Nine Days to Joseph: Day Five

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By Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC (Mar 14, 2016)
For the Marian Press title Meet Your Spiritual Father: A Brief Introduction to St. Joseph by Dr. Mark Miravalle, Hearts Afire: Parish-based Programs creator Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, composed a special nine-day preparation for entrustment to St. Joseph. Here's Day Five:

Day Five — St. Joseph, Who Did God's Will
Dear St. Joseph,

You did God's will. Dare I say you did it perfectly? Saint Joseph, I want to also do God's most perfect will. But on my own, I will fail. I need your help. I trust that with you as my spiritual father, you will guide me to always do God's most perfect will. Truly, St. Joseph, I want to reach the degree of glory that God has prepared for me in heaven. I want to bear fruit that will last. I don't want to let God down. I want to be a saint. Help me, St. Joseph. You see how weak and sinful I am. But teach me, good father. Help me to follow the commandments and please make my heart sensitive to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. I know that as I entrust myself to your care, you will guide me and show me how to always do God's will. I give you permission to redirect the stream of my life if it ever departs from God's most perfect will.

Saint Joseph, who did God's will, please always keep me in God's most perfect will.

Send your intentions to be remembered by the Marians during the St. Joseph Novena.

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Marianne M. - Mar 14, 2019

prayers for me, my husb, our dtr, our "Family"; St.Joseph's intercessions for each/every one of us, our immediate, natal, extended, "spiritual", "work", "(social) activities", "Ohana", Catholic Church Parish(es)/Parish Community/ies's "Family" & for all of my Intentions;

Lill - Mar 14, 2019

St Joseph please guide and protect my children in the correct path. Please help me with my financial troubles, let it be settled for my benefit. Help me with my health and weight.

Louis Andre banatty - Dec 5, 2017

Please bless my son louis and help him to find his way to set up his business and be successful healthy and happy

Elizabeth, SC - Mar 14, 2016

Thanks Fr. Mike for this beautiful prayer. To have the grace of doing God's will (just as our Lord mentioned it in the Our Father) is the ultimate prayer.

Angelica - Mar 14, 2016

Thank you very much for all the times you have helped me an my family in so many ways.

Klp - Mar 14, 2016

Dear St Joseph,
Help me to trust that God knows what is best or me and my children. May his will be done!

Klp - Mar 5, 2016

Dear St Joseph,
I am a poor mother who wants the best for her children but I am a weak sinner. Please help me to do God's will, knowing that HE knows what is best for us!

franzy - Mar 22, 2015

St. Joseph, i plead to your guidance and direction as my spiritual father. HELP me to change the way my heart feels,the way my mind thinks and the way i act that it will be pleasing to Jesus your Son. That i may Not hurt or cause trouble others life even in my own life. Help me get through this under your divine guidance and care. Thank you for the answer, i believed and claimed it. pls interced on my prayer to Jesus Christ. Amen

Chester - Mar 16, 2015

Dear St. Joseph
Through your intercession, may you help me grant my Birthday wish which I petitioned to God. This is the day St. Joseph that I will hopefully hear this good news. Amen

Aireen - Mar 16, 2015

Dear St. Joseph

Who did God's Will of God. Please pray and help me how to find and how to do God's will for me. Not on my on but I need your help. I now that on my on, surely I will fail. Please saint joseph help me to find and know what's God's will for me. If it's to study hard, pray hard and trust to believe that i can make it passing my CIA and CPA board exams. I beg you to please help me how to surpass my weakness specialy my academic exams. I hope and I pray that you will redirect my path to found and to know the God's will for me. Thank you and We love st Joseph.

Yola - Mar 15, 2015

Please St. Joseph Help My daughter with her immigration documents. ️️Thank dear spiritual father St. Joseph

omameh precious - Mar 15, 2015

I tnk u lord,for d gift of life,upon ma family,frnds,nd mysef.
Lord pls help me to make a gud result in my forthcoming exams
Lord grant me wisdom,knowledge nd understanding
Bless my father ,deliver my mother.
Let our light shine for d world to see,amen.

Idam John Chidi - Mar 15, 2015

Thank you Jesus for always helping me to trust in you. May your mercy never depart from me expecially at this hour of no job

- Mar 15, 2015

God thank u for d gift of life and children which u gave me,change adaeze mind to return to us what belong tour,amen.