Nine Days to Joseph: Day Two

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By Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC (Mar 11, 2016)
For the Marian Press title Meet Your Spiritual Father: A Brief Introduction to St. Joseph by Dr. Mark Miravalle, Hearts Afire: Parish-based Programs creator Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, composed a special nine-day preparation for entrustment to St. Joseph. Here's Day Two:

Day Two — St. Joseph, Loving Spouse of Mary
Dear St. Joseph,

I'm thinking about the angel's words to you, "Do not be afraid to take Mary for your wife" (Mt 1:20). Saint Joseph, you weren't afraid. You trusted God. And now you truly are the husband of Mary. After Jesus, you are the dearest person to her heart! Well, St. Joseph, as my spiritual father, I now ask you to speak to Mary about me, about my life. If you kindly adopt me as your spiritual child, then I know all the more that Mary will take me to her heart as well. Both of you truly are my spiritual parents. And just as any good father wants to see his children love their mother, I know that you will help me to know and love my spiritual mother more. By your powerful prayers, I ask you to help me realize what a gift I have in Mary. Pray for me that I will better appreciate her motherly role in my life. Saint Joseph, I know that you love her. I know it makes you happy to see her children love her with all their hearts. Therefore, as I prepare to consecrate myself totally to your fatherly care, I give you permission — in fact, I'm pleading with you: Help me to appreciate my Mother Mary even more.

Saint Joseph, Loving Spouse of Mary, please help me to love my spiritual mother even more.

Send your intentions to be remembered by the Marians during the St. Joseph Novena.

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Sajani Mathew - Jan 18, 2019

St Joseph
Help my son in his further studies.Help him find a suitable job.
Help my daughter in her exams.Help her in herinternship in a good company.Help her to go to canada for further studies

Jackie - Dec 28, 2018

Please help my son with his anxiety and both of them to reconcile and return to church

Hortensia - Oct 2, 2018

Dear St Joseph
Help me pass the NCLEX and get a good job. Please take care of my family.

Yvette - Aug 17, 2018

I place myself, my husband, my children, and my family in the hands of St. Joseph. I pray for the conversion of sinners. I pray that St. Joseph may help guide me while I study for my real estate license.

Marian - May 3, 2018

I’m praying for my nephew, Michael, to get the right job. He is such a good person and hard worker. Asking special help from St. Joseph the worker

Ashanta - Apr 16, 2018

St.Joseph help me to get a full time positions and hours at St. Helen.

Sale my home and financial blessing.

Valerian - Jan 14, 2018

My son was miraculosuly healed after my wife and myself said the Divine mercy prayer for nine days. Even the doctors were astonished and were wondering how did it happen. But we know our prayers were answered and as word of God says Emmanuel. "God is with us"

Frank G. - Nov 9, 2017

Saint Joseph, help me be a better father and husband. Help me more fully love my heavenly mother, my earthly mother, and my children's mother, my wife.

LUCY NJERI - Oct 12, 2017


A K - Mar 5, 2017

Please help us sell our house and get us out of our financial crisis

Joseph - Aug 17, 2016

I want to flourish and find successful job for any projects. Please pray for me career growth and success

Betty - Aug 10, 2016

Please Dear St. Joseph, pray for relief for my sons OCD and for a pure and chaste heart for him. Thank you for your prayers!

Robert JS - Jul 24, 2016

Dear St.Joseph, please help our community.

Lori - Jul 21, 2016

For the success of our small business! Health for family and friends. Return to faith of our children!

MARICEL - May 2, 2016

Dear St Joseph, our national elections will be on May 9. This is a very important time for our country, the Philippines. We have been exploited by so many people that we seem to have forgotten the freedom that democracy and true governance really give. I hope dear St Joseph, you help us choose the best leader to help the Philippines build back better.

Susie - Mar 12, 2016

St. Joseph, please pray for our family most specially for my husband and our two sons..., prayers for our brother - Robert and all of the fathers in our whole family, Amen!

Klp - Mar 12, 2016

Dear St Joseph,
Please help my broken family to imitate your Holy family. Pray that my children be healed from the traumas of an unhappy childhood due to their father's chronic illness and my anxiety and depression. Thank you!

Klp - Mar 2, 2016

Dear St Joseph,
I humbly ask you and Mary to be the spiritual parents of my children, who grew up in a less than happy family surrounding. They need your guidance and protection.

franz - Mar 18, 2015

Dear St. Joseph, today is the b-day of my daughter,may you bless and protect her from any harm and we ask you as well to be our spiritual father who will guide, pray and love us Everyday. Bless us also financially and physically. Amen

lydz - Mar 17, 2015

St. Joseph, please I offer to you all my fears and worries. Please help me to be good mother and wife. Amen

Emmy - Mar 12, 2015

Dear St. Joseph, I pray for the complete and thorough recovery of my husband, your son, and also for a spiritual and financial support to my family

Abby - Mar 12, 2015

Please Saint Joseph,ask God to guide the hands of the surgeons in my upcoming surgery. Thank you.

