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Of Hobbits and Plant-Armies

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By Fr. Andy Davy, MIC (Oct 15, 2021)
Father Andy Davy, MIC, pastor of St. Mary Parish in Plano, Illinois, also writes poetry. Here, we share some of his work and his commentaries on that work in the sixth installment of a weekly series.

The Last Charge of the Dandelion Brigade

As Sunbeams turn down
Upon the Green Grass below,
I see an army of Dandelions rising
With hair white as snow.

When the end of campaign
Against Green Grass is close.

The White Haired Elders
Of Dandelion Brigade
Let wind shear hair
Before they must forever doze.

This is a poem I wrote while mesmerized with how late-stage dandelions glow from a beginning sunset. It was a joy to write it, and though definitely lighthearted and humorous, it is tinged with a certain (unexpected) sadness that those little (albeit annoying) beings were doomed to fade...only in heaven shall we encounter that particular day's beauty again.

The Child

Having a hobbit's love
of growing things,
Caring child loves
Our common Home.
He spends lots of time
with his friends outdoors,
Fun games he creates
under Earth's Blue Dome.

But he does not only go outdoors—
He can venture within
His mind and heart.
Inventing new worlds,
Heroes brilliantly
Prepares his soil
For the Lord to start.

This poem shares the specific portrait of one of my little nephews, while simultaneously speaking about the healthy interplay between God's natural creation and man's imagination—both being gifts of God to be protected as they grow within children.

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