At 12:27 p.m., one-hundred grand! From left to right, Megan Carlotta celebrates with the Marian Helpers Center employees Robin Parow, Catherine Shirley, Erin Slick, and Terry Peloquin.

The 100,000 Mark

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A screenshot of the moment when we hit the 100,000 mark.

Hey, thumbs up!

At 12:27 p.m. on March 24, the number of people who follow the Marian Fathers' Facebook page reached 100,000.

In Facebook parlance, that's 100,000 "likes," or 100,000 "friends." Another way of saying it: The Marians are able to evangelize to 100,000 people they might not otherwise have reached.

The Facebook page, Divine Mercy (official), went live on March 27, 2011. It grew slowly but steadily until a couple weeks ago when the number of "likes" started to skyrocket.

"We've grown by 56,000 since March 13. We've gone viral!" said Megan Carlotta of the Marians' Communications Department, located at the Marian Helper Center in Stockbridge, Mass. Megan administers the Facebook page.

Friends have been extending their congratulations since the moment the 100,000 mark was reached. Cindy Race wrote, "Excellent. Jesus is popular again."

Through Divine Mercy (official), the Marians keep people around the world connected with priests, brothers, lay apostles, and fellow "friends" who, together, work to spread devotion to the Divine Mercy, Mary Immaculate, and the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

The Facebook page is updated daily. Content includes readings from the Diary of St. Faustina, videos, photo galleries, special event coverage from the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy and elsewhere, and links to stories from,,,, and other sites.

The Marians also accept prayer requests. Every request is prayed for by the Divine Mercy Intercessory Prayerline on Eden Hill in Stockbridge.

"We also receive lots of spiritual-related questions, which I forward to Marian priests, and questions about our products and our ministries" said Megan. "We also have giveaways."

For instance, look out real soon for a contest to win a free download of the e-book, Loved, Lost, Found: 17 Divine Mercy Conversions, by Felix Carroll.

We thank you for your friendship!

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Valerie (Shrine Pilgrimage Department) - Mar 25, 2014

So very proud of you ladies! Thanks for all you do to bring pilgrims to our beautiful home on the Hill!