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The Day the Darkness Began to Fade

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The day of the Annunciation, which we celebrate on March 25, was the day the world changed. Why? Because even before there was a Christ Child in a manger in Bethlehem, or before the day of the Cross, or before the descent of the Holy Spirit, there was first an Annunciation.

An angel came from Heaven bearing perhaps the greatest news any member of the angelic choirs had ever been tasked to bear: that unto you, Mary, full of grace, a child will be born, the Son of God — if, of course, you say "yes."

"If." In that "if," we hear the echo of God's plan of love, for God is a gentleman, and does not force His way in where He is not welcomed.

If we say "yes," then He will come, bearing gifts and graces into our hearts and lives. If we say "yes," then He will come and dwell with us in tabernacles in parishes and chapels in every city, every shrine, every corner of this great earth. If we say "yes," then we will be elevated up to the level of sons and daughters of God, transcending our nature as slaves, as mere creatures, as passing flesh and departing spirit. If we say "yes" to God, then we shall live forever, love forever, and forever be loved.

If Mary would only say "yes," that is. For hers was, in a special way, the first "yes" of the Christian Church, the first "yes" to allow God into creation, for through her Son, Jesus, every grace comes. Every grace that ever has been received by creation, is being received by creation, or ever will be received by creation, comes to us through Jesus Christ, through the Incarnation, through God being made man.

And that Incarnation depends on the "yes" of the Mother of God.

Oh, if she had said "no" — unthinkable, yes, but if — then God would have found a way, we trust. But Our Lady did say "yes" at the Annunciation. Jesus did come, born of the Virgin Mary, she who was, is, and will always be the most blessed among women (see Lk 1:48). Jesus was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and through Jesus, every grace does flow.

So from that "yes" of the Blessed Virgin Mary, every other "yes" to God draws its strength. Through the "yes" of Mary, the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob could say "yes" to God. Through the "yes" of Mary, Noah was a righteous man and entered into the covenant of creation with God. Through the "yes" of Mary, David was promised an eternal kingdom, an heir. Through the "yes" of Mary, we today can say "yes" to God, to the new and everlasting covenant in Christ's blood. Through the "yes" of Mary, the devil is overthrown as the lord
of the world, and the Creator, the Lord, comes to take up His rightful place.

Through Mary, creation said "yes," and the Creator, the Bridegroom, entered the bridal bower of the created world, and married His Bride, the Church.

The Annunciation is a day of great mystery and great joy, then, of the Incarnation and eternity entering into time forever. The Annunciation is the day of the start of the new creation, the day that God sent forth His Word, a Word which has not returned to Him barren. The virgin became a mother that day, the Mother of God, the Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Mother of the Church. The most blessed among women became the most fruitful, as well, for she would be mother to Jesus and "the rest of her offspring, those who keep God's commandments and bear witness to Jesus" (Rev 12:17).

So pray to the Blessed Mother on March 25, the Solemnity of the Annunciation. Pray that she may intercede for you and for us all, that we may be born into sanctity through the mercy of God, becoming true brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ — true children of Mary.

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Catherine - Apr 2, 2017

Thank you our Mother Mary, our Lady of Divine Mercy for your motivation for all to also say yes to God

M otivates
A ll
R eceiving
Y aweah

Human supporter in Virtue, FfB of llr

St. Mary pray for us