Mo - Mar 12, 2015

St. Joseph....please truly open my heart to the love of God and your spouse Mary. I am so heartily sorry for all the hurt I have caused others, I ask forgiveness for all of this...and in conclusion I ask assistance in simply trusting in God. My marriage is in shambles and I truly love my husband and my heart is breaking...

robinssons family - Mar 12, 2015

Dear Saint Joseph please pray for our little angel, my wife is on her 5th month pregnancy and our baby has no water inside the womb, please take care of our baby so he will be delivered at normal state and please keep our baby as healthy even with the lack of water we to help him survive. Pray for us.

Dawn Wagner - Mar 12, 2015

Dearest St. Joseph, please I need your help!! My Thyroiditis is severe and I have Auto Immunity! Please keep me very close to you, my son Bill and my boyfriend Eddie also,Thank you St. Joseph, in Jesus name...Amen:)

Madine - Mar 12, 2015

Dear St Joseph
Please pray for my family to come to know your Son, Our Lord's Peace and Joy and please as God to give strength to my friends who are facing daily trials in their lives. Especially my friends Sean, Ella and Barb.

hansel - Mar 12, 2015

Dear St. Joseph, help my wife to get employment abroad.

hansel - Mar 12, 2015

Dear St. Joseph, please help us to overcome the obstacles in life. especially the financial struggle now, may your love and with Mama Mary pray for us. We offer this intention because we're lost and failed. Please guide us and make us always strong. Touch the hearts to the people we give pained and problem. May you forgive us of what have done. Amen.

Joan - Mar 12, 2015

St. Joseph please help me secure a permanent position at a Mills Peninsula ED

Aireen - Mar 12, 2015

Dear St. Josept please help me to pass my CPA and CIA Examinations 2015.Thank you so much.

Ruth G. Caballas - Mar 12, 2015

St. Joseph thanks for being a silent worker to us. Please always be with my 4 Joseph (s) of my life my husband Joseph Emil, my two sons John Joseph, Joseph Matthew and my grandson Yoseff Travis Clyde. May they truly live in a manner of being a good worker of our dear Lord. I entrust them all to you in Jesus name of Nazareth. Amen

Mary Anne Ani - Mar 12, 2015

dearest St Joseph, please pray for me to find that befitting career that I so ardently seek through your beloved spouse and our Lord Jesus. Give my sister the strength to bear her loss.

Terry peter teresita - Mar 12, 2015

St.Joseph our patron pray for our families,church ,the clergy,laity and all the the whole world.such that peace love and unity may reign for ever.

Maria Antonia - Mar 12, 2015

Dear St.Joseph, please be in the homes and marriages of all our children and grandchildren.Help them to work hard in their marriages, bringing their children up in the love and goodness of The Holy Family. Thank you

Joyce Lucero dela cruz - Mar 12, 2015

Dear st. Joseph,
Please help me pray to God that my husband's papers to come to cAnada will be granted soon and that he will be here safely.

dtg - Mar 12, 2015

St Joseph please intercede for my husband to keep his job and become permanente if it is Gods and Marys will...he dropped a rack on accident and was being investigated...ty

arnel reco - Mar 11, 2015

pls pray for my family happy together

Donna - Mar 11, 2015

Please heal my husband , Phil, son Frank and grandson Noah of all health problems that they are now facing

Patricia - Mar 11, 2015

Dearest St. Joseph please ask Our Heavenly Father, and Blessed Mother to help bring forgiveness into our son's heart.

Jerma Rhone - Mar 11, 2015

St. Joseph, please help us on our needs. help us to find ways to solve our problems. Please guide us and protect us in any danger. Thank you so much!

Therese - Mar 11, 2015

Dear St.Joseph,

Please pray for my friend &her family,to have a good understanding between them,plz pray for my sister &family to prepare to attend a retreat soon,plz pray for my husband to get a good job,plz help us to forgive to those who cheated us.plz help us to pay all the debts and the obligations and more than that,to lead a good &faithful life.Thankyou

loving - Mar 11, 2015

Dear Saint Joseph, pleas hear the prayers of your faithful and all those who ask for your intercession, please tell Mama Mary we are thankful for having her in or lives and for doing the will of God by bringing Jesus into our world. Please pray for our family that to have love overcome all our anxieties in life and overcome hatred. We ask for your prayers thank you

theresa - Mar 11, 2015

Dear St.Joseph, pls help me, my husband, daughter, and entire family in our health and safety always..pls help me t
also to have a job soon.thank you.

rica lingcon - Mar 11, 2015

St.Joseph pray for Lingcon family financially blessing,good health n guidance.

Estrella - Mar 11, 2015

dear St. Joseph, please let the Civil Service Commission of the Philippines acquit me and free me from all the charges filed against me by my Office and give me back my job.. I also pray that you help me financially with our daily needs, for the payment of my obligations/debts and payment of our house rental.. and give me a chance to work for our livelihood. Thank you dear St. Joseph.

jude-julius - Mar 11, 2015

St joeseph,l pray for the recovery of my father snd also for a spiritual and financial breakthrough in my family.

Anne - Mar 11, 2015

dear St. Joseph, thank you for assisting my siblings and myself during my mother's passing a couple years back. I know you were there to keep us strong and I believe in miracles.

Mike Sutherland - Mar 11, 2015

Dear St Joseph, help me to be a better father for my wife and daughter Mike