Nine Days to Joseph: Day Nine

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By Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC (Mar 18, 2016)
For the Marian Press title Meet Your Spiritual Father: A Brief Introduction to St. Joseph by Dr. Mark Miravalle, Hearts Afire: Parish-based Programs creator Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, composed a special nine-day preparation for entrustment to St. Joseph. Here's Day Nine:

Day Nine — St. Joseph, Who Died So Beautifully
Dear St. Joseph,

I know I am going to die. When I do, I trust that you will be there to greet me with Jesus and Mary in a special way. Will you please promise me this? I trust you. I believe that you will be there for me. For my part, I will try not to be afraid of my death, and I will live my life in preparation for it. I will maybe even look forward to it as the time when I will get to meet you face to face. Prepare me for my death, whenever it may be. If it is sudden, please make sure that my soul is prepared and please make sure I will not be lost! Dear St. Joseph, obtain this grace for me as I consecrate myself to your fatherly care. Tomorrow, I am fully yours. Probably someday after that, I will die, and I give you permission to take me home to my Father's house when that day comes.

Saint Joseph, who died so beautifully, please prepare my soul for death.

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Thresa - Apr 16, 2019

1.Get me married to my partner2.i want the job i interviewed for with good pay3.good health of my from evil

Rianni - Feb 23, 2018

Please St.Joseph help me to refinance my home at a better rate than before. And please protect Please St. Joseph,
protect and bless my son and family and friends. Please heal my broken heart soon- opening the heart of the one I love & wish to reconcile with. Please let them realize they llove and miss me & prompt them to say this to me very soon. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Sal - Nov 14, 2017

St. Joseph please protect my wife and daughter
While I am away on my trip.

Lisa - Sep 11, 2016

ST Joseph who performed so many miracles.I hope that you come to my re sure very soon as I am desperate on my finances.I pray that you help me to seek help soon.I have all the faith in you that you will.Thank you for listening to my prayers. AMEN

NaNa - Mar 21, 2016

St. Joseph, as you protected your family from harm and became the ideal of perfect spousal and fatherly love, lead my sons to be devoted husbands and loving and unselfish leaders for their children in all that they do. Thank you for your prayers.

Vianney - Mar 20, 2016

St Joseph foster father of our saviour, you saw young Jesus grow up and you helped him achieve his mission. Please intercede for me I need to pass my exams please please

Elizabeth - Mar 19, 2016

This novena to Saint Joseph is so beautiful.

Surrey - Mar 18, 2016

Dearest St Joseph, Please pray that God will send me a husband after your own heart who possess great humility and at least some of your many wonderful virtues! You are a great example of how God wants every husband to be like.

Klp - Mar 18, 2016

Dear St Joseph,I will consecrate myself to you tomorrow, on uour feast day. St Joseph, please adopt my children because their father is too sick to take care of them. Please help my son to get a good internship and eventually a career. Please pray that my children will have the physical, mental and spiritual health to accomplish their journeys on this earthly life

Joyce - Mar 21, 2015

Dear St.Joseph, you are so close to Jesus and Mary in heaven just as you were on earth, please intercede for Sheila & her twins in this time of great stress, may she have an open mind to our ideas, help us to help one another, help us to be like your Holy Family. Thank you St Joseph

bernie - Mar 19, 2015

Please st joseph bless my family our priests and my country today and always be my proctor guide my soul to heaven where I will always give you thanks and praise st joseph pray for us

Aireen - Mar 19, 2015

Dear St Joseph,

Now is my 9th day novena to you St. Joseph. I know someday I am going to die also. I pray that please help me not to be afraid of my death, and I will live my life in preparation for it. St. Joseph I trust you. Please guide me always to choose the right path and a right choice for all the things I'm doing. I pray that it's always in God's will for me. One of my very important prayers is that please help and company me during my studying and the exam so that I can pass the CIA and CPA board exams. Help me to overcome my weaknesses and flaws on my studies. Thank you and We love you so much St. Joseph.

sophia FS - Mar 19, 2015

I pray may my partner continue this love relationship and be one to be together!all i ever wish to be settle and peace with him.amen

MA - Mar 19, 2015

Dear St. Joseph, thank you for all your favours. But I would especially ask of you to grant good health to my sister and that my bother-in-law retains his job. Kindly grant peace and happiness in their homes. I also pray for my husband and my children as I consecrate them all to you.

Lucy - Mar 19, 2015

Dearest St.Joseph,

Thanks for all favours received to my family. Please pray for my Son's good results in 12th CBSE Board Exam. Amen.

NELLE - Mar 18, 2015

Dear St. Joseph, please help my husband to find a better job and company because their company now is in struggle. and don't let their company go banckruptcy. Thank you

gnababes - Mar 18, 2015

Dear Saint Joseph, first of all thank you for helping ng youngest son to his father..thank you for all the help for our family..please bless our family and guide us..please help my son yo hia final exams and grades.especially transferring to a new school.please make my dream come true to work abroad this year.please Saint Joseph hear my prayers to you..thank you so much Saint Joseph.Amen

Barbara - Mar 18, 2015

Dear St. Joseph, I have been stressing, but I know you will be there for me. I ask that you help me to keep my house so I can continue to take care of my children. I have worked so hard for it to make it our home. I will never give up on our Lord, your son Jesus, and his Mother Mary. They will forever be in my life. Let the courts see it my way also. Thank you for teaching me how to be a good parent and leader to my children. Amen.

Fepotte - Mar 18, 2015

Dear St joseph ,i have so many things to Thank you But most of all thank you for interceding my prayers thank you for the job for my sons ,and help also for my other son job and for my husband Amen

Isabela - Mar 18, 2015

Please Dr. Joseph, help my husband to get the job. Thank you.

Jude Thaddeus, my patron saint - Mar 18, 2015

Dear St Joseph, I would ask that you implore His omnipotent love, mercy and compassion upon all who will be called to eternity this day -- but most especially for that one who is in most immediate need of forgiveness and mercy but has no one to pray beside him or her. May Our loving and merciful Lord take him or her at the Great Hour of Divine Mercy and bring his or her soul to Heaven. I would also implore of you, still, that you intercede for us and send us a qualified buyer with a qualified offer regarding the sale of our house. We do need to sell this house so my husband and I can move on to the next stage of our life. Please St. Joseph, please...