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by Major Andy Bringuel, U.S. Army Ret.

In July 2005, I came down with encephalitis. I almost died. While in a coma in the hospital, a lady's voice came to me saying: "Please get up and do something productive."

Something "productive?" What would be considered "productive?" Cutting the grass or washing the car? However, I was sure that was not what the Lady had in mind. I fought with myself silently for a day or two. Was I hallucinating? Did I really hear a lady's voice? I prayed, "God, please help me."

I continued to struggle with, "What am being asked to do?" Was that the voice of Our Blessed Mother? I finally found solace in Jesus and our Blessed Mother. You see, I had faced departure from earthly things and loved ones several times before. I was facing that same destination when that voice spoke to me. I concluded that was in fact Our Blessed Mother, and she wanted me to wake up and do something for her.

I came out of the coma thinking about that voice. What could I do? Then it came to me. A man named Bob Caldwell had taught me to make rosaries a few months before, so that I could help him with the First Communion rosary production.

I decided I would make rosaries for Our Blessed Mother. How about one made like the cord rosary but using thin silver-colored flexible wire instead of cord? I experimented with the wire and came up with what was an attractive yet strong design.

I began sending rosaries to the Maryknolls, and then I started getting requests from others. I settled on three Catholic organizations that said they could use all I could provide. I settled on making 50 for each shipment or 150 rosaries a month.

One day, I looked at my record of rosaries and was surprised to find I was well over 5,000! That's a lot of beads, wire, and prayer. The number of rosaries continued climbing. In June, I checked to see where I was at on total rosaries. I was just one short of 8,000! I completed that 8,000th rosary and marveled: 424,000 Hail Marys and 48,000 Our Fathers! I have been receiving wonderful "Thank You" letters from recipients expressing their delight with the rosaries. Knowing I have helped so many get closer to Our Blessed Mother and Jesus makes me feel like I am doing what "Mommy Mary" wants me to do, and I feel her satis- faction with my work as I continue to make more rosaries.

I just wanted to share with you my happiness with the mission I feel Our Blessed Mother has asked me to perform. I feel like a soldier again, this time for life in Our Blessed Mother's Rosary Army. Please, pray the Rosary every day.

Andy Bringuel (U.S. Army Ret.) lives with his wife in Fayetteville, Ga.

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Major Andy Bringuel - Nov 12, 2013

I am happy to report that on 12 Oct 13, I completed my 10,000 made, prayed and donated Mission Rosary. I pray that God will allow me to complete another 10,000 before he calls me in judgment of what I have done and failed to do. In the mean time anyone that would like to know how to make the "mission" Rosary Our Blessed Mother has lead me to, is welcome to contact me for details:
It is so easy to make that you can complete one in about 30 minutes. Several missionaries have commented on the "strength" and "beauty" of this particular Rosary.

Kurt Olney - Mar 30, 2013

Is this the Andy that flew the Lockheed QT-2PC

Ruth, US ARMY ROTC (hon. disch.) - Nov 12, 2012

Thank you! I feel the prayers coming from Georgia and everywhere as I struggle with my faith! I have been trying to pray the rosary more, but sometimes it feels so dry, like sawdust in my mouth. I pray it for the soldiers, because my grandmother and father did during World War II. Both my uncles were in World War II, and my Uncle Tom, my godfather, came home safe! LETS GET ALL OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN HOME SAFE! Rest in peace, Jamie Hackamer!

Major Tom - Oct 3, 2012

I hope Obama wins.

Major Andy Bringuel - Sep 27, 2012

I would like to thank all for your inspiring comments and understanding of my mission. Every morning as I make the Rosaries for Our Mother I ask Jesus and Mary to please help the people of this country to recognize the damage the person in the White House has caused to this country and on a daily basis continues attempts to socialize this great Democracy. What many do not realize is that he and the democratic party are attacking the Catholic Religion in every possible way. The socialist philosophy does not allow GOD…the dictator is god.!!!!!!! How a socialist was ever elected to the Presidency in this Democracy is mind boggling or Acorn driven. Our biggest weapon in fighting the attacks on our nation is PRAYER. Please pray with me daily as you pray a Rosary that God will help this great Christian nation to rid itself of the current administration and elect Mitt Romney to the position of President of the United States of America. If we do not have a “Change” in the presidency this nation will have no hope or religion and will be slaves to the dictatorship with no rights!

God Please Bless America,

Jack in NH - Sep 12, 2012

I think that you, sir, are now a soldier in Militia Immaculata.
Well done.
God Bless.

Joseph - Sep 11, 2012

Major,you may be aware of the fact that portions of the dress of Our Blessed Mother, the Virgin, the Mother of Our Lord Christ Jesus is kept in some Baslica Churches in Syria as precious relics. Please pray for the Christians suffering in that country for heavenly protection. Your Commander's recent words "Syria is not Libya" is a huge consolation.

Cousin Ray Gamma - Sep 6, 2012


Keep up your good work. I plan on forwarding your write-up to other family members and friends in the Bay Area out here in California. You are a very special kind of guy. God Bless You..

Cousin Ray

Myrth Bringuel - Sep 1, 2012

You are my rock, and my inspiration. I thank Our Lord and Our Mother Mary for bringing us together 56 years ago Oct 19th. She knew God's plan for us and continues to bring us and our children and grandchildren closer and closer to Her precious Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. I feel Our Lady's strong presence in our home daily as we are totally consecrated to Jesus through her Immaculate Heart. I love you forever!

violeta - Sep 1, 2012

At this time when we are getting ready for what may be the most important election in our history, may you gather more prayer warriors to storm heaven and ask our Queen to interceed for America.

noha barresi - Sep 1, 2012

We are all here on earth for a reason.Yours was made known to you by our Blessed Mother Mary.Andy,you make the most beautiful rosaries .I am truly blessed to have received one of them.God bless you and yours for being a soldier in Her Majesty's service.

vanessa manzano - Sep 1, 2012


Major Andy Bringuel - Sep 1, 2012

In response to Senior Petty Officer Gordon.
I have been a Prayer Warrior for many moons. I retired from the active military and now am unscripted in Our Blessed Mother's Rosary Army for eternity. As an Infantry, Airborne, Aviator I never gave up and know Mommy accepts no quitters. I look forward to my 10,000th mission rosary made, prayed and issued. I accept whatever Mission I am given and will ensure “mission Accomplishment".
God Bless America and all those that protect the religious liberties our nation

George Losada - Sep 1, 2012

Hey Major, keep up the good work, I am proud to be your friend and classmate. God Bless you and yours forever. Your friend, George

ed goron - Sep 1, 2012

OBTW.... press hard there are three copies!

ed gordon - Sep 1, 2012

Major, we are in the Legion now! We are prayer warriors now. There is no surrender. Everybody goes home. God gives us these mystical events. We are blessed that we don't miss them. They are our PCS orders in life. God bless you sir.

ed gordon (Senior Chief Petty Officer Retired)