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Saved by a Mother's Love

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By Gerald Kelleher

My older brother, Laurence, was 64 when he learned he had advanced lymphoma. He died after five weeks in a Catholic hospital, after receiving the Sacraments of the Church.

Laurence was the black sheep of the family. As a boy, he had a defiant streak and often disobeyed our parents. My parents, like many of their generation, married while my father was on leave from World War II. They sent their four children to 50 combined years of Catholic education, celebrated 55 years of marriage, and died in the Catholic faith into which they were born and raised.

As soon as he was old enough, Laurence distanced himself from the family, parents and siblings both. He married his high-school sweetheart. Their wedding was the last time he ever saw or spoke to our parents. He and his wife raised three children, whom our parents never met. They were never invited to Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, graduations, birthdays, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

Laurence's heart had hardened. On one rare occasion when I was with him and his family, his teenage daughter asked me if her grandparents were still alive. Laurence had told his kids they were dead when they weren't. Years later, when our mother died, we invited Laurence to attend her funeral. He declined. A few weeks after that, our father died, and he declined another invitation.

By chance, our paths crossed five years later. I hoped this meeting was an opportunity for us to draw closer together. However, the "oil and water" relationship we had since childhood resurfaced. I saw him infrequently, until I learned of his cancer.

On a visit to his hospital room, I told Laurence about the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy, a prayer our Lord revealed to St. Faustina as an offering of unfathomable graces for the dying. Laurence and I recited it together. On a later visit, Laurence asked me to close the door to his hospital room.

His eyes filled with tears as his emotions took control. He said our mother had come to him in a vision, standing in the doorway, appearing as a young woman in an Easter Sunday outfit. Laurence died two weeks later, on Easter Sunday.

I will always see in this Divine Mercy working through an unconditional love of a mother who came to take her son to be with her in heaven.

Gerald Kelleher, who asked that his real name not be used, lives in Pennsylvania.

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broken - Aug 14, 2013

please pray for my family after 25 years of marriage my husband decided to leave and my son started being dominant and i could not leave him behave that way and he left too. please r
pray for us. i dedicated my life to my family and they deserted me.

Help - Jul 30, 2013

Prayers please for my husband who lives in a nursing home and had a massive stroke in January and is paralyzed and is getting mentally worse. Please pray for him to experience the peace of our Lord and his fears and dementia go away. . Please pray that my husband stops suffering. Please ask our Blessed Mother in Heaven to pray to her son Jesus to help my husband. Thank you for your love and prayers. God bless you

Maggie - Jul 6, 2013

Prayers Please. That my husband receives his workers comp check. And that I can correct his irs and loan modification problem so we can keep our home. My husband was mentally ill for approximately 10 years then he had a stroke 1 1/2 years ago at the age of 54. We are expecting our first grand daughter in approximately 4 weeks. Since my extended family will be residing with us I need the security and peace of mind that I can resolve all these problems so I can keep a roof over our heads. Also, please pray that my daughter has a quick and easy labor and delivery. And that the lump that was found in her breast is benign. Please prayer for emotional and mental well being, as all of the above has taken its toll on me. Please pray for the safety and well being of my daughter Colleen and son Bobby, jr. Thank you.

Lisa - Jul 3, 2013

I am praying for your daughter.

Maria - Jul 1, 2013

Please pray for my daughter who has mental illness and alcoholism, her name is Johanna,
thank you from Maria

Editor - Jun 26, 2013

Dear Cynthia,

We have placed your intentions on our Divine Mercy Intercessory Prayerline. Be assured we will be praying for your husband.


Cynthia Gee - Jun 26, 2013

Please pray for my husband, that he doesn't die... he has a stroke a few years ago, and last week had a second one. He seems to be doing OK, but the night before his stroke I had a very disturbing dream, and I am afraid.