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Seeing the Blessed Mother's Protection

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By Tara Milne

Though I'm not legally blind, I have four visual impairments, including no peripheral vision in my left eye. On the morning of Feb. 25, 2009, Ash Wednesday, I decided to walk to 9 a.m. Mass, where I live in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. The roads on that particular morning were icy. I had to take baby steps when crossing the street just so I wouldn't fall.

A block away from the church, I again had to cross a very slippery street. When I started to cross, a truck was driving toward me, about a block away on my left side. I thought that I had given the driver enough
distance to start slowing down. But a couple of seconds later, the truck hit me at full speed.

I don't remember feeling pain upon impact. But I landed on one knee, as if I were genuflecting in the middle of the street. My right knee really took the hit. It took me a few seconds to get up. Despite the impact, I managed to make it to Mass that morning.

You might have thought that I would have gone to the hospital after being hit that hard by a truck, but I didn't go right away. Instead, I stayed in bed for most of Lent, keeping my leg elevated. The inner side of my right leg was quite swollen. As the days went by, I could bend my leg more and more. By Easter Sunday, I could finally bend my right leg back to a 90-degree angle.

I managed to make it to Mass by foot for the Easter Vigil. By the time I arrived at the church, I had to sit through the entire Mass just to save enough energy to get home. I knew that I didn't have to be at Mass, because the accident gave me a valid reason to be home and rest. But I went because I was still in shock that I was even alive.

When I finally made it to the doctor, X-rays showed that no bones were broken or cracked. However, I had a slightly weakened ligament in my left knee, which explained the pain.

What could have saved my life was the simple fact that I was carrying one of my Rosaries with me. In fact, I had the Rosary that was given to me the day I made my First Holy Communion. I believe that through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, God in His mercy spared my life.

To me, my story shows that when you believe strongly in Jesus and allow Him to be your best friend, He will pull you through. He will take you home, but only when it's your time. When I wonder why I wasn't instantly killed in the accident, I'm reminded not to take too many things for granted. Jesus still wants me down here on earth a little while longer.

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Rayan Mississauga - Jun 21, 2021

God Bless and thanks for sharing.
Immaculate Heart of Mary I trust in you.
Jesus I trust in you.

- Mar 3, 2021

Marc from Chatham Ontario - Jan 24, 2021

What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing dear sister in Christ!

Sheep - Jan 22, 2021

God bless you.

Jacquelyn - Jan 22, 2021

So beautiful, our kindly Mother.

God bless you, Sister!

A person with hope - Jan 21, 2021

Very inspirational story. thank you