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Preach His Mercy Always. When Necessary, Use E-Mail.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: A reader of our website, Tom Bailey of Houston, Texas, engages in a powerful deed of mercy and encourages others to do likewise. It's as simple as this: He sends e-mails out to friends, family, and Divine Mercy groups with passages from the Diary of St. Faustina, and he offers a little commentary on the passages. He also e-mails links to stories from our website, Simple? Yes. Maybe you can do the same!

Below is a recent e-mail he sent out regarding the importance that Christ places on praying the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy, followed by examples of the feedback Tom received:

+ + +

Tom writes:

Hi! This Diary entry tells us why Jesus wants us to say the chaplet for the dying.

"When I entered my solitude, I heard these words: At the hour of their death, I defend as My own glory every soul that will say this chaplet; or when others say it for a dying person, the indulgence is the same." (811)

Note the part where it says "when others." Also, note the following regarding saying the chaplet at the bedside:

When this chaplet is said by the bedside of a dying person, God's anger is placated, unfathomable mercy envelops the soul, and the very depths of My tender mercy are moved for the sake of the sorrowful Passion of My son. (811)

Saint Faustina then responds:

Oh, if only everyone realized how great the Lord's mercy is and how much we all need that mercy, especially at that crucial hour!

We must tell souls of this great mercy. We can say the chaplet, and someone will receive Jesus unfathomable mercy. Wow!

+ + +

Here are some of the responses to Tom's e-mail:

Uncle Tommy ... about three weeks ago, an acquaintance from high school in Houston (Danny) had just entered a hospice program. Everyone knew that he was near the end of his life on earth. When I received the e-mail that he was going to be moved to the hospice that day, I began praying the chaplet for him. My prayer became more urgent as I repeated the chaplet. ... Later I learned that that day had been one of the most trying for him and that he had suffered a lot. A few days later I had the opportunity to help out a friend in some very laborious cleaning work. I asked God to be my strength in sacrificing the time and effort that it was going to take to accomplish this task. I decided that I would "offer up" the time and "sweat" that it was going to take for me to do this for Danny. The job took almost 12 hours to complete. I prayed much of the time, reciting the chaplet and saying various aspirations and prayers. Although it was a tough task, I remained joyful in offering it up while helping my friend whose job it really was. In a sense, it was "easy" because I was doing it for others. (Thank you, Jesus)

All those times that I have been told to "offer it up" finally made sense to me on that day! It was an awesome gift from God. He showed me how to do it! Later that night I received an e-mail saying that Danny died peacefully with many friends and family at his side.

Just wanted to share with you a glimpse of how the Lord works in my life sometimes.

The Lord is kind and merciful!

— Peace,

Hi. The chaplet works.

I was in Lucca, Italy, with my family, and there was a picture of the Blessed Mother up on the wall in the ancient city. My grandchild, age 7, asked if he could say three Hail Marys at the spot. I was teaching it to him and his sister, age 5. They both stopped, and we said the prayers.

I say the chaplet for the dying everyday and showed the children the Mom movie about the Divine Mercy; they loved it. Thanks to the Divine Mercy, my grandchildren are growing in the love of Mary and Jesus.

— Ann

Tom, this is great! About two months ago, I said the chaplet at the bedside of a resident who was dying. He died that night. It made me really happy to have done that for him. I knew he was in good hands, plus I know he will be rooting for me.

Keep the good stuff coming.

— Stella

Approximately eight years ago, my nephew was at MDACC with colon cancer. ... The evening that he expired, I had gone to visit him. His parents and siblings were at his bedside. I had taken some holy oil and told everyone to gather around his bed and anoint him. Then we all knelt down around his bed and prayed the chaplet. We all assured him that it was OK to go with God and rest.

There was a sense of peace in the room. I left. No sooner had I gotten off the elevator on the main floor, my niece came down and asked me to go back up. Mike had just expired.

A year or two prior to this experience, I was going through a personal trial. Father John shared with me his faith and trust in The Divine Mercy. I started attending the cenacle at St Lawrence. My nephew's death made a huge impact on my faith journey. I could feel the presence of God in that hospital room. I will never forget the expression on his face when I left; he was so peaceful. Since then, other members of my family have died, and we have made it a practice to pray the chaplet with family members at their deathbed.

Trusting in Jesus,

— Yolanda

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Mrs O - Mar 3, 2011

Two years, five months, and eight days ago, I began praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet as often as I could for my adult son. His roommate called his Dad one day to say that our son was having seizures and an ambulance had been called and could we come. You see, our son has been an alcoholic since he was in high school. He lost all jobs, his ability to pay for an apartment, and his health. And his self-esteem was non-existent. That night we received the call and rushed to his bedside, I called my spiritual director and asked him to come and anoint our son as he had slipped into a coma. He came and anointed our son and we all stood by his bedside as he went through another siezure. That night, I promised to begin praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day for recovery and letting go of alcohol.

Since that night, my son has been alcohol free and I praise our good God for this awesome gift of a new life for him. It has been hard for him and for us, but the joy of seeing him sober is a blessing I thank God for every day. I know with every fiber of my being that this is truly the Merciful God at work in him and in my husband and I. I know now truly how much God loves us and is always ready to hear us. I hope I have learned to listen for His voice too.

Agnes B N (EADM-Uganda) - Sep 1, 2010

Thank you Tom for sending us always the powerful words (meditations)of our divine master who wants to save all us for His Kingdom. The power of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy gave me once a courage to ask Merciful Jesus to give a grace of reciting it very hour during day for his intentions. May the Lord send us the gifts of the Holy Spirit for to enable us spread the message of His Divine Mercy and Love. Amen

M.P - Sep 1, 2010

Good to read of many lay persons doing good works of faith such as this !
We live at a time when the dogs of guilt and biting blame can come in easily into many lives , esp. through 'worship' of the baal god of sex , through use of contraception and the perverted control it seems to bring and the evils that follow - as in the case of queen Jezebel in O.T .
Our Lord , in Gospel of John asks us to 'chew' on His Body - He well saw the dogs of accusations the enemy can set after us and thus The Lamb want us to 'chew' on His mercy - The Eucharist and all that flows from it , including the chaplet , the slow spiritual chewing in on His mercy !

May The Father even hold us all close , in The Name of Jesus and heal us in all areas that the enemy has tried to take a bite !

Ann - Aug 31, 2010

This chaplet is very powerful. I try very hard not to miss it or the rosary. It gives me great peace and I thank Sr Fausstina for letting us in on God's sceret prayer. When I was showing the movie to my grandchildren in France before I showed it to them my grandchild went and got his scapular medal and chain I gave him. Also he listened to the movie and replayed the song in it. This is amazing that a 5 and 7 year old gave sit and listen to the movie which is long. I suggest you show in segments.

vI - Aug 30, 2010

I am just starting to believe in the promises attached to the recitation of the chaplet. I have always shied away from anything that is repetitious in prayer that is why I do no do the Rosary. I'd rather converse with God. Thank you for your encouragement. Keep it up. I do not want souls to go to hell or have a despairing death. The chaplet may be the answer.