joseph, right now, can you bring peace and some joy and happiness to my son who is so discouraged by his job and situation in life right now? Please guide others to him to help him and help him to find love and peace in life. He so deserves it and I can't be there to help him. Joseph, with Mary and Jesus, I trust You to touch him and give him you love and care so there will be a miracle of joy in his life today. Jesus, I trust in YOU!!

franzy - Mar 25, 2015

St. Joseph,
make knOwn to me a forgving heart, patience to wait, joy and thanksgiving for all the grace and blessings set before us and understanding why things happened unexpectedly. i pray that whatever challenges and struggles our family are facing today the presence oF Jesus and your great help tru prayers will prevail. For i know everything is made known to God. We give thanks and praise for all the things God had done and doing to in Our lives. May ur protection be continually always with us. In Jesus name, Amen.

Tracy - Mar 19, 2015

Please protect my children I pray for them to walk I the ways of God I pray for their future spouses and children I pray for Gods will in our lives

Brittany - Mar 18, 2015

I pray for a happy marriage and the blessing of a baby.

lydz - Mar 18, 2015

Dear St. Joseph: i humbly offer to u our family of my son, Leo Adrian going to kuwait 4 a job, may u intercede in his behalf 4 God's permission, guidance and protection always. Thank u St. Joseph. Amen

Aireen - Mar 18, 2015

Dear St. Joseph,

It's almost closer now to your feast day. I pray that please help me to find my peace and joy to my career path, family and love life. I pray that you may always intercede to Jesus all my prayers and petitions specially passing my CIA and CPA Board Exams 2015 and most of all the God's will for me. I love you and Thank you so much St Joseph.

Ijeoma - Mar 18, 2015

Through the intercession of st Joseph ,Lord let me have a safe delivery and together with my husband bring forth our child in Gods ways . Amen

Pierre - Mar 18, 2015

St Joseph, I pray that you help me to be a better father, husband and catholic gentleman. I ask that you bestow the type of humble integrity you showed the whole world Amen.

emily - Mar 18, 2015

Saint Joseph please intercede for all of my intentions for my children. working visa for my daughter. please Saint Joseph i know their is nothing impossible in you..keep us safe from all harm and danger...

Emilie - Mar 18, 2015

please intercede for the healing of my family and pls protect is from all danger & calamities. Thank you St Joseph

Helen - Mar 18, 2015

I pray for my love for his urgent recovery from stroke, and I pray also a good health always for my family. Thank you very much.Amen

Gloria - Mar 18, 2015

Guide me to bring peace and love back to my family and to become healthy and no addictions

Gloria - Mar 18, 2015

Guide me to bring peace and love back to my family and to become healthy and no addictions

Alicia - Mar 17, 2015

St Joseph please help me to overcome the many obstacles blocking my finances.

jude-julius - Mar 17, 2015

St Joseph thank u for my family especially my wife may I find peace and happiness in them,may u brimg me spiritual and financial breakthrough to take care of my family.Amen

Bert H. - Mar 17, 2015

Please please Father Joseph, Protector of the Holy Family, help and protect me and my family and friends from all dangers..

Veronica - Mar 17, 2015

I'm praying for my mom who's battling cancer, for my dad, to our family and friends, and for the poor souls in purgatory

claudene - Mar 17, 2015

I pray for me and my husband and family to have peace joy and happiness also many blessing .Amen

roslyn palynchuk - Mar 17, 2015

for the poor,lonely and sick

Patrick - Mar 17, 2015

I pray for my WEDDING preparation to go well and for the well being of my family.

Emmy - Mar 17, 2015

Thank you in advance Saint Joseph, for what you have done for my spouse.