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Of Blue Skies and Bad Coffee

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By Fr. Andy Davy, MIC (Oct 22, 2021)
Father Andy Davy, MIC, pastor of St. Mary Parish in Plano, Illinois, also writes poetry. Here, we share some of his work and his commentaries on that work in the seventh installment of a weekly series.

Eeyore's Smile

In the sky above
I saw Eeyore's smile today.
An earthquake of lava blue,
Pouring through the breach in gray.

Oh, that depressing friend of Pooh!
Always draining any joy from you.

This gloomy donkey cloud...
Best to keep safe distance from him.
For that gray cloud might open upon you,
And pour the storm out from within.

But as I risked an umbrella free gaze
Into that dreaded sky of gray haze,
I found the surprise of blue...not gray:
A birthday for Eeyore had indeed come today!

Eeyore's smile comes not often,
Like the leap year's day.
But when it comes, watch out!
Its beauty is seldom forgotten away.

Here is a poem written during the more lonely pandemic days, when storybook and nature conspired to share a message that unexpected beauty can be the most precious of all. I was surprised on a gloomy Chicago day by the dazzling patch of blue sky I had forgotten was always there. This poem is a poem of finding Christian hope during troubled times. Those of you familiar with the story of Winnie the Pooh will find extra meaning in it. :-)

Cheap Coffee

O dreaded specter of the morn,
Shall I drink you again
In hopes of being reborn?

Your fragrant odor allures
The breakfast room.
A siren alerting offers
Escape from slumbering doom.

Shall I drink this black wicked brew,
Giving life to the eyes,
Resurrection to the brain?

But at what cost must I pay thee now?

Awake for a space.
Forever devoid of taste.
The consequence of Cain.

This poem tells the humorous tale of being faced with drinking bad-tasting coffee in order to wake up in the office. But on another level, it tells the deeper tale of seeking the quick fix that will also sell us short, as it did in the Garden of Eden.

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Fr Andy - Oct 26, 2021

Amen to those Coffee Tips! :-)

coffee tips - Oct 26, 2021

The birthday Eeyore smile cheers me up. :)

If the coffee tastes bad, either the coffee pitcher needs a good washing ;) or just add a tiny bit of sweetener (flavored creamer, sugar, maple syrup, chocolate, some kind of milk or alternative.) If the coffee pitcher is clean but a bland coffee is desired for mortification, that's understandable. Ninja coffee-makers are simple and make good coffee every time... that's the kind my dad taught me to use.