Nine Days to Joseph: Day Four

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By Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC (Mar 13, 2016)
For the new Marian Press title Meet Your Spiritual Father: A Brief Introduction to St. Joseph by Dr. Mark Miravalle, Hearts Afire: Parish-based Programs creator Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, composed a special nine-day preparation for entrustment to St. Joseph. Here's Day Four:

Day Four — St. Joseph, Strong Guardian
Dear St. Joseph,

When I think that God gave me my guardian angel and St. Michael to daily watch over me and defend me, I'm not afraid. But then, when I think that you, you who are even more powerful before God, are my spiritual father, when I think that you are the "Terror of Demons," when I think of how you protected the Baby Jesus from Herod, then I am completely at peace (or, at least I know I should be).

Saint Joseph, please pray that I will have the peace that comes from trusting in your fatherly protection. Saint Joseph, I believe that you will protect me from my enemies, seen and unseen. I believe that you will protect me from bodily and spiritual harm. I trust in your fatherly care. Saint Joseph, I will do my best not to give in to fear, knowing that you are praying for me in a special way as a child who has formally consecrated himself to your fatherly care.

Saint Joseph, Strong Guardian, please defend me with your prayers.

Send your intentions to be remembered by the Marians during the St. Joseph Novena.

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David - Mar 2, 2019

Dear Saint Joseph, please make sure that Father Micheal Gaitley now becomes a great saint in an easy way, absolutely speaking.

Jackie - Mar 31, 2018

I am looking for my life long partner, a God loving man to be my spouse and step-father to my three beautiful girls.

Mary - Mar 13, 2018

I’m praying for my personal intentions especially for my daughters. Thank you St Joseph for always hearing my prayer. I love you as my spiritual father.

Suzanne - Feb 15, 2018

Please pray that I find a job that supports my family and finds favor with God.

Patricia - Apr 19, 2017

Please pray for us that our housing situation gets straightened out, either a mortgage modification or a quick sale of our home and the purchase of another home near our home for our children. Please we are in desperate need of a solution to this problem.

Vicky - Mar 12, 2017

Peace, unity, and the grace to forgive one another for all members of our family who are at odds with one another.

Rosaria - Mar 15, 2016

Please pray that my son is guided in his daily life, as he is a young college student, who needs this. Pray that he is kept safe as well. Thanks be to God

Elizabeth, SC - Mar 13, 2016

Dear St. Joseph
Please pray for an end to abortion. You were the very one who quickly delivered Baby Jesus from Herod. Pray that all babies developing in the womb will reach maturity and be safely born. Protect all children from neglect and abuse; that they all be loved and cherished by their biological parents or by the parents who adopt them. Pray also for me because I want to visit some relatives who are far away - and this requires some travelling. Pray for me to have a safe journey; both going and coming back.

Tom O'Brien - Mar 13, 2016

Pray that my men's group starts

Klp - Mar 13, 2016

Dear St Joseph,
Please protect my broken family from bodily and spiritual harm. The father of my children is too sick to protect the family, so please grant us, especially my children, your fatherly protection!

Klp - Mar 4, 2016

Dear St Joseph,
Grant me mental peace. I trust in your fatherly protection for me and my children. I believe you will protect my children from bodily and spiritual harm. Stay with me, St Joseph, because the father of my children is chronically sick and I am alone to face the everyday trials.

Joyce - May 9, 2015

Dear St. Joseph, the husband of Mary & foster Father of Jesus plea pray that no harm comes to Sheila & her children, protect u them from spiritual & physical harm. Please stand between them & all attacks. We rest knowing you are praying for us. Thank you Spouse of Mary.

franzy - Mar 20, 2015

St Joseph, I seek for your immediate help to pray to your Son Jesus,great Healer to send healing for my father in law who is in the hospital and in not in good condition. We humble down ourselves and laid up to you his life. Let
Your will be done o Dear God. amen

franzy - Mar 20, 2015

we, our family, thank you St. Joseph that tru your powerful prayer we are already protectd frm any forms of harm. Keep us all under your shield and armor. May the heart of my enemies melt as they they attempt to do harm coz they see you, St joseph, in us. Amen,amen.

Aireen - Mar 16, 2015

Dear St. Joseph

The Immaculate spouse of Blessed Virgin Mary.Please pray us to your son jesus all our prayer intentions and petition to God and to jesus. Specially this one please help me passing the CIA and CPA Licensure Exams 2015. Hopefully before the year end comes I can get some credentials which I needed to have a good and better job inline with my bachelor's degree. I pray and I hope that my prayers is in accordance with God's will. Thank You and We you so much St. Joseph.

joy - Mar 15, 2015

Am using this moment of novena to ask God to come into my marriage and be the protect my husband and preserve us and give him promotion. And to have mercy on us and forgive us our sins.

Chabe - Mar 14, 2015

St. Joseph please take care of Michelle and Joseph who are traveling now, protect them and for the health of my daughter Michelle. Thank you

Olivia - Mar 14, 2015

please pray for my son and husband to be good fathers and husbands like you were Dear St Joseph. Also my two son-in-laws. For my husband & I to have the means to pay off our debt.

Jose Jr - Mar 14, 2015

Prayer request to find job & to rest of the unemployed. Been out of work for almost 3 years now.

Peace around the world - Mar 14, 2015

Please pray for peace around the world more especially where Christians are risking their lives because of Faith.

lucy de. - Mar 14, 2015

very special intention . .

cesar carandang - Mar 13, 2015

prayers to select my employer to korea

joan - Mar 13, 2015

please pray for me st. joseph i'm waiting for my working visa to approve. Amen

MILANI - Mar 13, 2015


Gabrielle - Mar 13, 2015

I believe,I believe,I believe!Amen.