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Rosary Beads for Those in Need

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By David Samsell

The most holy Rosary, a precious sacramental given to us by the Blessed Mother, assists us in helping others along their earthly journey.

Some say the Rosary for an ill family member, or for the sake of offering up sacrifices for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, or simply to reflect on the sacred mysteries of our Lord. Whatever your personal reason might be, it is very important to God. We all have a moral obligation to pray and give God glory by being good examples in our world.

I, perhaps like some of you, was raised in a Catholic family. I received the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation at an early age and was taught the importance of faith by my parents.

The family attended Sunday Mass regularly, and later I started attending Eucharistic Adoration on a regular basis. As time went on and my faith grew even stronger, I started to hand out prayer cards and Brown Scapulars to many people.

One day, praying in our chapel, I felt the Lord suggest that I start making handmade Rosaries for the missions; and that's what my personal ministry has been for the past 10 years. One might think it may be too difficult, expensive, or time consuming to make Rosaries. Well, let me just say that it's not any of that. Anyone can become a Rosary-maker, and with some practice, one can easily construct a very nice Rosary.

I basically make two different styles of Rosaries. One is the corded Rosary, and the other is the wire/chain Rosary. Both types of Rosaries are beautiful and a true blessing for anyone that receives them.

One can start making either type from the beginning, but for simplicity, the style shown here is the corded Rosary, where special cording is used to easily string the beads, held together by tying knots. Please refer to the pictorial illustration. The use of a bead board helps aid in the speed of assembly. My recommendation would be: First practice making well-made knots on separate practice cord material before starting a full Rosary.

There are many Rosary-making material suppliers. I suggest going to the website of Our Lady's Rosary Makers at
They have everything you will need regarding instructions, materials, advice, and other information. Their people are very friendly and helpful. In particular, they have wonderful beginner kits for both the corded and wire/chain Rosary designs.

Since more than likely you will be purchasing "mission Rosary supplies," they ask that the Rosaries be given away for free. Many places are in dire need for Rosaries. These include the missions, hospitals, elder care facilities, prisons, street ministry, shrines, and churches.

As I approach my 40,000th Rosary made, the time devoted in this ministry has been certainly time well spent. I am always thinking of new ideas and places to send them and always looking forward to making that next Rosary for someone. My best wishes to you as you embark on a tremendous journey in Rosary-making.

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Kathryn - Jun 4, 2021

Where do we send cord rosaries to be given away to those in need ?

Gary-From Michigan - Dec 18, 2019

I am blessed to have discovered your article today about making and giving away rosaries.
I have been giving away purchased rosaries away for the last 2 years and wondered how I could make them myself. I may even start a rosary making group at our church.
Thank you for sharing.
God Bless

Donna - Nov 17, 2019

Hello, how are you? I have a set from Our Lady's Rosary Makers but I don't know how to make them. How did you learn? Thank you

Maria - Oct 28, 2019

Thanks for this article.