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Relying on God's Process

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By Marc Massery (Feb 20, 2019)
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Turn to any page of the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska and you find spiritual gems. Like these words from St. Faustina:

O my Jesus, because of my trust in You,
I weave thousands of garlands, and I know
That they will all blossom.
And I know that they will all blossom
When God's sun will shine on them.

O great and Divine Sacrament
That veils my God!
Jesus, be with me each moment,
And no fear will enter my heart. (4)

The alarm goes off, like it did yesterday. We get out of bed and make the coffee, like we did yesterday. We drive to work and spend all day in the office, like we did yesterday.

No matter how mundane our lives, every day we have the opportunity to weave a garland. In other words, through our daily routine, God can sanctify us. Though each day in and of itself might not seem exciting, and though few things of note might happen over the course of a few days, a few weeks, or a few months, we must remember the kind of lives God calls us to lead.

He does not ask most of us to go out on some sensational adventure. He doesn't demand that we become wealthy or famous. He doesn't need us to save the world.

He just needs all of what we can give — our day to day activities, from the time we wake up until the time we fall asleep. He just needs us to keep weaving, and weaving, and weaving.

At the same time, He needs us to allow His light to shine upon our daily work. Just as a garland needs sun to bloom, so too do our daily works need the light of Christ from the Eucharist to yield life.

We can do this by talking with Him throughout the day, offering Him our daily joys, sorrows, hopes, and fears. As long as we continually rely on Him, we have no reason to worry about the future. With prayer and perseverance, our lives will unfold as they ought, just as sure as water and sunlight cause a flower to bloom.

Flowers don't get frustrated at their progress. Flowers don't worry whether they will be pretty enough or fragrant enough. They don't wonder what will happen if no rain falls. They rely on nature's process.

We need to rely on God's process. He loves us as we are, wherever we are, and through His nourishing presence, He will lead us ever so carefully to become the people He created us to be, until we reach our perfection in Heaven.

The Holy Spirit says to us: Give me your daily activities, your daily work, your daily interactions and quiet time, and trust that I have your future and your families' future, under My loving guidance and protection.

My prayer: Jesus help me to remember that I can still give everything to You no matter how tedious my life may seem at times. Help me to turn to You throughout the day and receive Your loving strength to persevere.

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Beautiful! - Feb 22, 2019

That is beautiful, I love that poem :)

Hey Feb. 22nd -- isn't that a special day in the Diary?... :)