Nine Days to Joseph: Day Seven

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By Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC (Mar 16, 2016)
For the Marian Press title Meet Your Spiritual Father: A Brief Introduction to St. Joseph by Dr. Mark Miravalle, Hearts Afire: Parish-based Programs creator Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, composed a special nine-day preparation for entrustment to St. Joseph. Here's Day Seven:

Day Seven — St. Joseph, Pure of Heart
Dear St. Joseph,

I said I want to be a saint, and saints need to be pure not only of body but of soul. Regarding purity of body, St. Joseph, guard me, protect me, and defend me from temptations against purity. I rely on you, St. Joseph. Don't let me fall. Don't let my eyes or thoughts wander. If they do, please bring them back to Jesus. I trust in you, St. Joseph. You lived purely with Mary in the midst of her beauty. Help me to see the beauty of others with your own pure vision. If I fall, help me to find God's mercy and free me from any bondage to such sin. Regarding purity of intentions, help me do everything not to please myself or others but to please God alone. Give me this grace as my dear spiritual father. I trust in you, St. Joseph.

Saint Joseph, Pure of Heart, please lend me your own purity of heart.

Send your intentions to be remembered by the Marians during the St. Joseph Novena.

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kirk - Mar 16, 2016


Klp - Mar 16, 2016

Dear St Joseph,
I am a divorced and remarried woman living in sin...and suffer...As for my children,Please guide them to be pure of heart and body and not to repeat the mistakes I made.

Klp - Mar 7, 2016

Dear St Joseph, I am divorced,remarried and thus living in adultry. I am so sad that I am not pure in body. But at least, teach my son this purity of soul and body. Guide him towards the good path and please help him find a good internship.

MM - Jul 29, 2015

I am so grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to pray this beautiful novena to St. Joseph, who I truly love and feel a close connection to. I am fully o joy that I can consecrate my life to him and his care and I pray, give my life to God and others with His loving help and care. I so want to always feel a special spiritual closeness with Him and look forward to sharing the wonders of this spiritual connection. Dear St. Joseph, please pray for the needs of my family, help us to find meaningful and respectful employment so we can live more in peace and be able to give more to others without the weight of this care burdening our hearts and minds. Please help us to find peace and love in our lives and give back to others as you did. Thank you for the blessing of this Novena and the opportunity to consecrate my life to you. Jesus, I trust in you and all your saints.

Joyce - Apr 30, 2015

St. Joseph you are so near and dear to Jesus and Mary pray to them for my family, especially for Sheila, Kate, Lauren & Al. Pray for them to be like your Holy Family. You know their troubles, please fix them. Please look out for our Church, priests, religious & laity. Amen

franzy - Mar 24, 2015

St. Joseph,
guard my thoughts and my acts refraining from sin.Whenever i am weak, strenghten me for i need you. Purify me through your prayers ans intercessions in all my prayers and concerns, thank you for all the grace of help Praying each one of us.
St. JoSeph, help me pray for my father in law in his health condition that he may not suffer pain and sadness. may his remaing days be offered to God with joy and forgiveness, above all let Thy will be done.
St. Joseph, please help us to find buyer of our house to settle my family to a brand new start.
oIn Jesus name i pray,with the intercession of St. Joseph and mama Mary. amen.

EDNA - Mar 17, 2015


Imelda - Mar 17, 2015

Oh Glorious St Joseph, Foster Father of our Lord, pray for Sally, Sarah and I to find employment

Aireen - Mar 17, 2015

Dear St. Joseph,

Thank you for always praying us to Jesus. I pray and hope that you will continuously praying us to your beloved son Jesus. I pray that please include all my petitions and prayer intentions to God. I pray to you st Joseph to please help me to my studies and work job. I pray that I will make to pass my CIA and CPA Licensure Exams 2015. Help pray to me to Jesus that my plans and dreams to become a future certified internal auditor and to become a certified public accountant is in accordance to God's will for me. I really really pray to have direction on my career path, protection and guidance of my family specially my father and the rest of my family and extended family and of course to have a better and best love life in the future. In this I pray through your intercession st Joseph In Jesus name. Amen.
Thank you so much and We Love You St. Joseph.

ma.victoria - Mar 17, 2015

St.Joseph I know that you intercede us to Jesus Christ who is the divine healer.Please pray to Jesus that I may surpass my sickness the breast cancer. Pray for my family too that we accept Gods plan for all of us. I humbly pray for total healing of me and my father. Jesus Mary and Joseph we trust in you.

glnz - Mar 17, 2015

St. Joseph please bless my family especially my husband Bring him home to us. And give us peace and love to beg filled.

Katy Chavez - Mar 17, 2015

I pray for all the lost souls and all that choose not to believe in your son. May they see what we that believe see. In Jesus name I Pray

Gabrielle - Mar 16, 2015

Saint Joseph I trust in You.

Rita - Mar 16, 2015

Thank you so much, Father Michael, for sharing this awesome novena leading to entrustment to Saint Joseph. Your books have so blessed my life and now this novena to Saint Joseph. Will keep you and your ministry in my prayers.

GennyA - Mar 16, 2015

Dear St Joseph foster father of Jesus and loving and faithful spouse of Mary, I believe. A lot of physical and spiritual needs exist in my life but today I want to say thank you for the great blessing you obtained for me in 1997, when I couldn't take it anymore. Thank you very much dearest my spiritual father. I believe and commit you for those others who are in need today through Jesus and Mary. Amen.

jude-julius - Mar 16, 2015

St joseph,faithful fada of Jesus may you lead me awaway from bodily sin and give me courage to say no.pray for de recovery of my fada and those sick around me,give me spiritual and funancial breakthrough,Amen.

kenny - Mar 16, 2015

I pray that you find away to pay my large tax debt.I need to change my life around.i trus

t in you Jesus

cris7en - Mar 16, 2015

My husband and I are praying this prayer in hopes of a new vocation at the Lord's calling to quit his job and go on. His own .praise God! I'm ready for what lies ahead St. JOSEPH you give me hope and thank you for saying yes to the angels when I know it was scarey. As I am scared but not alone. Thanks be to God.

Jude Thaddesu, my patron saint - Mar 16, 2015

Oh St. Joseph...this morning before I prayed today's novena to you, I hope I was astutely "listening to" and "understanding" my/our Lord's message to me of "who" He may be instructing you to send to us to buy our house...if this is truly the case, then I humbly implore your intercession and to leave no doubt within me. Jesus, I Trust In You.