The Lenten Challenge

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Christopher Thatcher, 10, the son of Dr. Bryan Thatcher, Founder of Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy, wrote the following piece. "It was without prompting," his father says.

Lent is a time to forgive. Besides, Jesus didn't give up His life for nothing. He did it as He loved us and to show us that there is more to life than cars, clothes, houses, and money. There is more to life than so many things that I couldn't name them all.

Lent is also about sacrificing something that we like. I think that Jesus came to show us the love of God. We saw it in His prophets and saints. He was there right in front of us and we did so much to harm Him. Did He forgive us? Yes, and He did it with all His heart, too. He loves us just as much as He loved the saints.

Jesus has so much mercy. Jesus forgives us and He gave His life for us. And to think: I struggle to forgive if others shove or push me! Sometimes I hold a grudge over a joke someone told.

This is a bad time in history as people are using drugs and doing a lot of crime. But God still loves us all so much. He will love you even if you do bad, but you have to ask for forgiveness with all your heart. You have to repent and ask for mercy. Then you will restore your friendship with God. That is the true Lenten challenge!

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Patty & Scott Millward - Mar 7, 2008

Dear Christopher, Jesus has surely reveal himself to you. Your words are filled with His great love... how awesome it is that He has choosen you to proclaim His mercy at such a young age! Praise be to God! thank you Jesus!

Fr. Joe - Mar 6, 2008

Good job Christopher. Jesus gave so much for us. Now He is asking us to do our part and He will help us all along the way. You are in my thoughts and prayers! I think you would make a good Marian one of these days!

L.P.Brugier - Mar 5, 2008

This is truly the most beautiful and spiritual refelection on the meaning of lent that I have ever read from a child. Thank you Christopher.

b.h. of Malden - Mar 5, 2008

Your words are true and very well put. Thank you, Christopher, for reminding me of God's great mercy for me and how he wants me to extend that same mercy and forgiveness to others.

Barbara-Moriarty, NM - Mar 2, 2008

Very nicely said Christopher. We all need to hear the message of God's love and forgiveness. His mercy endures forever.

Nancy, Sea Isle City - Mar 1, 2008

Christopher's comments touched my heart. As a retired Catholic elementary school teacher, I have taught the faith to thousands of children. I pray that all children internalize the message of God's mercy and love, as has Christopher. May God bless all the children!

Vivian-Bonita Springs-Feb. 29, 2008 - Feb 29, 2008

What a blessing your son Christopher is to you and your family. I hope my son who is also a blessing to me but only 6 will develop spiritually in the same way as your son. What a shining role model for our youth today. May the grace of God be with you always.

Paulilne EADM-Tampa - Feb 29, 2008

To have Christopher share God's forgiving message to all of us that at such and early age is wonderful. To think sometimes we have to hear it from a child. Jesus said "Let The Children come to Me!" Sometimes it takes children even in our own families to make us aware of how simple it is.
Good job Christopher.